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Postal Code: 670000

Area: total area of 14,703 square kilometers Population: total population of 458,800 people

administrative divisions: the Nu River, exempted Lu Shuixian, Fugong County, Lanping County, and Gongshan Dulong, Nu Autonomous County

position: Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in China#39;s remote corner of northwest Yunnan

Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of multi-level three-dimensional-type climate, abundant rainfall, high humidity air. The state a total area of about 2141 million mu, the state total annual rainfall of about 28.6 billion cubic meters, and the Tibetan plateau, Diqing cross-border flow of water, the runoff for the 87.3 billion cubic meters.
angrily Jiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture forest cover to 34.65 percent, the reserves for more than 137895800 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate is relatively high in Yunnan Province, primeval forest area of more areas. One of the rare forest reserves even more impressive, bald Shan (Taiwan fir), Davidia involucrata, harringtonine, nanmu, red sandalwood, camphor, Qiao Song, and so on, economic trees such as Rhus vernicifera, the tung tree, and so on. Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture abundant hydropower resources, it is the unique natural advantages, the major rivers have Nujiang, Lancang River, DULONGJIANG, can be divided into the water system on the Nu River, Lancang River, the Irrawaddy#39;s three major river systems.
Tanggulashan Nu River originate in the south of Kyrgyzstan hot film grid, the upper reaches of the Tibetan language "Nagqu", which means "Heishui He." Gongshan County, it flows through the barrel-later known as the Nujiang, Nu phrase" linked to anger metres ", is also Heishui mean. Nu River flows through Yunnan Province in Gongshan, Fugong, Lushui, access to Myanmar by the Luxi, said Salween. It is the final destination of the Indian Ocean, and the Nujiang River in China and in the process, respectively 1,540 km and 316 km.
whole of the Nu River have been an average elevation of over 4,000 meters above sea level and the Biluo snow-capped mountains over 5,000 meters in the Gaoligongshan Jiazhi, the mountains here on the crowd formed a folder to a more than 300 km of the canyon. Canyon relative height difference of 2800-3800 meters, Duocheng "v" shape, on the river from the "v" word at the bottom of the tip-off, both sides make an average slope of 40 degrees above the size of peaks and ridge ridge. Many people of this valley known as the "Oriental Grand Canyon" or "mysterious Grand Canyon."
the home of the Grand Canyon, east of the Lisu, anger, independence-long, white, Tibetan and other ethnic minorities. East Grand Canyon, the forest coverage rate to 70 percent, state-level nature reserves - Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve, is the most species-rich areas, everything is a "gene bank." East Grand Canyon from the north to the south Henggen 1,000, nearly 300 km-highway, is also the world. Nujiang River has 99 rapids, 77 dangerous shoals, Legend has it this is the Nu River girls eager to see the sea and leave the footsteps of his brother.
Gongshan also found in the ancient rock paintings, Nujiang River and its tributaries DULONGJIANG, but also to retain a Liusuo, Tengqiao, steel bridges all kinds of bridges, like a living museum of the bridge.
Lisu village in the stack and Dulong Mufang and production and living appliances, unique ethnic characteristics. Lisu primitive religious faith, preservation of the remains of the original totem worship, "with Duo", "Di mother-Watt," "He even" folk festivals. Nu "Fairy Festival," Dulong "card bird wow" and other folk festivals. They wear homemade Ma Bu Yi, grass fire clothing, is simple generosity. Lisu, anger, such as independence-national character豪爽, hospitality, is a Nenggeshanwu nation. Nu River in colorful folk customs, especially in the Lisu Arbor Day, Dulong of the most unique custom dart cattle. All ethnic groups have different religious beliefs, the original religion, Lamaism, Catholic, Christian coexistence.
the Nu River, a mountainous subtropical monsoon climate, with three-dimensional characteristics of the climate, in the "Three-River" Grand Canyon area, to beam from the canyon at the end of the summit, the distribution of a variety of different types of natural landscape, with a wide range of habitats.
