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Miyun County is located in Beijing#39;s north-east, south of Yanshan Mountain.
Miyun has a long history, the ancients had as "Yan-guo Tianfu." Miyun County Tourism unique environment, rich tourism resources, many projects. Miyun Reservoir like a piece of green jade set in the Yanshan Mountain Peaks embracing, the value of the county with the development of tourism resources of more than 100, have been developed, open area 25, and some areas in northern China and even the whole country renowned for. Mengshan Guaishi like clouds forest, lush vegetation, numerous waterfalls, as the "northern part of the country Huangshan" Yun Xiugu area glacier boulders, Shuixiu-red, in North China is the only country hunting grounds, and renowned Beijing; Sima Tai Great Wall in its "panic, insurance, qi" and the unique shape by the Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen known as the "Great Wall of China is the most" black stand Longtan peaks, waterfalls Gaoxuan, on the river exploration wins, tan stone inlay and streams; Qingliang Gu area seasons Springs spewing, "Qian Chi Pearl waterfall" has led to stunning.
Miyun Shanqingshuixiu, many sites, scenic setting. Its mountains and rivers Fengwu both powerful unrestrained masculinity gas, and the beautiful rich Enuoduozi Charm, who is the crown suburbs of Beijing tourist destination. The world-famous Great Wall built close to the mountains with dangerous and, like a dragon in the county in the rolling 212.5 km. By the experts as "the Great Wall of China is the most" Sima Tai early years of the Great Wall before Jianyu Ming Hongwu, a total length of 19 km, with Dilou 135. Dilou from 1 to 6, or the roof-or Qionglu or Chuanpeng shape, Cuola height, width-and, with their own characteristics. So far this year have a Ming dynasty general Qi Jiguang the black floor, where he was staying, the tea Shitai, the procedure took the floor, and the well-preserved floor, such as the Treasury. The highest point in the near Wangjing floor, 1,000 meters above sea level. Fine, at Wangjing upstairs, the capital city of Beijing vaguely visible; white Longtan Scenic Area is one of Beijing#39;s new King 16, west of Miyun Reservoir, North by the Great Wall, since the Han Dynasty will be here "should be rain-induced" The said. Four Hall for the 18 pavilions and palaces Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing history built, the Qing royal family had travelled Fortunately, the palace in Chengde. 800 acres of scenic forest Yequ scene, the Northern Song Dynasty Su Che, Ming Qi Jiguang, Qingdi Aston Qianlong, and other celebrities have in this Tishi recited, left many Mingpian works. Miyun Reservoir and the Longtan in the West Bank, and white across the lake at the Longtan, Fukaya Youhe here, Hill singular Shijun, Linmao Shuiqing, a vein like a turbulent 18 Cuolayouzhi Yinlian will be the name of Tam together, the scenery Wei For the spectacular. Jing-dong first waterfall in the distance and only four kilometers Longtan the Longtan Gounei, where even 14 Tanshui 6 waterfall, each waterfall drop in the 20 meters and above all, waterfalls sound, Bailian weeping dance, Fei Yu-splash. "Xiongguan fortress" Gubeikou, Yao Ai Jing-dong is both ancient and merchants are numerous, in military and economic importance on the status of the temple and other monuments, especially so far have shown here as one of the ancient glory of the past Xiongguan. Miyun Reservoir is China#39;s largest artificial lake in northern China, where steam cloud-Xia Wei, Qixiangwanqian is enormous. Built around a star-rated hotels, resorts, nursing homes, complete its facilities, excellent service, every year a large number of Chinese and foreign guests to this sightseeing. In addition, there are scenic Shirakawa, Ba-Shu culture City, 000 Spring and Ying Shicheng, such as the four major tourist destinations are under construction, pending completion, will create a set of Miyun leisure, in convalescence and tourism as an integrated tourism District.