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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jessica  Date: 08-29 2008  More Attractions
Penghu County is 100 islands formed by the Islands, a check is the mother East Lantau, the West is very Hua Hsu, a South Lantau is Qimei, a bucket heads for North Lantau, the island with white sand island, Lantau Island with the West Central - Link, is well-known among the three islands of Penghu Bay. Penghu Islands area of 126 square kilometers, the population of 100,000 people.
wind and rain to Penghu climate less the two major characteristics. Geographical environment, coupled with climate, soil barren Penghu only some upland, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, sorghum have been called out three major crops. Penghu present category of agricultural products to most fruits, melon, melon Garbo, Penghu Luffa are quite famous, particularly the latter two Penghu specialty products. The Penghu fishing is still the main source of income, here is very rich in fish.
Penghu, a rich biological resources, in addition to the annual December to March next year with groups of dolphins to patrol the current Tour, Penghu also designated ingot fishing Lantau, the chicken good Lantau, the small white sand Lantau and other natural reserves, and hope Xi An island green turtle conservation area, Lantau cat bird sanctuary, the Pure Land are rare animals.
affected by natural conditions, the Penghu Tourism quarter on 4 to September, most of the tourists皆以tours Tao, engaged in water sports and mainly eat seafood, in fact, the only one which is separated from Penghu, Its humanistic outlook and geographical landscape and the island of Taiwan are a great difference if the journey in this part of incorporation, Penghu Tour will be to see more of.