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MianYang - SiChuan

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Code: 0816

Postal Code: 621000

Location: Sichuan Basin in northwest

Area: 20,249 square km

Population: 5119900

administrative divisions: exempted Fucheng District, Youxian Qu, Jiangyou City, County, Zitong County, Ping Wuxian, Beichuan County, three counties, Yanting County.

alias: Science City

Mianyang City in Sichuan Basin in the northwest, administered Fucheng District, Youxian Qu, Jiangyou City, County, Zitong County, Ping Wuxian, Beichuan County, three counties, salt Ting County. Area of 20,249 square kilometers, population 5119900. Mianyang Guchenfucheng, Mianzhou, known as "Shudao throat," said. Chuan-Shan Road, BAO-CHENG RAILWAY via both here and in northern Sichuan is an important distribution center for supplies.


Mianyang has a long history and old times. Since 201 BC, the Han Gao Zu Fu County has been set. 2200 years of history have, for the past Gun Zhisuo, military strategists battleground. "Shudao throat", "Jianmensuoyao" said. Since ancient times, has been here nurture flood control hero Dayu, the mother of silk Lo ancestors, the great Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, Song writer Ouyang Xiu, modern writers Shating, two bombs fathers Deng Jiaxian, wheat breeding expert Feng Dashi, and many other outstanding figures.

Mianyang, a pleasant climate, fertile land, Sichuan Province is an important food, fuel, live pigs, Cocoon, fruit production base. Mianyang has abundant natural resources and hydropower reserves of more than 3 million kilowatts, natural gas reserves of 10 trillion cubic meters, coal, iron, manganese mining and other industrial value of 57 kinds of mineral resources Mianyang, a Ophiopogon japonicus, Fuzi, ginkgo, Tianma, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Eucommia , Dangshen, Fritillaria and other traditional exports more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, in a primeval forest giant pandas, golden monkey, clouded leopards, cattle Ling, black-necked cranes, lesser panda, such as state-level Tufted Deer 55 kinds of rare and protected animals. Mianyang rich tourism resources and great potential for development, the Wanglang Nature Reserve and Qianfo Shan, Luofu Hill, Xiaozhaizigou, Yuanwang Dong, sea-sen on behalf of the scenic area for eco-tourism, the rich have to Leshan and the Zitong Miaoshan As the representative of the "remains of the three countries", pay homage, to Zhongwu Yuan Science and Technology Exhibition Gallery, Asia#39;s largest wind tunnel base, Changhong and trade center as the representative of the engineering tourism. Sichuan and the western region is becoming a new tourist destination. Yue WANG is the reconstruction of the floor, the history of China floor, one of four people.

Mianyang is the important national defense and military research and production base. With the Chinese Engineering Physics Research Institute, Chinese air power, such as research and development centres in 18 scientific research institutes, national defense, the Southwest University of Science and Technology and other tertiary institutions in seven, Changhong, Jiuzhou, two state-level technology centers, two horses, wood and other East Eight provincial-level technology center, Changhong, Jiuzhou, double MA, Brilliance, China Resources, Shuanghui, such as 50 large and medium-sized backbone enterprises, state-level high-tech industry development zones, science, education, entrepreneurship Southwest University of Science and Technology Park and the National University Science Park , Economic and Technological Development Zone, the modern agricultural technology demonstration area, the southern suburbs of the industrial park, about immortals such as pilot area of economic development zone 6, various types of scientific research and engineering and technical personnel 100,000 people, 25 academicians and enjoy special government allowances are outstanding Contributed to more than 800 experts. In many important areas of science and technology gathering a large number of high-level personnel.

Mianyang Mianyang city infrastructure relatively sound, advanced communications networks, water supply adequate electric. Refuse to achieve safe disposal, air quality fine, the city green coverage rate reached 32.48 percent. Has been completed and customs, inspection and quarantine, and other foreign agencies, opened the second class railway crossings. The establishment of the western region#39;s first public bonded warehouse. Has been named the national civilized city, the National Health City, the National afforestation top 10 cities, the urban landscape art and the United Nations to improve living environment model city, is currently striving for national environmental protection model city. Mianyang city cultural facilities relatively sound, there are 320,000 books in the library and Mianyang construction area of 20,000 square meters of Mianyang Museum.