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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Gabriel  Date: 07-13 2008  More Attractions
Beijing Pinggu District in the north-east, in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang intersection of the Triangle. Pinggu San Mianhuan Hill, for the middle and southwest Plains, an independent water system, pollution-free environment, is the national ecological demonstration zones.

Pinggu characteristics based on its own resources, introduced the "four-color travel". That is, 10 million mu of Peach Blossom Spring Ruxia the bright "Red Tour" green Pumian summer, the natural integration into the "Green Brigade"; autumn joy autumn, harvest sharing of the "golden" tour; winter snow-wrapped, Le snow in the "Grey trip." Based on "four-color travel"; Pinggu District accordingly launched a four Tourism Festival: the red spring tour of the "Pinggu solo Tao Huajie" Green Brigade of the summer, "Pinggu landscape tourism festival holidays" golden autumn tour of the "Pinggu Autumn harvest of the fruit Tourism Festival "; silver winter tour of the" silver Dongyou Pinggu ice festival. "

Pinggu existing Jinhai Hu, Jing-dong the Grand Canyon, Lake water holes, Dragon valley, Yaji Shan,京东大溶洞, Jing-dong Shilin Gap, Jing-dong Gold Rush Valley, as the old peak, Phoenix 10, such as Taiwan Tour Scenic areas, and Mount Emei, Changchun Yuan, Lishan ditch resort, and other wild more than 10 scenic spots in the building is being developed.

Pinggu Xian rapid development of economic construction, spiritual civilization has made great achievements. Pinggu mining in the "home culture," the site, fill in Beijing early new stone age culture gaps. 1994 was awarded the comprehensive reform of rural education in the advanced title. The new county hospital and Chinese medicine hospitals, with advanced medical equipment, has many years of experience in the medical experts, professors, a warm and thoughtful service for the people to provide a convenient health care. Ping Guxian education, health, culture, sports, radio, television and family planning and other aspects have developed by leaps and bounds. Social order and stability throughout the county, people are diligent, forge ahead. "Fifth," inspired by the spirit of the plenary session, Pinggu Xian Committee, the county government will implement a new economic strategy, and further intensify the reform and accelerating the pace of reform and opening up, as soon as possible Pinggu into a modern city. Pinggu and hard-working people in this fertile land, will create a more brilliant performance, building a more beautiful homeland.