Nujiang River valley is our province alpine adventure and study the important tourist area folk, the six Ju Kunming 635 km to 235 km Dali, Baoshan to 150 km.
Earliest living in Sichuan and Yunnan at the junction of the Jinsha River Valley area, after moving to gradually settle down in the Nu River in western Yunnan. Yunnan Province, mainly live in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and Weixi Lisu Autonomous County and the rest scattered in Lijiang, Yunnan, Baoshan, Diqing, Dehong, Dali, Chuxiong, and other state, county and the Sichuan Xichang, Yanyuan, wood, Johnson , And other counties.
Lisu have their own language, Lisu Language is a Tibetan language Tibeto-Burman Languages Yi branch. But the original text is not perfect, in 1957 created a foundation to the Latin alphabet for the new text. Lisu colorful folk literature. "Genesis", "our ancestors" and other myths, legends, is to study Lisu ancient history of valuable information as well as Chinese folk literature in the treasure house of treasures. Poetry relatively stress its rhythm and tempo and tidy battle. Puns in some lines, often cleverly included a fresh mood of the metaphor, this is Lisu most prominent feature of poetry.
Lisu swap love to sing, "salt, not to eat; song, can not sing," said. Folk songs and simple touching, rich melodies, traditional dance for more than Jiti Wu, imitate animals animals, but also the performance of production and life. Pipa traditional instruments have, I string, 40 string and Lusheng, and so on.
Lisu to engage in agriculture, planting corn, rice, buckwheat, and so on. Lisu believe in primitive religion, the worship of nature. Some are Christian, Catholic.
Lisu current population of over 557,400, there are 557,100 people in Yunnan. Lisu is a unique national Yunnan, mainly living in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and the rest scattered in Lijiang, Diqing, Dali, Dehong, Chuxiong, Baoshan and Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province and other regions. Lisu ethnic descent for Diqiang, Tibeto-Burman Languages of one. The eighth century AD, Lisu ancestors have lived in the Yalong and Jinsha River on both sides of broad areas, 15 to 19 century AD, gradually moved to the Nujiang and the Lancang River Basin. Lisu hunting in the traditional life occupies an important position. Lisu People warm hospitality and etiquette is also very special.
Lisu women#39;s clothing is very beautiful, according to the wearing apparel around the differences in color, is divided into white Lisu, and Lisu, spent three Lisu. White, black Lisu Ren women generally wear the right clothes, Hiroo gown. A married person wearing the ear Tonghuan or silverware, long may Chuijian, to heads of coral, beads materials for decoration. Young girls like to use Zhuiyou White Pui of the Hong Rong braided. Some women also like the front carrying a string of agate, seashells or silverware. Lu Shuixian vicinity of the black Lisu women not to wear long skirts, T-shirt right Ren, the waist of a small aprons, trousers, a green cloth Baotou, wearing ear of a small coral jewelry. Yongsheng, Dehong vicinity of the Lisu spend more colorful costumes beautiful, women are like the T-shirt and a gown embroidered many lace insets, Touchanhuabu headscarf, or ears of the Tonghuan Yinhuan, and the long skirt. Walking is Enuoduozi, graceful charm.
Tengchong the Lisu women married, dowry other dispensable, but a certain number of flower dress and wear is essential. Baotou is their use made of colored cloth, inlaid with shells and above, silverware, and so on. With Erzhui, bracelets, when they are singing and dancing time, will issue the ring for a while pleasant-sounding ring tones, Liaorenxinxian. Girls hung on the neck by a variety of colors and patterns Chuan Cheng of the necklace, glass, crystal do, but also useful Chu Pui, agate do, Cuican dazzling, Wah Kwai solemn. Teng also has Mie feet Xuecheng, Youhei You paint the hoop-colored fabrics and seam into the sleeve, it becomes all the more capable利落. Xin Jianiang the dress is red, yellow, blue, green and white colors of the five straight Pincheng fabrics, clothes to wear this all the more charming touching.