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NanTong - JiangSu

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Zip code: 226000

position: Jiangsu Province is located in south-east, south of Yangtze River, East Bin Yellow Sea, and the Shanghai and back on the vast plains of northern Jiangsu, known as "Jianghai portal," said the city#39;s total area of 8,001 square kilometers, of which Urban area of 224 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 7.87 million, of which the urban population of 700,000.

divisions: exempted Chongchuan, Gangzha, enriching the people of Hong Kong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Langshan tourist resort and Qidong, Haimen, Tongzhou, Rugao City and the MSC 4, Rudong County, 2.


old times, has a long history. According to research ancient cultural sites, far more than 5,000 years ago in the Neolithic period, the region had in the MSC Qingdun tribal clan and multiply the original home. This urban area, the Five Dynasties and a gun, Jinghai said. Later Zhou Dynasty in Germany five years (AD 958) Zhucheng, naming Tongzhou. Song days the first year St. (1023) renamed the Chongzhou, also known as Chong Chuan. After the Revolution of 1911, Waste, a county, said Nantong County, known as "China#39;s first modern city." February 1949 after the liberation of all of Nantong, is zoned City, Langshan, Tianshenggang area built in Nantong City, has for the North Jiangsu prefecture, the agency jurisdiction in Nantong, 1962 to provincial cities. Nantong in 1983 with the merger of Nantong City, the implementation of市管县体制.

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blend of humanities, Mingxian come forth in large numbers. Fan Zhongyan, Wang Anshi, Mi Fu, Wen Tianxiang, and many other masters in Nantong handed down the left and for Yiwen Anecdotes. Famous Official Lvdai the three countries, Hu Yuan Song outstanding educators, doctors Chen Gong Ming, Qing Dynasty, "Yangzhoubaguai" one of Li Fang Ying, the late Qing Dynasty scholar Zhang Jian, and other celebrities to add luster enriched Nantong history. In China#39;s modern history of science, education, culture, Nantong to start the first Normal School, the first civil Bo Wuyuan, the first textile school, the first embroidery schools, the first drama school, the first by the Chinese people to do dumb blind schools And the first weather station and other "first seven", and occupies an important position. Evolved from the earth also Jianghai contemporary performing artists Zhao, a Chinese painting master Wang Yi, a famous mathematician Yang Le, and more than 20 Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering.

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Jiang Feng Rhine, the scenery Qili. Hao He scenic areas of the city centre for the country 4 a tourist-class scenic area, 30 of the Haohe surrounded the ancient city of Huari, domestic and foreign visitors as "girl on the neck of the emerald necklace", is in the planning, development along the Haohe the group will give the museum Tongcheng deeper cultural connotations. Langshan in the urban areas of the southern suburbs of the same scenic spot for the state 4 a tourist-class scenic area, Jiangsu Province, is one of six natural scenic spots, Langshan out of the eight small Buddhist mountains in the first, since the wide expansion of the Early Tang Dynasty Temple has been strong incense , Yuanbo reputation. On both sides of the sword in the Langshan Mountain, the military Hill, Ma On Shan, Wong Nai Hill in recent years through the development and construction, a lot of additional attractions. Barry Xunyou Exploration many counties to win. MSC#39;s Qingdun cultural sites, the Rugao Shuihui Park and Dinghui Si, Tung Chau crossing the sea to the south of Wen Tianxiang, kiosks, such as the East "at sea disco" (stamping on the clams) and "air symphony" (beach kite-flying), Kai East round Tuo angle of the kiosks Mingwenxiaer.


Nantong, located north latitude and 31 ° 41#39;-32 ° 43 #39;, longitude 120 ° 12#39;-121 ° 55#39; between the subtropical and temperate North monsoon climate, Adequate light, with plenty of rainfall, four distinct seasons, mild and pleasant.


Nantong set, "Gold Coast" and the "golden waterway" in an advantage, with the Yangtze River shoreline 226 kilometers, which can be built 10,000-ton deep-water berths over 30 km of shoreline; owned coastline 210 kilometers, which can be built 50,000-ton deep-water berths above the shoreline over 40 kilometers. The city#39;s coastal area of 13,000 square kilometers, 210,000 hectares of coastal beach, the coastal areas of China#39;s land resources is the most abundant one of the regions. Proven mineral resources mainly iron ore, petroleum, natural gas, coal, marble, and so on. The city#39;s total area of 700 mu of arable land, fertile soil, suitable kind of a wide range of rich rice, silkworm cocoons, cotton, oil-bearing crops and other crops. Is very rich in aquatic resources, is the clams, seaweed, eel, Nereis, the shrimp export base. Lvsi four major fishing grounds is the fishing grounds, one of the world#39;s nine major fishing grounds.


tradition of special, Yu man the world. Third-vegetarian "Baipu tea tasting Emperor Qianlong was dry after the pro-Yubi that" only this one. "Ma embedded peach cakes, West Pavilion Cuibing nutrient-rich, Cui Xiang sweet. Nantong Kite of beautiful, unique sound, and Beijing, Tianjin And Weifang famous. Nantong bonsai "the two semi-bending" features a separate faction. Hailed as "Oriental treasures" of color and beautiful silk Xiuyi, Gouzhen clothing, blue printed cloth, red wood carving, and other technology in the arts at home and abroad Renowned. Menthol, she protective of pills, Nantong quarter Ruby Yiyao is unique in the medical panacea.