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Location: Fujian Nanping is the gate of Beijing University, commonly known as "Northern Fujian Province", is located south of East Wuyi mountains, the upper reaches of Minjiang River, longitude 117 ° 00#39;-119 ° 25 #39;, north latitude and 26 ° 30#39;-28 ° 20#39;, West And bordering Jiangxi, Zhejiang and the adjacent North

Area: 26,300 square km area

Population: total population of 3.04 million, of which agricultural population 2.24 million people

administrative divisions: exempted Shaowu, Wuyishan, Jianou, Jianyang City, and four Shunchang, Pucheng, shiny, Songxi, governance and the five counties and Yanping District.

Zip code: 353000

Nanping Fujian Nanping area is the largest She Qushi. Jurisdiction of a district five counties and four municipalities, namely, Yanping District, Shaowu City, Jianyang City, Jian#39;ou City, Wuyishan City, Shunchang County, Pucheng County, WINNER, et County, governance and counties, a total of 121 townships, 19 Neighborhood offices, 1,601 village committees, neighborhood committees, 69, 136 community neighborhood committees, area of 26,300 square kilometers, accounting for one-fifth of Fujian Province, southern China is a typical "eight hours a mountain of water - "Characteristics. The existing household registration total population of 3.04 million people, the resident population of 2.86 million people. Nanping has a long history and development of Fujian is one of the earliest. As early as over 4,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, some indigenous people in this proliferation of interest-bearing. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Nanping, Jianou, Pucheng County have been built since 1800 amounted to. Jianyang, Shaowu, Wuyishan, and other counties also have years of history. Sui and Tang dynasties, the Five Dynasties and Ten States period, the two become North Fujian Fujian political, economic and cultural center; Song, North Fujian#39;s economic and cultural development was living in the province and even the country#39;s leading position, such as "build kiln" become the country#39;s eight of One of the kiln, the heyday of mining and metallurgy industry, the country to focus on Fujian, the Fujian again Northern Fujian Province as the center. Also, Jianyang, Jian#39;an (this Jianou) 2, the county carved more than one-third of the country#39;s total, North Fujian printing industry is well developed, Jianyang Masha become the country#39;s three major printing centre. In addition, the paper industry and tea is quite developed. 南平照片 Nanping cultural accumulation Deep, is the birthplace of one of Fujian#39;s cultural, Minyue and the cradle of culture, as the "Bang Min Zou Lu" and "Road South rationale Cave." Here old times, the history of talented people, has a number of Jinshi 2000 and 17 prime minister, such as the Shaowu Li Gang, Pucheng show the true Germany, Jianou of Yang Rong, historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Song Ci, Xin Qiji , Lu You, Cai Xiang, Yang, Liu Yong, Yan Yu, and so have left footprints in Northern Fujian Province. Zhu Xi in Northern Fujian Province in particular, "Qin book contains 50", so future generations "Confucius to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Zhu Xi is the Southern Song Dynasty, ancient Chinese culture, and Wuyi Mountains," said. 南平图片 Nanping southeast China is a major tourist areas. Northern Fujian rich tourism resources, is rare in east China#39;s tourism one of the resource-intensive areas. The majestic beauty of Ky Son different water, a wide variety of biological resources, glorious history, culture and the colorful local joint composition of the human characteristics unique tourism resources in the North of Fujian Province. At present, 1-3 in the upscale tourist resources entities 181 (Yanping Mang Shan Dang, Jianyang test booths#39;s College, built kiln sites, Jianou million forest, rock Shaowu Tiancheng, Li Gang Temple, peaceful town, shiny Ukraine Junshan, Wuyi Tianchi, Shunchang Huayang Hill, etc.). Wuyishan is the only four "world natural and cultural heritage" and one of her sets national scenic area, the state-level nature reserves, national tourism resort and tourism economic development zone in Fujian Province in one, Nanping in the province - Class scenic area are: Yanping Mang Shan Dang, Pucheng floating covered mountains, in Jianou to the rock, et Cham Lushan, governance and Tung Shan Temple. Nanping urban areas and 12 million mu Yanping surface of the lake, is a good summer holiday destination. 南平景色

city in recent years to build "Beishan Nanshui" the great tourism economies in the Wuyi, concentrated expression in "a bigger, two driven." "Make a" bigger is Wuyishan. "Two-led" is to Wuyishan tourism as a leader, led the surrounding counties (cities, districts) the development of tourism; North Fujian tourism as a strategic industry, promote the development of relevant industries. In 2004 the city received 6.61 million the number of tourist trips, an increase of 22.7 percent; tourism revenues 1.769 billion yuan, an increase of 20.4%. The city#39;s total tourism revenue in the proportion of gdp of 5.5 percent.