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Mentougou District, as a beautiful Shanmian, located in the west of Beijing, east of the Haidian District, Shijingshan District for the neighbors, South and Fangshan District, Fengtai District connected with the West at the junction of Hebei Province, bordering the North and Changping County, in the Taihang Mountains Pulse the northern tip of the North China Plain to the Mongolian Plateau transition zone. "Wang Du Yi East, West and Frontier walk-desert," the only way for Beijing to Saibei, calendar battleground for the military strategists.
mountainous, Mentougou District is a significant natural features. The region#39;s total area of 1,455 square kilometers, the mountain areas account for 96 percent. Among the many peaks, there is a peak in the city#39;s Mountain, a scenic Baihua Mountain, also abounds in the Miao Fengshan, such as roses. Mountain and Baihua Mountain were the height of 2303 meters above sea level, 1,991 m, over the whole country famous Taishan, Huangshan, Mount Lushan. May is the tree-lined city of Beijing, flowers are blooming in the early summer season, which is on the Peak Hill, the two are still flying snow, Hanqixiren. In this two mountains on the mountainside, covering a rare in North China#39;s forests, lush forests of the Birch, poplar, and larch, and other hardy trees, the top of the hill is lush alpine meadow. Baihua Mountain in the summer season, on the hillside, trees Congcong, a five contend, a pleasant climate; Peak, the green grass Rongrong, flowers are blooming. Miao Fengshan rose to rich and famous, also known as "Golden of Miao Fengshan," the top of the hill has been retained in a Bixia Goddess of Health sent a statue of Niangniang, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, where incense Jisheng, Jishi Li, people have to Pilgrims.
Mentougou District is the most famous monuments in the Tanzhe Temple, Jietai. Tanzhe Temple in Beijing, over 40 km southwest of the mountains, elegant temple scenery, ancient Xiongqi, solemn hall of gorgeous, Gao Jun magnificent. Tanzhe Temple has 1600 years of history, Beijing is the oldest existing temples in the one. "First, Tanzhe Temple, after Beijing," said. Jietai in about eight kilometers east Tanzhe Temple, the temple has quit the monument, such as Liaoning and Taiwan, Wolong loose, comfortable loose, loose activities, have Ta Song, the Kowloon-song, there has always been to Tan Zhe Quan Sheng, warning Taiwan Song of the argument. In addition to Tanzhe Temple, Jietai, Mentougou District also known as the Three Gorges on the East and West Long Menjian City and along the river, Huang Caoliang the enemy Taiwan, Xifeng Temple, the Palace garden and natural scenic area and other sites.
Mentougou District not only mountains, and water. Beijing#39;s largest rivers flowing through the Yongding River Mentougou District 10 townships, and more than 100 kilometers of the site, the turbulent river to the beautiful mountain scenery add color. Mentougou District in a river also called Qingshui River, originate in the North Branch of Lingshan, South-originated Baihua Mountain, the tower Huihe Cheng Qingshui River estuary, nearly 50 km in length, like a white and the two Mountain Choudai And to make the integration of Mentougou District.