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Zip code: 352100

divisions: Ningde City (Jiaocheng Qu), Fu#39;an City, Fuding city, in Shouning County (Ao Yang Zhen), Xiapu County (Pine towns), Zherong Xian (even towns), Pingnan County (ancient town - ), Gutian County (new town), Zhou County (Singapore town)

Ningde areas in the east longitude 118032 `-120043` E `between 26018#39;-27041. Fujian Province is located in the north-east, and across the sea from Taiwan Province. South and the North part of the mainland about 155 km east to west width of 191 km with a total area of 13,400 square kilometers, the size of 344 islands, along the southeast coast is an integral part of the Gold Coast. As the subtropical oceans of the monsoon temperatures 13.4 ℃ -20.2 ℃, the average annual rainfall 1250 - 2350 mm yuan Shuangqi 235-300 days.

Ningde region is a volcanic zone, a wide variety of mineral resources, especially non-metallic mineral wealth. Currently, metal and found 97 kinds of non-metallic ores, have proven reserves of 33 kinds of ores, minerals and more than 100 Department. Metal ore is molybdenum, zinc, tungsten, silver, cadmium, rare earth, non-metallic minerals are kaolin, pyrophyllite, perlite, wollastonite, alunite, Zisha soil, silica, granite, basalt, dolomite, river gravel, construction Sand, graphite, peat, crystal, mineral water, and so on. Red Road, which Fu#39;an molybdenum ore, lead and zinc associated with the Fuding silver cadmium ore, silver mine cave wollastonite, when members of granite mine, the chapter granite mine, mine granite mountain weather, BAI Lin basalt mine, TING Nanjing Pinghsi pyrophyllite ore, kaolin mine after the Zhou Ning, Ningde Chixi kaolin mining, the ancient Qitianling, pyrophyllite ore, all belonging to large and medium-sized deposit. These not only deposit reserves, high quality and easy to exploitation.

Banghai mountain Ningde region, rich products. Agricultural production are the main planting, aquaculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, village and township enterprises. The main crops are rice, wheat, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, vegetables, betel nut taro, tea, tremella, mushrooms reputation as a land and water search of a wide range, Ningde photos abounds in four seasons Furong quarter, late-maturing litchi, longan, peaches, A nuclear-free persimmon, chestnut, sweet orange, oil tickets. Fuan Du animal husbandry products has spent pigs, buffaloes Fu#39;an, Gutian black Muscovy, Xiapu goats. Ningde seafood have all the mud cockles, Sha Jiang oysters, official foreign large yellow croaker Well, shrimp, kelp, seaweed, grouper, fresh water eel, Qing Xie, soft-shelled turtle, and so on.

Ningde areas of the local chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, ship-breaking, electrical appliances, light food, construction materials, such as the main industrial groups, a relatively complete, the level of development coordination. Distribution of the major industrial sectors are metallurgy, ship-breaking, mechanical and electrical power, electronics, chemicals, machinery, building materials, forest industry, food, textiles, clothing, leather, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, toys, cultural, educational supplies, such as 14 trades, industries and products Of thousands of species, a number of products for prestigious, popular at home and abroad; key products used in 60 percent of the international standards and advanced foreign standards; more than 240 kinds of products have won the International Gold, Gold domestic product awards, quality products Award; Motor Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia; edible fungus production to become the highest in the country; activated carbon products exports in the nation#39;s first, to build a ship-based ship-breaking industry, consisting mainly of basalt stone with sheet metal industry, and casting industries in the whole Province, the country has unique advantages.

Ningde picture Fujian Landscape Lingxiu by 10 minutes, rolling gallery of the day, not that there are many famous scenery spots at home and abroad, of entitlement "sea Xiandu" reputation of the state#39;s key scenic area too Fuding Laoshan, the magnificent rock, Youdong rotating blur, Hanwudiyu closure for one of 36 famous mountains. Was thanks to the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle "Tianxiadiyi mountains," the Mountain Ningde-mentioned branch to the Temple is the focus of Fodu Temples, to precious collection of Buddhist relics of the past, the temple has possession of the Wanli emperor Qin thanks to five Claws Jinlong Ziyi, Seyou Royal bowl, Grade 11 m gold gilt Qianjin the Vairocana one, a Tiezhu "1000 St.-day crown" Buddha and a "no-no question for the monks," Fitch. Pingnan County in Yuanyang, monkeys Nature Reserve has been rated as key national scenic spots, where can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of nature. "The first East China Fujian rare," Zhou Ning Bi-long inter-group and folk customs ancient waterfall, Mermaid Fun Pu source of Lei Yue Mun River is Liulianwangfan. Tang Zhen yuan of the 20 air-Master Tang of the people in Xiapu Chian and built in the Tang Zhen yuan eight years of Gutian Lin Shui Palace Chinese and foreign pilgrims have never Luo Yi. She nationality or living in Fujian Province, the Walled Village in She retained the ancient folk customs.

Ningde scenery

Fujian sea transportation is very convenient, the region counties (cities) in the township (town) all-road, the total mileage of 4,598 km network, the North arrived in Zhejiang, south Fuzhou, the West-North Fujian, Huang Tian Zhen Gutian County, is Levin (state) Fuk (state) railway interchange, a land of Fujian road, rail intermodal network. The region has built 1,000 ton-class business Pier 7, fishing pier 21. Three are in Australia and Yao Zhang Wan Lantau, three sand, Xiabaishi, sand courtyard, and other Chinese ports to foreign trade transport companies FOB vessels, three are in Ningde City O O open external transport, water and land transportation hub in Fujian and material distribution center Saiqi Hong Kong, "the round" trade loading and unloading, transportation, Saiqi ─ ─ the Hong Kong maritime cargo transportation routes, three Shawan trade with Taiwan Province is an important port and import Fei Gangchuan off the intersection of the region has opened up direct access to Hong Kong , Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and other nine routes from time to time. Ningde areas with Sinotrans company to undertake the export of goods by land, sea and air transport. Convenient transportation, to expand prosperity and opening up the economy, promote tourism have provided favorable conditions.