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NanTouXian - TaiWan

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jason  Date: 08-20 2008  More Attractions
Nantou County, located in the geographic center of Taiwan, Taiwan is not the only waterfront in the county, in the mountains for more than 80 percent, turned the development history of Nantou, Jufan Historic humanities, or natural resources, forests and related莫不, is truly the "mountain County. " County area of 4,106 square kilometers, population 540,000.
several hundred years after the integration of immigrants, although the local indigenous people and the Pingpu later, the Han Chinese, live in the plains, but the various ethnic groups still retain the original settlement with the customs people, formed a unique Nantou a strong human landscape; Shocked Taiwan#39;s former anti-Japanese heroic deeds - the Wushe incident, so far at the ancient battlefield site, the legislation still have the monument for future generations pondered.
special monument in Nantou, known as "Mountain City" in Chushan, in development for the first place, "Chong-parish", "Dun parish" and Chan Buddhism, such as exquisite as the Office of Dazhai, and when Wu Guangliang Road Development , Left many Yiwen, historical sites, such as the G-8 clearance along the trail and the "Hang Qu years," Jie, the town of Chichi, "Arakawa opened Che-hung," "Mo-Man and" Jie; others such as their ancestors Xingxue Yiju "that the new College", "Lam Tin College" and "Deng Ying College", where locals believe the gods ashamed founder of the Phoenix Temple, have become precious cultural assets.
On the other hand, the prefecture blessed in natural resources, creating Yushan Park, Hsitou, Sun Link Sea, Huisun Forest Farm and Sun Moon Lake and other natural recreation areas, as many tourists Nantou won praise, and Lushan Mountain Spa, Dongpu Spa, Ssangyong Falls, Longfeng Falls, Yijie a substantial addition, full of nostalgic flavor of the Chichi railway extension, and Lugu vicinity of the tea garden scenery, offers visitors a theme of tourism. And the mountains of climate and Choshui River with the water quality of high-nutrient, Nantou#39;s rich and diverse food products. Chushan such as the bamboo products, and sweet potato, banana Chichi the mountains, Puli#39;s Shaoxing rice wine, water the old days of Pingshan Zhizi Bing, is to retain the traditional good taste……. Beautiful landscape style, rich historical heritage, the human and generous and simple style, both in Nantou County is the charm. After the earthquake, people are trying to restore the charming style of Nantou, many redevelopment projects have also been active, to reproduce it, "Taiwan#39;s Switzerland" of the past Fenghua.