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NanChuanShi - ZhongQing

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Nanchuan City of Chongqing Municipality in the south, between latitude 28 ° 46 #39;to 29 ° 30#39;, longitude 106 ° 54 #39;to 107 ° 27#39; between the southeast and Guizhou Provincial Highway true, is An, bordering Tongzi County, northeast and Wulong County neighbors, and the north of Fuling District, the West even the Banan District, Qijiang County, Wansheng District. The natural environment in the mountainous terrain to the main mountain terrain with southeast to northwest tilt. To mine stone for the road sector, south of the mountains Lou fold Strip, with Zhongshan landscape; north of the Chuandong parallel Ridge Valley area, a platform of low mountain landscapes; Caojing mountains along the lower dam area. The maximum elevation of 2,251 meters, the lowest elevation 340 meters, 550 meters above sea level city. Nanchuan a humid subtropical monsoon climate, the annual mean temperature of 16.6 ℃, the total land area of 38.45 percent. Plant Resources plant is rich in resources, plant Section 430, a 1884, 5,099 kinds. Natural vegetation are fungi, ferns and naked son, angiosperm species. Which is a key state protection Guxi plants, have a silver fir, Davidia involucrata, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, four kinds of ginseng; 4,180 kinds of plant medicines, has become a growing scale of Treats, berberine, Tianma, Eucommia, cloud costunolide , Gallnut; animal resources keeping animals currently there are mainly pigs, cattle, sheep, and so on more than 20. There are over 500 kinds of wild animals, among them 36 state-protected species of animals for the protection of the total number of 22%. Among them, there is a protection of South China tigers, Jin Qianbao, cloud leopard#39;s (Leopard), Hei Yehou, grey golden monkey, chicken, and other red belly angle 10; Nanchuan geological complexity of mineral resources, mineral-rich and mineral resources for high-volume abundance. Proven coal reserves of 205 million tons, for the 100 key coal-mining counties (cities) in one of pyrite reserves on the 104 million tons, bauxite reserves of more than 50 million tons of iron ore reserves of 6.18 million tons; refractory clay 1318 Million tons of quartz sand more than 20 million tons more than 9400 million cubic meters of marble; more than 10 billion tons of limestone. Water in a river the size 56, the total 2.13 billion cubic meters of water resources, water resources reserves of 137,000 kilowatts, the development of more than 40,000 kilowatts. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yangtze River in Chongqing in the middle and lower reaches of the transition zone. Is a subtropical monsoon climate and humid climate, the climate in average around 18 ℃, the average minimum temperature in winter 6-8 ℃, with average summer temperatures in the 27-29 ℃, the total number of hours 1000-1200 sunshine hours, hot in summer and warm winter, frost-free period Long, with plenty of rainfall, more than Wenrun overcast, rainy heat the same quarter, year-mm rainfall in 1000-1400, Ye Yu, particularly at the turn of spring and summer, known as "Bashanyeyu" said.

area 470 km long East and West, North-South 450 km wide. Boundary east Hubei, Hunan, south Guizhou, Sichuan Xikao, north of Shaanxi. Chongqing has a vast territory and rivers within vertical and horizontal, Pinnacle wins mountain range. Daba Mountains north, the East has Wushan, the South East have Wuling Mountain, a major South Lou Hill, the general trend of terrain to the north and south from the Yangtze River valley toward greater ups and downs. To hilly topography, the main mountain, larger slopes, a layer of clear, the distribution of the typical stone forest, peaks, caverns, karst landscapes, such as valleys.

main rivers are the Yangtze River and Jialing River and Wujiang River, Fujiang, Qijiang, Daning He, and so on. Yangtze River from west to east across the whole territory, processes up to 665 kilometers, crossing the Wushan three anticline, a famous Qutang Xia, Wu Gorge and Xiling Xia, the world-famous Three Gorges.

northwest from the Jialing River, the Yangtze River Sanzhe, Lek nose Gap, Gap Wentang, Kwun Yam Gap, the Jialing River on the Three Gorges. Center for the Yangtze River in Chongqing City, surrounded by the Jialing River, the two folders Jiang, Yong mountains, a beautiful, unique scenery, all types of construction Yishanbangshui, row upon row, Cuoluoyouzhi, in the beautiful "mountain city", "Jiangcheng," said the world.

particularly beautiful charming "Fortress Night", when night fell, the City Wanjiadenghuo making the other more beautiful sky and water color, Canruo Galaxia, become a spectacular,堪称wonders. ZHONG Ling Yuxiu Evolved from the mountains and geographical set mountains, water, forests, springs, waterfall, Gap, Tung as one of the strange magnificent natural landscape. Stereo#39;s most prestigious galleries of the Three Gorges Qifeng Douli, cliffs confrontation to-Qutang, Wu Gorge show, and well-known risk of Xiling, Qianzibaitai, a charisma, more crystal Dicui flow of the Three Gorges on the Daning He, small-cross the river Three Gorges. The great poet Li Bai of Tang Dynasty "in the speech Baidi Choi Wan, Trinidad Jiangling also on the 1st. Two sides of the strait can not ape sound tellurium, Qingzhou million over the mountain range" Fangge the Three Gorges, stay Yun ages. The magic of Physical Geography has also created a treasure trove of natural gene known as the Nanchuan Foshan, with the global latitude only surviving Jiangjin the largest virgin forest on all sides of the mountains and other natural resources enrichment, the Wujiang River, the Jialing River, Daning He and other river valleys Scenery, the lake and longevity, the small South China Sea, Qinglong Hu and other lakes scenery.