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Location: Chengdu Plain at the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, South Example Leshan, east Ziyang, the Xiwang Ya#39;an, Chengdu Plain Communications South Sichuan, Chuan Xinan, western Sichuan, Yunnan, the southern gateway to the throat.

Area: 7,186 square kilometers

Population: 3460000

administrative divisions: exempted Dongpo Qu, Renshou, Pengshan, Hongya, Tan Ling, a Green God County District 5

alias: Chinese poetry Bookstore

Meishan City, Guchengmeizhou, over 1,500 years of history. Sichuan Province is famous historical and cultural cities. Known as "pregnant when the show has a singular here, Yu Ran Qianzai Poetry Bookstore" reputation. Known as the "Hometown Dongpo, the word rural China, the ancient city of Shi-Shu, Taoist shrines and longevity of the state."

Meishan built governance, the South Qijian Wu began in 2003 (496), Wu Jian-gun South County Habitat-built left-gun. South Leung ordinary period (520-527), Qi Qi-called left-gun-gun, built-Datong County, with the county government in one city. Taiqing 2002 (548) set in Qingzhou, Qi-county jurisdiction, state-county-rule Meishan
Xiweifeidi 2002 (553) to Qingzhou to Meizhou, Qi-jurisdiction, the two Qingcheng County, the state-county-governance.
Northern Zhou Ming Di 2002 (558)---gun revoked, and happy new home county, town Zhisuo today Dongpo, is still Meizhou. Jiande first year (572) Meizhou to Qingzhou. The first year of big cities (579) Qingzhou to Jiazhou.
Suikai Huang 2003 (583) of waste in the county. The great cause of 2002 (606)-to Jiazhou to Meizhou, state government moved to the county-yi (this Dongpo town). Retreat built in Meishan County, Junzhi Yongyu, Ji Jin Leshan City in the area. Tang Takenori
the first year (618) Meishan County to Jiazhou. The following year, Jiazhou at home from Meizhou, exempted Tong Yi, Danleng, Hongya, Nanan (now the Jiajiang) and Green God five counties, is Jiannan Road, Tong Yi, the county government. The first year of Tianbao (742) revocation of Meizhou, home-to-county. Qianyuan first year (758)---gun withdraw and restore Meizhou, a Jiannan Road Xichuan.
Song of peace and rejuvenating the first year (976)-Yixian County, Meishan name attached to Xichuan Road Meizhou. , From Meishan, Pengshan, Danleng, Green County 4 God. Meishan photos

Yuan Yuan for 14 years (1277) Meizhou is Jiading Road. 20-year revocation of Meishan county, state governance, while Dan Lengxian into Meizhou.

Hong-2009 (1376), Meizhou reduced to Meixian County, in the Jiading state jurisdiction. The following year, the Pengshan, Danleng into Meixian County, Green God into Jiazhou. 13-year-Meixian County was promoted to Meizhou, straight under the Sichuan Buzheng Shi Division, Meishan County remains the state governance, from three counties: Danleng, Pengshan, Green God.
2-year revocation of Meizhou in restoration of Meishan County, is on the South Sichuan Road. The following year, to be Jianchang Road. 17-18, the abolition of the system. 24 home Sichuan Province Chief Inspector of the Fourth District, established the Office of Meishan County, Meishan jurisdiction, Pengshan, Danleng, Blue God, Jiajiang, Hongya, Dayi, Qionglai, Pujiang County and the famous 10.
after the liberation, in January 1950 for Meishan Section, established the Office of Meishan county, a western Sichuan Civil Administration, exempted 10 counties, with the inspectors before liberation of the fourth district exempted County, Dayi after the draw, assigned to Xinjin . March 5, 1953 revocation of Meishan Section, Meishan County was placed under the jurisdiction of Leshan area. Pengshan in 1959, the Green God and for a county of Meishan, said Meishan County, two counties in November 1962 resumed in the system. 1968 Meishan Xianzhu Leshan, 1985 are exempted in Leshan city (in Leshan converted).

Meishan has a long history and old times. Historical and cultural celebrities come forth in large numbers, "the oldest ancestors," Shang Dynasty doctor PENG Zu, the Taoist Master Zhang Ling Road, the Western Jin Dynasty writer Li Mi, Song and his son three great writer Su Dongpo, a famous prime minister Mr Li, the famous anti-Yuyun Wen, Li Tao-liang history, the Qing Dynasty literature Jia Peng-sook, a famous geologist and beam-generation master geology, geological cause of the new China one of the pioneers and founders of Huang Jiqing, Chang#39;an School founder, known as "The East Van Gogh", "painting Guaijie" The Shilu, Sichuan Opera playwright Huang Jian and well-known Chinese painting and calligraphy, and the poet and art educator Feng Jianwu. From the Tang and Song, Meishan and Hangzhou, Jianyang Dingzu for the engraved version of China#39;s three major centres of India. 眉山图片

here Dongpo culture and longevity culture, Taoism culture, Buddhist culture, the culture of bamboo, water culture, and other cultural characteristics. Meishan Dongpo Cultural Festival, the oldest PENG Zu Festival, Green God Zhubian Arts Festival, Orange Flower Festival, Taiwan will Hongya, Wa Wushan Rhododendron Festival, the Ice and Snow Festival, Wa Wushan international Taoism Culture Festival, the loquat Renshou Festival, the suona art Danleng Festival, the old Asan "June 6" (Chinese) Dachaoshan will…… renowned Sichuan, famous overseas.

