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NanKaiQu - TianJin

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Nankai District of Tianjin is one of the area, located in the urban area southwest, east of Haihe River, west of Link, the North and phase grounding Hongqiao district, South and West Green, the Hexi District connected. Across a total area of 38.75 square kilometers, about 3.6 kilometers things, about 9.2 kilometers north and south. The deadline for the end of 1997, the region exempted 12 neighborhood offices, 350 neighborhood committees, the total population of 730,000 people, including 36 minority ethnic groups, minority population of 17,000 people, including the Hui 14,000 people.
"Nankai" because of the old city of Tianjin Yi South named after a low-lying land, the district Gulou North Street, two Gulou Street South Street is the first of the old city of Tianjin, Tianjin was once a political, economic, cultural, transport centre , San Chakou River along the coastal hometown for the birthplace of Jincheng. The old city of Tianjin before Jianyu Ming Wing-lok, 2002 (1404), demolished in 26 years-Guangxu (1900). With the social development, urban cities gradually to the southwest of the open development, "Nankai" said to be widely used.
Nankai District is intelligence-intensive, technology-developed higher education research base. There are 12 institutions of higher learning. Among them, Nankai University and Tianjin University for key national institutions and international certification of the University of Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the national culture of Chinese medicine, Dr Master#39;s of key institutions, is the only country in the world of international medical schools. Junji research institutes, Nankai District, 8358, the Ocean Institute, the fifth design institute in Tianjin and other central and municipal scientific research institutions of various types of 83. Extensive field research, involving industry, agriculture, construction, electronics, communications, health and other categories, each of a large number of scientific research achievements from birth here. City Library, the Municipal Archives, the Center for International Exchange, and other important facilities are located in Nankai District.
Nankai area or areas of cultural tourism. Nankai people of Dynasties, formed a unique history of civilization. The famous monuments and revolutionary relics have Tien Hou Temple, the Yu Huangge, Confucian Temple, Wenjin College, Niegong monument, the Guangdong Center, LI Chun shrine, Li Dazhao Martyrs Memorial Hall, Juewu She and Zhou Enlai, youth-revolutionary activities in the Memorial Hall of Deng Memorial Week And so on. Hometown in Tianjin, the Longtan Tsui is a floating city out of the top 10 spots.
Nankai is a historic old town, is a vibrant new urban area. In the new historical period, Nankai people united as one, good governance, on the "one center and two bases," the objective of the struggle, Nankai determination to build a more prosperous, civilized, developed the new urban area.