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Area: 66,000 square km

Population: 5.13 million, the Hui population accounts for one third of the total population.

capital: Yinchuan

position: in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in northwest China region, the low-lying South High North, south of the Loess Plateau, 1000-1200 metres above sea level.

Climate: temperate continental semi-arid climate, ample sunshine, dry climate, less rain and snow, wind, the average temperature of 5-9 ℃, the 200-600 mm of precipitation.

divisions: administered Yinchuan City, Shizuishan, Wuzhong City, the District of Guyuan.

golden tourism line: do not Ningxia area, the province formed a Yinchuan as the center, to travel around a radial lines. Yinchuan City (South Gate mosque, Chengtian Si) - near Yinchuan (Western Xia Dynasty tomb, Helan Mountain Rock Paintings) - Yinchuan peripheral (Shahu, the Gaomiao, Shapotou, Xumishan Grottoes)  Ningxia map

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region referred to as the" Nanjing ", located in north latitude 35#39;14, -39#39;23, longitude 104#39;17, to 107#39;39, between , In the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China#39;s western region. Ningxia east of Shaanxi Province, west, north to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Gansu Province and the southern connected. Since ancient times, is to the Central Plains, the West-Western Region, even the desert north, the various ethnic groups Nanlaibeiwang busy areas.
Ningxia territory outline long from north to south, things short. North and South are separated by about 456 kilometers (North Shizuishan City from the first threshold is 2 km north of the Yellow river, south be Jingyuan Xian Liupan Mountain in the mouth of the beam), things are separated by about 250 kilometers (west Zhongwei water stations, Sai Ying Pun, 10 km southwest of the Tian flooded dam, Yanchi County east to the North East Willow beam two kilometers), the smallest area of Ningxia is China#39;s one of the provinces, a total area of 66,400 square kilometers.

Ningxia in the "Silk Road", the history of east-west traffic was an important trade passage, as the Yellow River flows through the region, where the same old long Yellow River civilization. Back in San Wannian, Ningxia has been a human interest-bearing traces of the Year in 1038, the party leader of the group Yuanhao to set up the Western Xia Dynasty, and formed a unique Western Xia culture.

in Ningxia is not a territory, including the type of diverse landscapes: mountains, plateau, plains, hills, river valleys everything, Ningxia showing a rich natural landscape.

is the Ningxia Hui autonomous regions, Muslim population of one-third of the total population, is China#39;s Muslim province, the region a total of more than 3,000 mosques, to create a strong Islamic atmosphere.

a long history, diverse topography, the unique folklore, Ningxia constitute a rich and varied tourism resources: miles upon miles of Helan Mountain, Liupan Mountain, the turbidity of the nine rolling the Yellow River, the vast vast desert and Grassland, known as the Orient pyramid tomb of the Western Xia Dynasty, China#39;s four grottoes, one of the Xumishan caves and unique style of the Hui.