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position: Neijiang in Sichuan Basin of the Fuxin Strip, two major cities of Chengdu-Chongqing, Nanlin Zigong, Yibin, Luzhou, North-Chengdu, east of Chongqing, Chengdu-Chongqing is, in Queensland, Lung Luzhou 103 Railway, Chengdu-Chongqing, the date and Barcelona three highway interchanges, water and land transportation hub in South East River and material distribution center.

Population: 4.2 million

administrative divisions: Central cities, Dongxing, Longchang County, funded in the county, Weiyuan County.

alias: Sweet City

Neijiang City in the southeastern part of the Land of Abundance, is located in the beautiful and rich coast of the Tuojiang River. East of Chongqing, west of Chengdu, Nantong Zigong, Yibin, Luzhou, north to Suining, Nantong, a city of East Sichuan, Sichuan Province plans to build one of the eight major cities. Location east longitude 104 ° 15#39; - 105 ° 26 #39;, north latitude and 29 ° 11#39; - 30 ° 2#39;. The whole city area of 5,386 square km area, 185,600 hectares of arable land. Xian Xia City Central, Dongxing, funded in the county, Longchang County, Weiyuan County, a total of three county area, 87 towns and 24 townships, and the end of 2001 the total population of 4.2006 million, of which urban population of 734,900 people live.

Neijiang has a long history. Neijiang the development of the earlier Bashu Fuxin city, built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Chinese have said, Jiang, Sui Wendi, renamed Neijiang, has been 2000 years of history. 1950 Neijiang zones established, 1985年alterations in Xianei Jiang City. 1998, approved by the State Council, Neijiang administrative division adjustment has been carried out again. As the history-rich sugar, the sugar industry developed, known as "Sweet City" said.

Jichuzhashi agricultural streams. Hilly areas are shallow streams, a mild climate (average temperature, 17.5 ℃), abundant rainfall (the average annual rainfall 1056.9 mm), fertile land, property rich, rich grain, oil, pigs, sugarcane, linen, silk and a variety of agricultural and sideline products , Sichuan food is the main crop and economic areas. Neijiang is a national commodity grain production base in Sichuan Province and aquaculture industries of pilot cities, is also good Chinese local breeds, "Neijiang pig" production. Jurisdiction Longchang County, the county is the state waterfowl base. Central City, Dongxing District of vegetables, aquaculture, Longchang of water birds, Xiabu, capital of the loquat, lemon Weiyuan the industrialization of agriculture such as the bases for the ascendant.

Neijiang complete industry categories. Neijiang is an old industrial city, complete industry categories, sound system, initially formed a support of more electronic information, metallurgical materials, light food, medicine and chemical industry and machinery industry and other pillar industries. A stronger, higher visibility in the direction of domestic optoelectronic Chuanwei steel, Weiyuan Chien-yeh, Baita Group, Enterprise Group, there are huge resettlement, Neijiang China Resources Blue Sword, Neijiang Zhengda, Power Plant in Neijiang, Sichuan Song Linsi plants such as the re-radiation of shares and strong, has great potential for development in the bone stem enterprises, a large number of advantages of high-quality products, such as liquid crystal displays, steel, diesel engines, marble, cement building materials, rare earth products, high-density cotton yarn Cotton cloth, medicine, silk, etc., not only in a higher share of domestic market share and sold abroad. With the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and promoting the comprehensive strategic Gongyeqiangshi, Neijiang in the industrial economy will play a more important supporting role.

Neijiang commerce market developed. Neijiang has always been to numerous merchants, Sichuan is one of the important Commercial Ports. Especially since reform and opening up, Neijiang market infrastructure construction has been further development, market a broad range, layout more rational, comprehensive introduction of modern logistics, circulation increased scale, expanding the growing area of circulation, the initial formation of both the urban and rural areas, both inside and outside the business Circulation pattern.

Neijiang profound cultural background. Neijiang known as "Daqian Hometown", "cultural village" reputation in the culture-is one of the developed areas. Since ancient times, the humanities, a Chinese Cai Jun come forth in large numbers, Confucius army changchu WONG, the Western Han Fu-Wang Bao, the Eastern Han Dong both educators, Song Chen Tuan agent of Jurists, Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian, a famous painting home ZHANG Shan-margin, the giant Fan Changjiang, Sun Yat-sen was awarded four major generals, one of the largest General Yu Peilun Neijiang shine in the annals of history, and so are the outstanding representatives. Existing types of schools at all levels in 1947, one of which tertiary institutions, secondary six, four Normal School, Cape in the 281, the staff of 26, 1111 primary schools, 760,000 students in the school, city Compulsory education, Gaokaoshangxian rate, the rate has been ranked the province taking the forefront. The city has three research institutions, all kinds of more than 20,000 middle and high-ranking professionals, scientific and technological personnel engaged in technology development 4,000 people. In recent years, a large number of scientific research achievements have won state, provincial and municipal science and technology achievement awards or scientific and technological progress awards.