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NanHuiQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jenna  Date: 08-13 2008  More Attractions
Nanhui District in the Yangtze River Estuary and the Hangzhou Bay interchange, east East China Sea, south of Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang and Ningbo across the north and adjacent to the Pudong New Area, southwest and western regions and Fengxian, Minhang junction. The region#39;s total area of 688 square kilometers, 45 km coastline. To the end of 2000 (the fifth census), the region total resident population 780,000, the household registration population of about 690,000, of which agricultural population of 495,000, non-agricultural population of 192,000. To July 2002, a total of 19 regional Jian Zhizhen, five development zones.
Song, Yuan Dynasty, Nanhui Salt heyday, Xiasha, Zhoupu, the new market has become larger market towns. "Water" is a new market, "Song floor Jiusi, merchants convergence Cou" and "little new house赛Suzhou" reputation is still more complete preservation of the Jiangnan town. The end of the Northern Song Dynasty, Songshinanqian, Qinshao You know the Sun Qin families resident Sophie Nanhui; famous poet Chu Beach also settle Zhoupu, Zhonglao is rural, so far there are certificates Beach tomb - "Muyu grave." Ming Dynasty Chinese player Li Zi (the Nanzhen) was the "doctors were required reading" is still required reading a book of Chinese medicine. Contemporary famous proletarian revolutionary, Marxist theorist Zhang Wentian was born in Nanhui Zhu Qiaoxiang. Fu Lei famous translator for the week Town, Fu Lei has left home. Large corporations Town WU Zhong-Chao served as president of the National Palace Museum, more than 20 years, the heritage of our country has made tremendous contributions.