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NingHeXian - TianJin

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Tianjin in the Northeast. Total area of 1,031 square kilometers. Exempted Lutai, Fengtai, Ninghe, such as six Panzhuang town, Dong Chong, Zhaozhuang, Ren Feng, Taibei, Nanjian, Huai amylin, I Biao, Lim Chong, the Xin, Zhao this, Li, after the spike Tuo, Yuelong, Panchiao, Miaozhuang and by creating a large Jia, 16 rural East Tuo spine. Lutai town in the county government. The county population of 350,000.
Ning Hexian landscape of the plot, the alluvial plain, low-lying North High South, is located in Kowloon under the River Shoot, canals clouds, Ji Yun belong to the canal, the two major river systems Chaobai River, a river flowing through the County Jiyun He has, Chaobai River, The Return of the Native River Flood Diversion Road, Yongding River and the Beijing sewage River 5, Wadian 43, Qili Hai is the larger area of 68.5 square kilometers. With a warm sub-humid monsoon climate, mineral deposits are coal, geothermal and other resources. There are precious animals and plants-purple crabs, sweet fish, reeds, Lutai "rice station." Mainly in the prefecture of industrial brewing, textiles, garments, machinery, electronics, food, building materials, chemicals, paper, leather, footwear, wire, bags, casting, processing, feed production 24 for the main categories. There are all kinds of enterprises 1600. There are 13 Sino-foreign joint ventures, production enterprises exporting products 200, the main products are clothing, luggage, gardening tools, liquor, Pai fans, Magang pieces of copper wire and other 10 categories, more than 200 varieties. Arable land area of 39,800 hectares, producing mainly rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton, and other. Cotton, vegetables, the prefecture is the major cash crops. Fish, shrimp, crab breeding area of 1,700 hectares, the forest area of 8,400 hectares, the forest coverage rate 8.25 percent. Prefecture of commercial retail outlets 2730, the country in a Lutai country markets, Fengtai country markets, Panzhuang country markets, such as eight. County has five shopping malls, a hotel, a guesthouse. Ning Hexian more famous department stores, shopping malls Lutai town Showtime, Lutai hotels, guesthouses and other Ninghe. Lutai
the county town of 26 residential areas, there are bright areas, commercial areas, Southern District, North District, and so on. There are 68,193 green trees, 8.74 hectares of public green space, green coverage of 12 percent, Jingshan railway, highway-through-yu throughout. Major trunk roads have Lo-yu, Han Lu, Lu Po-line.公路总里程prefecture 644 kilometers, 210 village roads, 380 km total length. The county has 38 middle schools, Lu Tai is a secondary focus of the city. 223 primary schools. There Tuoyouyuansuo 218. There are 61 health and medical institutions, a gymnasium, the stadium five. The county has five theaters, the larger the Lutai theaters, flowers theaters. County cultural centers of a county library. County to protect the value of the 119 sites, are: Tianzhuang board Qiaoxiang Tuo Warring States - the Han dynasty ancient cultural sites, Pan Tuo Xitang Town in Western Han Dynasty ancient cultural sites, Mich. Court, in the former residence of the martyrs, such as the Ark.