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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sean  Date: 07-26 2008  More Attractions
Taiwan#39;s Pingtung County, most of the South, throughout the year long summer, but the regulation has monsoon climate is not very hot, known as "Taiwan, Southeast Asia," said. Pingtung County area of 2,775 square kilometers, population 900,000.
Pingtung developed very early, early Rukai, Paiwan and Siraya, and other indigenous communities living in this, then there Fujian, passenger arrivals to Ken extension, at different times left a different footprint: Hsiao home Jiadong, Confucius Temple in Pingtung, 000 of the Church, the old tribal village, the ancient city of Hengchun, the Oluanpi Lighthouse, and so are all the famous monuments. At present, many of the Taiwanese people in plain, 000 Luan, Jiadong, the Po and other areas gathered for the Hakka, aborigines were mostly located in the east of the mountain. Zou Yizao pro-Wutai, three door, to enjoy good at the aboriginal handicrafts, or in-depth within the Po, 000 Luan understand the Hakka customs, or direct drive east of Hong Kong, Xiao Liuqiu Water trip to trip, the travel are good choices.
the eastern mountain area contains many forests, waterfall scenery, especially the upper reaches of the river Woodside justice to the rural, more "Falls Village" reputation. Is located in Hengchun peninsula east of the peony, Xu Hai, while beautiful grassland and the vast sea, emerge.
in combination with the natural ecological sightseeing the most important Kenting Park, in addition to ownership of valuable ecological resources, the dazzling sunshine, green sea, the envy of the northern people; stretch of beach, colorful coral reefs, more imbued with a South Pacific Islands Yonglan like atmosphere. With the annual October in Manchu, the top clubs in transit red-bellied eagles, grey-faced Chukseosa, or refuge from the cold in the winter and spring two quarter-Luan Tan of wild geese and ducks, Kenting has become Mingwenxiaer the bird-watching sites.