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MeiZhou - GuangDong

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Zip code: 514000

position: in the northeast of Guangdong Province, Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces at the junction, 85% in the area of altitude 500 meters below the hill.

divisions: Meijiang District Xingning City Meixian Jiaoling County, Tai Puxian County SACP five Wuhua County Pingyuan Xian

Meizhou City in Guangdong Province, north-east, Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces at the junction , The city#39;s total area of 15,800 square kilometers. Xian Xia Meijiang District, Xingning City, Meixian, Pingyuan Xian, Jiaoling County, Taibu Xian, Fengshun County, five Wuhua County, more than 500 million people. South Han dry and 2003 (AD 945) King home state, open-four years the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 971) to respect the state of Meizhou, in 1949 after a region-Mei, Meixian, in 1988 from Meixian to Meizhou City, has been more than 1,000 years of history, a "culture of the villages," "football town", "Chinese town" and "China Jinyou village", "Chinese tea-Cong village," reputation of the country Historical and cultural city, the double-support model city, the Guangdong Provincial Health City, "both passenger and the world," said.

Meizhou Meizhou celebrities come forth in large numbers, is the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying, the Qing Qian Jia Lingnan gifted scholar in the Song Xiang, the late Qing diplomats, educators Huang Zunxian, anti-Japanese Chester, an outstanding poet, educator Qiu Fengjia, the famous home of the Westernization Movement, strategist , One of the four books in the home Ting-chang, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese Cheong Fatt Tze and modern Asian number one Li Huitang, and so are people in Meizhou. Since 2003, Meizhou full implementation of "open Meizhou, industrial Meizhou, Meizhou ecological, cultural Meizhou" development strategy, and effectively promoted the economic development of mountain areas. In 2004 the city#39;s GDP 27.164 billion yuan, an increase of 12.3 percent, or 10 years to a new high, the first, second and tertiary industries increased 3.1%, 19.2% and 11.4%. General budget revenues 1.249 billion yuan, exceeded 1 billion yuan mark, which was an increase of 36.5 percent.

economic work in the development of mountain areas, Meizhou city party committee and government attaches great importance to the development of tourism, the tourism industry targeted for the third pillar industries, introduced a special "speed up the development of the tourism industry on a number of views", "Meizhou City Regulations on Management of Tourism "and a series of policy measures to promote the rapid development of the city#39;s tourism industry, has great potential for tourism development in Meizhou, stamina enough. 2004, the city received a total of 2681300 000 tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenues 2.836 billion yuan, respectively, year-on-year growth of 34.6 percent and 43.4 percent, tourism has become a city economic development of a new bright spot. Meizhou Meizhou City tourism Clear-cut image, the prominent characteristics. Relying on Hakka cultural resources and ecology, hot-chuen, resource advantages, Meizhou clear "the Hakka are shaping the world, creating Hakka culture boutique, hot spring sports and leisure goods special landscapes and leisure pruducts ( #39;an all Sanpin#39;)" Location for tourism development, formed a tea-Yan Nanfei Yan Ming Lake Tourist Resort and the Village as the representative of the Hakka culture and landscapes and leisure travel products to the five-Tang Lake Villa hot mud baths and hot springs hotel Jiang SACP 1000 as the representative The hot spring sports leisure tourism products. Meanwhile, the city with "excellence" as an opportunity to strengthen the city#39;s modern tourism function, enhance urban grade, built a "one Jiangliang An" highlights works, the two venues (daytime and evening performances for tourists places), 3 Centres (International Conference Centre, the exhibition centre and tourist information service center), 4 Street (Che-hung is a gourmet Street, Lin Feng Road Hakka style shopping street, the justice of the Road pedestrian street, a neon Meijiang Avenue Street). City tourism batch of new toilets, city streets to achieve the "five" (Green, clean up and beautify, Liang Hua, Yingdi of), Meizhou city functions to become more complete, more convenient transport, more harmonious environment, the air more Fresh, employment more easily, more appropriate venture to build a "city landscape dependencies, the harmony between man and nature unification," the tourist city#39;s image. Meizhou Currently, the city 4 a State-level tourist destinations two, provincial tourist resort two, the provincial-level scenic spots and places of two, four provincial-level nature reserve, a national heritage conservation units, the provincial heritage conservation units 24, is declared 3a a two-level scenic spots. The Yannan Fei Tin Village tea, soup, five hot sludge Lake Villa, Shek Wu Zhi, Changtan, Pan Hang Guangdong 100 were classified as a good place for the holiday leisure area, Yeshuai House, Long River rafting and whale-SG Guangdong 100 were classified as a new bright spot of sightseeing spots.

Meizhou has a long history, the Qin and Han Dynasties period of the South China Sea County. Meizhou years to the Northern Song Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, known as Jiaying, the state renamed the Republic of waste Meixian. 1988 by the establishment of Meizhou City. Meizhou beautiful heritage, unique folk customs. Tour Meizhou, in addition to viewing Ye Jianying, Huang Zunxian, Qiu Fengjia celebrities such as the Hakka house, and visited the ancient Hakka Wei Wu, a Hakka food tasting authentic, may also wish to learn a school known as the "Ancient Chinese living fossil" of the Hakka dialect and Hakka feelings of respect The re-division of the traditional culture, so that Meizhou trip will be more meaningful.