here Jiangshan beautiful, tourist resources, more extensive, the East "after the Garden of Chengdu," said the scenic spot in Sichuan Province, "the Kuril Lake" Renshou black Longtan, the West "Wawu spring after the winter snow pile "The National Forest Park Wa Wushan provincial-level scenic spots and fishing trough Beach, South Su Dongpo young people are studying at the" Shuzhongmingsi "Green Jinnaka rock," Ying-Qiang Jiang flow into the "Three Gorges of the small-Qiang, North Hill has long blessed land PENG Zu and "southern states Shengji ancient shrine" three-Temple, and other sites.

one side people support soil and water. Meishan people know how to enjoy life, Meishan food can be seen everywhere, the most famous is the Dongpo pork, even the street snacks delicious roasted ribs are equally full of praise. Yu Meishan, see the beautiful mountains and rivers, for Dongpo poetry, writer specializes try and do a happy god, are to enjoy physical and mental, not the United States zai!

the city#39;s existing industrial machinery, electronic, electrical, chemical, food, coal, textile, paper, building materials, metallurgy, and other categories, with a number of countries, ministry, provincial and national advanced enterprises, the Ministry of , The provincial quality products. There are well-known national rail vehicle manufacturing plant - Vehicles Factory in Meishan, an important telecommunications equipment manufacturing plant - Chengdu, posts and telecommunications plant. Meishan, Pengshan County to mirabilite raw materials to produce chemical products for the industrial enterprises has begun to take shape. Agricultural and sideline products as raw materials to the region#39;s food, feed industry is rising. Private enterprise groups begun to emerge, the Group-Granville, Watson Group, Zhonghui Group has ranked as one of the National Private Meishan 500, the second-ranked Granville Group.

the city#39;s mild climate, abundant rainfall, a long frost-free period, the length and breadth of all kinds of water conservancy facilities, suitable for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries sectors of development, there is a long history of grain, cotton, oil, pig-producing areas and out of focus District. Area of 201,300 hectares of farmland, grain output 1.689 million tons; Yuanliang 504 kg per capita, per capita net to farmers amounted to 1,778 yuan. The territory has built a food, fuel, meat, fruit, pigs, buffaloes, cows, fish, poultry and other dozens of the country, the province#39;s commodity production base, not only have local characteristics, but there are many famous varieties and high-quality products , Has strong market competitiveness.

Meishan rich natural resources. There are underground deposits of gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, coal, gypsum, mirabilite, and so on more than 20, mirabilite total reserves of 65 billion tons. Water resources are very rich, Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang two major rivers throughout the longitudinal and spent River, the River, David Ling River and other rivers the size of more than 300 throughout the region, could be in the development of hydropower resources of 800,000 kilowatts, Only 200,000 kilowatts has been developed. Beach fishing has been completed and groove, Huaxi, and so on, hundreds of small power station Block. Primeval forest and plantation coverage of 27.47 percent.

use of local resource advantages, Qiao Mingteyouxin by foreign species, I carefully cultivated areas with agriculture, after years of efforts, the four state-level "characteristics of the township" will emerge and become the region#39;s rural economic development Leader.

China Orange Village in November 1999, Meishan County by the state Department of Agriculture "China Techanzhixiang" recommendation and publicity activities organizing committee as "China#39;s rural Orange." From the 1980s, began to Orange County, Meishan, a Selection breeding, producing a large color of fresh fruit, delicious goods gifted "Meishan Orange", repeated as national quality fruits, are planting area has reached 12 000 mu, 9,6 million tons of annual production, selling in Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, and other more than 20 provinces, municipalities, and sales income of more than 1,5 billion. Meishan

China loquat town in May 1998, Renshou County District Palace, the Ministry of Agriculture was awarded the "China loquat town." Longquan Mountain is located in the area of the geographical features, the introduction of the "big five-star" quality loquat, the scale cultivation of 2,5 million mu, with an annual output of more than 4,000 tons of loquat. "The Palace loquat" Seyan big Rouhouweitian famous fruit, a mid-demand products.

China shelf Kom village in October 1999, the Qing Shenxian was named the National Committee for the Specialty "China shelf Kom village." Shed mandarin, orange and red Guanggan new hybrid varieties of fruit, such as skin orange, mandarin meat may taste very sweet. Green mandarin is God shed up to 10 million mu of cultivated area, the annual output 60,000 tons, accounting for 75 percent of output in Sichuan. Products are exported to Singapore, Hong Kong and throughout the country.

China Zhubian arts village in 1996, the Qing Shenxian South urban and rural areas were the Ministry of Culture awarded the "China Zhubian arts village", in June 2000, the Qing Shenxian the Ministry of Culture has been awarded the only one county - "China Zhubian arts village." The county#39;s existing base at 60,000 mu, Zhubian more than 20,000 employees, in a production value over 200 million yuan. "Green God Zhubian" plane Zhubian Kyo, the representative of eight Chun plans, 100 plans Dili, 100 Tiger map, Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness, which are popular in Japan, South Korea, Japan sold the Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness Zhubian a price of 16 10,000 yuan, sold to South Korea#39;s Riverside Scene of Pure Brightness Zhubian a price of 160,000 yuan, sold to South Korea#39;s a hundred works of art at Dili plans Zhubian of 4,5 million U.S. dollars.