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Abbreviations: Ningbo

long-distance code: 0574

Postal Code: 315000

position: in the East China Sea coast of the Yangtze River Delta southeast corner. Total area of 9,365 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1,038 square kilometers.

divisions: Xian Xia Hai-shu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun, Yinzhou District and six Xiangshan, 315600, Yuyao, Cixi, Fenghua five counties (cities).

Population: 5.94 million, of which the urban population of 1.14 million.

City Tree:-Zhangshu

#39;s floral emblem: Camellia

Ningbo City, referred to as "Yong", located in the eastern Zhejiang Province, located in the East China Sea coast of Yao Jiang, Jiang Fenghua, Yongjiang the Interchange, is an old and the new harbour Tourist city, is the opening up of 14 coastal port cities. 1986 was approved by the State Council for the historical and cultural city.

Ningbo is a long history of the ancient city. Back in 7000 ago Hemudu Neolithic culture. Formed at the 2000 years BC, the Xia Dynasty. Spring and Autumn when the country territoriality. There have been historical chapter sentence, Yin, Minnesota, Qingyuan, and other names. Hong-14 years (1381) for "the rule Boning," meaning that Ningbo House. Ningbo, hence the name.

the history of Ningbo in China#39;s traffic is an important trade port, as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties period was listed as one of the three major trade port, the Chinese maritime Silk Road, the ceramic The road from the park. After the Opium War, was turned into "five trade" one of the ports. Yueyao celadon, on the adoption of Minnesota (Ningbo) ports sold to North Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Arab countries and regions.

in the East China Sea coast of the southeast corner of the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo referred to as "Yong", Xianxia Yinxian, Xiangshan, 315600, Yuyao, Cixi, Fenghua six counties (cities) and Haishu, Gangdong , Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun District 5. Total area of 9,365 square kilometers, the total population of 5.26 million, of which the urban area of 1,038 square kilometers, population 1.14 million.

Ningbo has several thousand years is a huge accumulation of historical and cultural cities, landmarks and many magnificent natural scenery, the city#39;s Department of heritage conservation is more than 200 units, of which 5 Department for key national heritage conservation units. Ningboxinan, Tang Tai was founded in 2007 (AD 833), the ancient water conservancy project, is now a key national heritage conservation units - its mountains Weir, after 11 years Fengshuang impact of rain and snow and floods, so far intact, still plays a A resistance, with desalination, water diversion, the Hong role. It Weir Hill south, is the national tourism scenic spots - Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area.

east of Ningbo City, Zhejiang the first Great Lakes East Lake, West Lake, Hangzhou, equivalent to four of the area, known as "West Lake scenery, the boldness of Taihu Lake," the reputation of all around East Lake Hill, Bibowanqing, 72 streams in the Lake note, the length and breadth of historical sites, Narathiwat fishing Rockies, Xia Lantau lock-lan, Whitehead 10 cents Ping, and other attractions as well as the Southern Song Dynasty ancient caves, the Lingta yuan tower, temple and other monuments Wang Anshi . So far, there are around 1600 years of history, Zen Buddhism in China for a five-second Tiantong Temple and has been in 1700 years of history, the collection of Buddhist treasures, "she Li Sakyamuni really are," Ayu Wang Temple. 2 Temple covers an area of nearly 140,000 square meters, large-scale, towering temples. Temple has Gojong Song, Sung Hsiao Tsung Yushu board,-Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng of the Yushu inscriptions, the Song Dynasty famous writer Su Shi#39;s "Chen Kuige in mind," Monument, and so on. Tiantong Temple of the Rinzai Buddhism for re-Menting, Japan Cao Dongzong the Zuting, Japan and Southeast Asia in the vicinity of great influence.

Ningbo, China also the oldest surviving Library - known as the southern part of the country Bookstore Tianyi Pavilion; China#39;s Jiangnan the oldest and most complete wood Structure, "Dian no beam construction," Bao Temple; town of Haikou, the Ming and Qing Dynasties Royal Zhaobaoshan coastal defense sites, China#39;s national hero, Qi Jiguang in a heroic resistance to aggression and fighting; Nanxi hot springs there, on the lake, seven Tasi, Tap-day closure, Xiantong tower four stories and our characters in The Love of the temple, and so on.