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NanChong - SiChuan

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Postal Code: 637000

Location: northeast of the Sichuan Basin in the middle reaches of the Jialing River

Climate: Nanchong four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature of about 17.5 ℃, spent the spring, summer Fengqing, cooked Sunny autumn, the winter solstice Wenrun, air humidity, clouds, cloudy day and more.

Area: 12,494 square km

Population: 7056000.

administrative divisions: exempted Shunqing District, Gao Ping, Jialing Qu, Lang Zhongshi, Nanbu Xian, Yilong Xian, Xichong county, Peng Anxian, Yingshan Xian.

alias: Fruit City, silk village

Nanchong Nanchong City has 2000 years of history, as early as 316 BC, is the Pakistani area, located Bajun Qin, Han Anhan County home, since the Sui and Tang dynasties Since both the county, state, Road, House, Road Department, the county seat of a culture developed, known for talented people. Han will Jixin, will be Zhang Shu, Wang Ping, Song will Hsien is the history of the famous, astronomers concluded Hong, the three-seok Joinet Qiao Zhou, "Three Kingdoms" by Chen Shou, Tang Yin Shi brothers champion (Yin Shu, Yin A), Song Dynasty scholar Chen#39;s brother, Prime Minister (Sou-Yao, Yao Zuo, Yao consultative) are Nantong history of the outstanding figures. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of Zhu De, Luo Ruiqing People#39;s Republic of China and former vice chairman of the Central People#39;s Government Zhang Lan are born in Nanchong. After the founding of New China, Nantong is North Sichuan Civil Administration (the provincial level administrative region), the Civil Administration located in Nantong, in northern Sichuan political, economic, cultural, science and technology, information centre, a "heart of northern Sichuan," said.

Nanchong Nantong, exempted 5 County District 3 City 1, 481 townships and area of 12,494 square kilometers in size, population 7.3 million. Mainly to-shallow hill terrain. The average annual temperature of about 17.5 ℃, spent the spring, summer Fengqing, cooked Sunny autumn, the winter solstice Wenrun.

Nanchong is China#39;s important bases of grain and oil and agricultural products, silkworm cocoons, oranges, pigs, and other well-known. Nantong is more homogeneous categories, the advantage of the many products of industrial base, has been formed to silk, textiles, machinery, food, electricity, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, garment industry as the pillar of multi-category, multi-level coordination of the development of local industrial system, The four major production bases of sericulture and silk production and export base.

Nanchong-rich, water is an important development base. 77.79 million tons of oil reserves and natural gas reserves of 9 billion cubic meters; rock salt geological reserves 1.8 trillion tons, the largest in western China for the natural salt mine; hydropower reserves of over 200 million kilowatts; Nantong sufficient labor, science, technology and education developed, Sichuan#39;s largest city personnel, technology and labor resources in the big city, Nanchong population second only to Chengdu, ranking second in the province.


Nantong improving infrastructure, investment environment greatly improved. Road traffic convenience, a railway running through things, the civilian airport every day transport, two state-level fiber optic cable and microwave Route wear Habitat and that the city 235,000 program-controlled telephone connectivity in more than 100 countries, to achieve township of program-controlled telephone exchanges. Chengdu to Nanchong in 2001 built the highway opened to traffic. A city southwest of Petroleum Institute, Sichuan Normal University, and other five universities, a doctoral or master#39;s degrees, 28, all kinds of scientific research personnel 10 Nanchong million people. Nantong is a huge market and material distribution center.

here living in the "West-Shu all, the East to the E-Chu, with Sanqin North, South of Chongqing," the special geographical location, landlocked Sichuan is the transportation, communications hub, northeastern Sichuan largest commodity distribution center, Yangtze River Three Gorges Economic Area, an important component of the country#39;s important ports opening to the outside world, with silk Big World, Simon comprehensive wholesale markets, such as the northern Sichuan grain and oil wholesale market is large in scale, radiation and strong commodity trading market.