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NanNing - GuangXi

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Abbreviations: Yong

code: 0771

Zip code: 530000

Location: Located in a small basin surrounded by mountains, Yongjiang River runs through the urban area, southwest China#39;s throat the importance of access to the sea.

Area: 29,569 square kilometers of land area

population: the whole region the total population 5438400 people

divisions: administered Xingning, Green show, Xixiang Tong, Gangnam-gu, Liangqing, Yongning six districts as well as Wu Ming, Hengxian, Binyang, Shanglin, Longan, Masan six counties.

Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a long history of border cities, here in the ancient land of Baiyue, Tang Taizong Zhenguan years will be named here, "Yong Zhou," which referred to the Nanning "Yong."

Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi, Guangdong, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, our proximity to the southwest, facing the South-East Asia, connecting the southeast coast and inland important hub in the southwest, southwest provinces is the most convenient Access to the sea, is also the only coastal provinces and autonomous regions in the west of the capital city. At the national development of the western region and the establishment of China - a time when the ASEAN Free Trade Area, with dong and the west, and even the south of the North an advantage in location, is China#39;s rapid economic development of the new regional and new hot spots for foreign investment.

Nanning is a beautiful city blocks, the city#39;s green coverage rate nearly 40 percent, have been described as "half-half Chenglou City tree." Living here for generations of Zhuang and Han, Miao, Yao, Dong, Mulam, has a colorful style of the national culture. Nanning has continuously throughout the year of the traditional folk activities, the melodious folk melodies and parabolic hydrangeas, Banxie dancing, looting fireworks, stamping on the windmill and other civic activities so that you can not help but be happy with it.

Nanning, the Green are very rich in tourism resources, where mountain, river, lake, river and making the other more beautiful tree flowers, South subtropical scenery and modern garden city style, with the objective of Nanning of Guangxi as the center Southern tourist areas in Guangxi is one of the three major tourist areas, Qinglie constant temperature of the water of Hope, a mysterious Huashan murals, the magnificent waterfall Tak days, the quiet town with the United States Yang Zhuang people Weiwei beautiful folk song form, Nanning, the ancient landscape favors picture.

Nanning, Guangxi as politics, economy, culture, finance, information centres, is the most dynamic economic region and the highest level of export-oriented city. In industrial restructuring, focusing on the development of aluminium fabrication, sugar, paper and other industries, enhance the technological transformation of consciousness, rational use of the well-known universities and research institutes of technology, accelerate the development of electronic information and communication, modern biological medicine, environmental protection, new Materials on behalf of the high-tech industries; agricultural economy implementation of brand strategy, "the company bases farmers" model, to further expand the scale of business operations, and agricultural industrialization level, gradually to the characteristics of economic development; Nanning has strong distribution functions of goods and materials, the third Increasingly active industry, information industry, transportation, the industry, tourism, catering industry to develop good posture, and gradually become the economic growth in Nanning major factor. Opening up positive and flexible, the municipal government to encourage foreign-invested enterprises in various ways to cooperate in Nanning, not only for the enjoyment of the coastal countries, the border regions of opening up policies, but also to enjoy the western provinces, autonomous regions and ethnic autonomous regions of special policies to give foreign The largest investors the convenience and benefits.