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PanZhiHua - SiChuan

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Postal Code: 617000

position: in southwestern Sichuan Province, the Jinsha and Yalong Interchange

Area: 7,434 square kilometers

Population: 1018000

administrative divisions: exempted three districts counties (Eastern, Western, Renhe, Miyi County, Yanbian Xian), the Lisu, Miao, Yi, Naxi, such as the Hui ethnic gathered 35 of the multi-ethnic region, China is one of the modern iron and steel industry, is an immigrant city.

City Tree: Phoenix tree

#39;s floral emblem: Panzhihua

Panzhihua Panzhihua City in Sichuan, southwest border, the confluence of the Yalong and Jinsha River, Sichuan is a new iron and steel industrial city. 1965 for the development of Panzhihua iron ore resources, start formation of cities, known as the beginning of the Panzhihua, when the city built after the formal name crossing the city, and later renamed Panzhihua City. The city at the same latitude in the South is a unique sub-tropical scenery of the city, the region around the city of Panzhihua in the tall trees tall and straight (Mu Mianhua trees), so named for Panzhihua City.

Panzhihua City in Sichuan is a unique treasure house of natural resources, here is rich in minerals, water and agricultural resources. Vanadium and Titanium has proven reserves of 10 billion tons of magnetite, is one of the four major iron ore. Health and the Chinese Communists vanadium ore, titanium deposits, vanadium resources out first in the country, ranking third in the world; titanium resources Habitat world#39;s first one. The coal reserves of 1.2 billion tons. Is rich in waterpower resources, is under construction at the two power stations, after completion of China#39;s most Panzhihua photos largest hydropower station. Panzhihua City of weather conditions and three-dimensional topography suitable for the development of agriculture, food crops cooked 3, 2001; produce mango, banana, papaya and other tropical fruits; Mid-Levels area is the fine development of grassland animal husbandry; alpine forest areas rich in natural resources, trees can be harvested Amounted to 17 million cubic meters.

Panzhihua City Hengduan Mountains across the West, the Liangshan Mountain Range east, the north Snowy Mountains, arrived in South Jinsha River. Topography of the northwest, southeast low. Panzhihua City in the eastern part of the small Ridge - Luo Jishan - Lunan Mountains, central to yak Hill - Dragon elbow Mountains, west of Jinping Shan - Berlin Cordillera near the north-south direction. The highest point in the Yanbian Xian in the northwest mountains Chuandong-Braun, 4195.5 meters above sea level the lowest point is the southeastern town of Renhe District plains of the division Zhuang, elevation 937 meters. Urban areas in elevation between 1,000 to 1,200 meters, mainly agricultural area in elevation between 1,000 to 1,800 meters. Jinsha, Yalong and tranquil river, rivers, source of three rivers and their tributaries embedded deep in the mountains between the formation of the magnificent Chuan Xinan Canyon area. Panzhihua City type of complex and varied landscape can be divided into Pingba, the platform, high hills, low Zhongshan, Zhongshan Mountain and the original six categories, with low and Zhongshan-based Zhongshan, the city of the size of 88.38 percent.

Panzhihua City in a size of more than 90 rivers, of which 50 square kilometers in the basin area of more than 49, according to water system can be divided into the Jinsha River and Yalong River water system. Its major tributaries are Anning River, source of three rivers, rivers. Panzhihua City in the Jinsha River Valley area of 2370.1 square kilometers, from Yunnan in the inflow from west to east and south into the sub in Yunnan. Main tributaries of rivers Jinsha River flows from south to north, in the basin area of 662 square kilometers. Yalong River flows from Liangshan Prefecture, Panzhihua picture from north to south in the Eastern Bank Town Luo fruit into the Jinsha River, in the basin area of 5064.3 square kilometers, the main tributaries of the river from the north-east peace to the Miyi County Xixie consistent throughout, in Basin area of 1651.6 square kilometers. Three sources from the northwest towards the river flowing through central Yanbian Xian, in the basin area of 1,802 square kilometers.

Panzhihua run south of the subtropical zone, as three-dimensional climate, a long summer, the temperature variation, Four Seasons is not clear, dry climate, concentrated rainfall, sunshine, strong solar radiation, climate vertical significantly And other features. Valley region throughout the year without winter, the most Lengyue average temperature in more than 10 ℃. Temperatures in the small and poor, poorer, the average temperature of 19.0 ℃ ~ 21.0 ℃. ≥ 10 ℃, the temperature 6600 ~ 7500 ℃. Sunshine throughout the year 2300 to 2700 hours. In total 760 to 1,200 mm of precipitation, the year the dry, rain and second quarters, the high concentration of rainfall during the rainy season (6 to October), rainfall in the rainy season of the annual rainfall of about 90%. From the valley to the mountains of southern subtropical to temperate climate of various types.

Panzhihua City rich light, heat and other resources for agricultural production to provide the advantageous natural conditions. As a three-dimensional climate of the distribution, thus suitable for tropical, temperate and other plant growth. Grain, vegetables, sugar cane, and so not only with high yields and good quality, Ke Zhongzhi whole tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables Xiwen. And also offers the development of bananas, pomegranates, grapes, mango, papaya and other tropical and subtropical, Panzhihua temperate fruits of the conditions that will enable all the rural countryside of Panzhihua City Green, a forest sugarcane, fruits and fragrance. For the development of tourism has created conditions.

Panzhihua annual sunny and pleasant weather, the seasons can travel, unique tourism resources in the city, set cave, Shilin, waterfalls, hot springs, virgin forests, high mountains lawn, Haizi underground, the world#39;s third-high dam, ivory Weidiao Steel City as one. With the national, provincial-level forest park multiple, known as a paradise for botanists, including Panzhihua Cycad National Nature Reserve has the world#39;s largest area of the original Su Tielin, and here Tieshu mid-flowering, known as wonders. There are three-dimensional distribution of the large Montenegro; are known as "China Qidong" m-Longtan cave; radon hot springs are rare; amazing world of Xiongqi Panzhihua Iron and Steel and the Second Beach Gaoxiapinghu; Trolltech Hengsheng, no panic Risk of "Wan-li Yangtze River the first bleaching." Rich crystal, agate, jade and other precious stones and known as "Yan-odd goods in the" Ju-yan, and other products are for tourism provided a convenient shopping. Panzhihua City Tourism Bureau is in charge of the city#39;s tourism industry sector, the city#39;s tourism market and healthy development of the existing 12 travel agencies (of which the international community 2) opened up, the wind outside the country launched more than 100 of the tourist routes. Hotels, restaurants large. Including two three-star hotel, the provincial tourism designated 19 units, which can receive tens of thousands of people. Panzhihua, is a unique landscape, improve the facilities, friendly service, you#39;re welcome to come.