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Code: 0427

Zip code: 124000

Area: 4,071 square kilometers

Population: 1208000

Panjin Panjin City of Liaoning Province in 1984 was approved by the State Council to establish the provincial cities. Liaohe River alluvial plain in the southernmost tip of geographical coordinates in latitude 40 ° 41#39; --- 41 ° 27 #39;, longitude 121 ° 31#39; --- 122 ° 28#39; between. West, north of Jinzhou, Anshan East sector, the Bohai Sea south of Liaodong Bay. Taiwan#39;s jurisdiction is booming, the two Shuangtaizi District and Dawa, Panshan County. Regional area of 4,071 square kilometers, the total population of 1.208 million. Panjin is a sub-humid temperate continental monsoon climate, appointed four distinct, and the average temperature of 8.6 ℃, frost-free period 170 days, the average annual rainfall 627 mm, in the bright sunshine duration of more than 2,700 hours.

Panjin, flat topography, the unique landscape, abundant resources, China is of Tianbao, known as the beautiful, rich Liaohe the Golden Triangle. Here is rich in underground reserves of oil and natural gas, oil and gas reserves of the country#39;s total proven reserves of 10 per cent of the total, China#39;s third largest oil field - the Liaohe oilfield location, is also the largest in the nation, the world#39;s fourth largest oil production base in the special. There are sectors-connecting paddy fields, or shoals, and other resources, Liaoning Province is an important commodity grain, high-quality rice and aquatic products base. Is the world#39;s largest reed field, is Panjin photos important paper, building materials raw materials base.

Panjin compared beautiful natural landscape, is characteristic Tiancheng. Plain landscapes, rice fields, Wei Hai, grasslands, derrick, Red Beach, rare birds and rivers cutting into the beautiful picture of the spectacular, making it a tourism and return to the ideal of nature. Panjin human landscape unique, is blend of the humanities. Evolved from the land have been well-known patriotic general Zhang Xueliang generals, his ancestral Ying and he personally founded by the Xinmin primary sites are in Panjin. Jun has been? Quot; Liaohe River is China#39;s only the Forest of Steles-generation Forest of Steles. Panjin the convenient traffic, is in obvious advantages. Is nearing completion of the Beijing-Shenyang (Beijing --- Shenyang) High Xun Road, is set in the building of the sea (Panjin - Haicheng) high and Qinhuangdao-Shenyang highway Xun (- Qinhuangdao, Shenyang) were from high-speed railway through the territory of . Panjin, Liaoning will become an important transport hub.

rich in natural resources, abundant natural and geographical advantages, Panjin farewell to the history of South Da Huang, thereby becoming a developed economy and living prosperous, beautiful environment of the new petrochemical Yumizhixiang cities and laid the foundation. 1984 Jianshiyilai, bathed of the great motherland of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Panjin people make full use of resources Panjin picture advantages, speed up around the oil and gas, agriculture, the comprehensive development and utilization of resources, change its advantages in resources to economic advantage. In this hope that the field after another and wrote a new chapter in the city of enriching the people-to promote the region as a whole economy and various social undertakings have developed vigorously. By the end of 1999, gross domestic product realized 25.15 billion yuan, the absolute value of the gross domestic product in 14 cities throughout the province ranked fourth in per capita GDP 20,000 yuan, ranking first in municipalities throughout the province, out of the 7 - It is the rate of 36 elected into the ranks of the well-off cities. Significantly improve people#39;s living standards, urban per capita disposable income reached 6,350 yuan, the province out the first two, the rural per capita net income reached 3,495 yuan, the province listed first. Urban and rural residents per capita savings 12,000 yuan. Agriculture colored works (mainly of green rice production projects, mainly to the blue aquaculture projects, mainly to the red fruit cultivation projects, mainly in big Pengcai white works to the main cattle keeping the yellow works) To speed up the process of production, the rapid development of township enterprises, the total output of grain, the city built by the beginning of the 637,000 tons to 892,000 tons. The total output of aquatic products in more than 150,000 tons. Industrial rapid economic development and growth, the city#39;s preliminary completion of the Tianhe, the Bohai Sea, is booming three industrial zones, set up a petroleum and chemical industries as the main pillar of the foundation and industrial system, the country#39;s industrial 500, Panjin oilfield may have been Liao, Liaoning Huajin Chemical Industry Group one of them. The tertiary industry and the pace of opening to the outside world made new, non-public ownership economy to accelerate the pace of development right, to promote economic growth and promote the upgrading of the structure has played an important role. Urban and rural construction with each passing day, improving urban infrastructure, services continue to enhance the function of radiation. Two counties have been completed telephone County. Science and technology, education, culture, health, sports and other social undertakings of comprehensive development and the building of spiritual civilization has made great achievements, the people#39;s scientific and technological, cultural, and spiritual outlook has undergone profound changes.