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NanChang - JiangXi

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Zip code: 330000

position: in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, the southern bank of Yangtze River, the lower reaches of the Ganjiang, Bin Lin Poyang Lake

Area: 7402.36 square kilometers

Population: 4.5 million

administrative divisions include: East Lake, West Lake, Qingyun Pu District, Wan Li, suburbs, Nanchang County, the new county, Jinxian Xian, the Yixian Formation.

Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi Province, a total of four exemptions County District 5, a new district and two state-level development zones with a total area of 7,402 square kilometers, the total population of 4.49 million, of which the urban population of 1.96 million It is the 35 major cities. A long history of 2,200 years, give the Nanchang "Tianbao of China, the old times"; homeland red, green homes, old-style, with charm, golden fields and the achievements of Nanchang "Xiongzhou fog out, Choi Chun-chi." Today, we are entering full of hope and a competitive, full of vigor and more full of challenges of economic globalization era, Nanchang, are highlighted the unique potential and attractive advantages.


Nanchang began in the name of the Western Han Dynasty, 202 years BC, the Han Gao Zu Ying Liu Pang Hou Guanyinglvbing were stationed in Nanchang, and the construction of Nanchang City, naming Nanchang, from "South of prosperity," meaning . Jiang Tang and Song dynasties as Nancy Road and Hung Zhisuo ago, the city famous for the South East, it also called the "Hongdu."

Nanchang photos Nanchang, the tourist areas, including its urban areas and near the Meiling, Jing#39;an San Zhaolun, camphor trees, and other places, landmarks and integration in the beautiful natural scenery, the beautiful scenery backdrop to this ancient city of Nanchang The unique character.

in full swing today the transfer of large industries, the reorganization of resources, joint development of the trend of economic globalization, Nanchang ushered in the new round of development opportunity. In the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government under the correct leadership of the majority of investors and entrepreneurs at home and abroad with the active participation of heroes City in the rapid and profound changes. Nanchang improve the investment environment, economic development is accelerating, the market continued to rise in the economy, especially entrepreneurs confidence index and business sentiment index were both stronger, which fully demonstrates the tremendous implication by the Nanchang development and investment opportunities.

Nanchang picture Nanchang City is very busy now, the Bayi Square in the city centre green grass, which could accommodate 100,000 people. Stand firm in the southern tip of the Plaza Tower soaring Nanchang Uprising on August 1, a milestone in the history of the revolution in Nanchang. After the reform and opening up, Nanchang, the tourism industry developed rapidly, many of the cultural relics restoration of a new, natural landscape features 26 human landscape has reached 78, Nanchang surrounding areas near the world famous Lushan Mountain scenic area of cultural heritage, the protection of migratory birds in Poyang Lake area, Lung Fu Shan National Scenic Area, the Jinggang Mountains National Scenic Area, Sanqingshan Mountain National Scenic Area. Formed a center in Nanchang, along with the Beijing-Kowloon Railway scenery, with the focus on radiation Jiangxi province#39;s tourism, tourism system.

Nanchang is a glorious revolutionary tradition with the City of Heroes, "August 1" Nanchang Uprising world-famous Chinese People#39;s Liberation Army was born here, so there Nanchang "Hero City" The reputation.


reform and opening up, Nanchang, the rapid development of the tourism industry, many cultural relics restoration of a new, Nanchang, world attention has become a hot tourist city.


Nanchang Nanchang