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PengShuiMiaoZuTuJiaZuZiZhiXian - ZhongQing

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Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County in Chongqing municipality south-east, the Wuling mountain area, ranking the lower reaches of the Wujiang River. Hubei to the north, south Guizhou. 10 county exempted rural town 29, a total of 602 villages and 41 Ju Wei, 4,902 groups of villagers. The end of 2001, the county is 175,500, 622,200, including: agricultural population of 567,000 people, 39,500 county residents; community economically active population 390,000, of which: First Industrial 329,000 people, 21,000 people secondary industry , And the tertiary industry 40,000 people. Living in the Miao and Tujia, Mongolian, Hui, and Ge Lo, Dong, Tibetan, Yi, Hani, Zhuang, over 11 ethnic minorities, in 2001 the total minority population of the county population of 59.5 percent, of which 27 million Miao people, the LDC Family of 9 million people. The concerted efforts of all ethnic groups, economic development, fighting off for home development.

Pengshui a long history. As early as the Spring and Autumn period, gave birth here on the fertility of the most ancient Ba-Shu "Guizhou culture." Jianyuan the first year of the Han (140 BC) in this home town of Fuling Yu County, Northern Zhou Qian home state for the county. Sui Kaihuang 13 years (AD 593) Purchase of Pengshui County. Tang Road home in this central Guizhou, Guizhou and home state, as this Pengshui Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei combination of the political, military, economic and cultural center for the central government on the southwest edge of the central region of about 300,000 square kilometers minority Jimi implementation of the rule base, has been extended to the end of the Southern Song Dynasty. Tang, Song two Koreas, the Central Plains confusion, and Guizhou, Dushou, socio-economic development-first. Yuan, Ming two generations, many times, "Miao time extension", sharp drop in the population, barren land, an economic slump. The Qing government bills Reclamation, but also the chance to recuperate, economic recovery, development, to the end of the Ching dynasty, Zhou Ji exchanges, trade convergence Cou, department stores gathered, salt, tea, oil, paint, ramie all-around transit, "Pengshui wealth, in a Unitary is. " Republic of China, Bingfei frequently, people Tijihaohan. November 16, 1949 liberation of Pengshui, from the people are the masters, Zhengtongrenhu, all industries thrive.

Pengshui environmental advantages and abundant resources. The county existing 92,000 hectares of arable land, water 04,400 ha, 31,200 ha grassland, 188,000 hectares of forestry land. 27.3 per cent forest cover, live tree volume amounted to 2.42 million cubic meters and above. He was a constant flow, in the catchment area of 50 square kilometers of the river above 20, 359.70 km long. The county total 48.148 billion cubic meters of water resources; water is rich in resources, reserves of 10.703 million kilowatt hours, with the exception of the Wujiang River, can be developed in 44,100 kilowatt hours. There are 103 kinds of wild animals, 69 kinds of fish, feeding livestock and poultry species 13. Coal, fluorite and barite, marble, high calcium limestone, salt, iron, potassium, copper and some rare metals and other minerals, including coal reserves total 260 million tons.

Pengshui rich tourism resources. Long history of rich and varied cultural heritage of the human landscape left for researchers to watch more than 80, and more concentrated in the Han Jia, Yu Shan towns; Qingshanlvshui and rich resources of animals and plants, creating a wide range of The natural landscape, its scenic spots and more concentrated in the Wujiang River, Yujiang Furong Jiang and the two sides. Landscapes and scenery of human landscape Xiangying-Hui, the development of highly value.