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MuDanJiang - HeiLongJiang

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Code: 0453

Zip code: 157000

Area: total area of 40,583 square kilometers.

population: about 2.7 million total population.

position: Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province in the southeast, Nanlin Jilin Province, east Russia

divisions: Edmonton, Dongan, Yangming, Xi#39;an, Suifenhe City, Ning Anshi, Hailin, Muling City, Linkou Xian, the East County.

"Jiangnan, and had An old scenery. sunrise Jiang bonuses-fire, such as Blue Spring Green river - can not Yi Jiangnan," Bai Juyi of a "Yi Jiangnan", has caused many people to Gangnam The infinite yearning for. Few can know, the clock is located in the Changbai Mountain Wandashan Dong Lu Ling Zhang Guangcai between the Mudanjiang City, was a "formation of Jiangnan" the reputation of the North and the famous "Yumizhixiang."


Mudanjiang rich, scenery Tiancheng, is China - the North "paradise", the ancient is on a "paradise", under "Jervois," said. Today, while Mudanjiang the advancement of its magnificent scenery, R scenery, rich treasures, you also denied that the northern China Mudanjiang is the "paradise"? ?

Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang in the southeast, is located in China, Russia, North Korea encirclement of the "Golden Triangle" hinterland, with its unique tourism resources and famous.

Mudanjiang photos

Mudanjiang City across from the urban areas because of Mudanjiang named after the city surrounded by mountains, the central level, is a natural basin. Is located in latitude, climate and the mainland belong to the monsoon climate, due to close from the Sea of Japan, the impact of the oceanic climate, although located in the "Great Northern Wilderness", but "beyond the Great Wall Jiangnan" reputation. The world#39;s largest alpine Yanse Hu - Jingpohu the city of Mudanjiang is located in the south-west.

Mudanjiang picture Mudanjiang City is a beautiful tourist city. At present, development and utilization of the main landmarks and scenic attractions are the humanities crater National Forest Park, Moranbong national forest parks and state nature reserve, the Moranbong ski resort, eight women#39;s vote of the statue, the Hengdaohezi Siberian tiger farms , Wei Hushan Tigers viewing park, such as Lotus Lake, 30, of which 110 kilometers away from Mudanjiang the Jingpohu, is China#39;s largest volcanic lava Yanse Hu, the provincial tourism resort.

unique tourism resources, Heilongjiang Province to become the main southeastern city. Tourist attractions are: state-level scenic spots Jingpohu; near the city and in accordance with the Moranbong Nature Reserve, located in the northwest Jingpohu 30 kilometers underground forest; has 1200 years of history of the Tang Dynasty ruins of the Bohai Sea, there are Jiang Lu Dao in the five-Chou, for the formation of Jiangnan added a magnificent picture.


ago, the Japanese aggressors will have the city as a bridgehead to combat the Soviet Union; Kuomintang reactionaries also incorporated the many bandits in the looting, burning, killing, people fish for eight women…… Jiang#39;s tragic history happened here.

now, from a consumer in Mudanjiang city will become a basis for the development of a comprehensive new industrial city. Industrial progress, driven by the development of Mudanjiang City.