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Geographical area: the total land area of 11,459 square kilometers

administrative region Xianxia Gaozhou, Xinyi Shi, of the city, and Mao Nanqu Dianbai Xian, water East economic development experimental zone

Population: about 6.18 million.

Maoming City in Guangdong Province, south-west, is the petrochemical city. Total land area of 11,459 square kilometers, Xianxia Gaozhou, Xinyi Shi, of the city, and Mao Nanqu Dianbai Xian, water East economic development experimental zone. The total population of about 6.18 million. There are 220 km of coastal coastline, major rivers have Kam Jiang, LUO Jiang-, Huang River, the port has Bohe fishing port, Maoming Hong Kong.


Maoming, China#39;s largest oil processing bases, fruit production base in the north and transported food production base, Guangdong Province, is also an important energy, raw materials and heavy chemical industry base. 1994, Maoming, 55 have entered the country#39;s GDP over 20 billion yuan of the city ranks, 1998, the city#39;s gross domestic product (at current prices) 42.749 billion yuan.

located in the urban areas of China Petrochemical Corporation under the "Maoming Petrochemical Company" is the large national enterprises, is currently the largest domestic crude oil processing capacity, processing means more complete, most varieties of crude oil processing, processing Technology in a leading position in the domestic manufacturers, therefore, Maoming, "China Southern Oil City," said. Maoming Petrochemical Company 6.362 billion yuan in fixed assets (not including 300,000 tons of ethylene plant), production of nearly 200 kinds of products, refined oil processing capacity of 8.5 million tons /year, oil production capacity of 250,000 tons /year ethylene production capacity of 300,000 tons /Year 1996 the total industrial output value realized 3.87 billion yuan (90 unchanged price), tax profits 832 million yuan.

Maoming Maoming city is more of the population in our province-level city, the province in 21 prefecture-level city ranked No. 3; province#39;s agricultural economy is more developed and prefectural-level cities, total agricultural output value, total grain output And fruit production, the total output of oil crops, meat output in the province and city level in both the first row.

Maoming City in southern waterfront, winding coastline of 220 km, with water East, Bohe, and other natural harbor. East China#39;s water port is opening up a port, is now completed more than 10,000-ton oil terminal and groceries, container terminals, with the country#39;s largest single 250,000-ton crude oil Jiexie point mooring system, an annual handling capacity reached 14.5 million Tons. Bohe Hong Kong is one of the province#39;s three major fishing port, rich lobster, shrimp, sea cucumbers, sea bass, Gaoxie, the city#39;s aquatic products output ranked first throughout the province.

three-mao railway running through the city, east Beijing-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Kowloon line, the West even Lizhan lines, rail, sea, highways and other transportation network has taken shape, convenient transportation. The city#39;s "August 5" during a total of 686 scientific research achievements, the implementation of the "Spark plan" 120, three for the implementation of technology in 554 projects, the development of 13 high-tech products, scientific and technological progress factor in economic growth in the contribution rate 1995 to 36.15 percent; rapid development of the cause of education, in 1995 the city popularize nine-year compulsory education, senior high school education advance steadily with the city of Maoming College, and other post-secondary school in Gaozhou, agricultural schools, Maoming is to train a large number of economic development professionals.


Maoming city is rich in minerals, nearly 100 various kinds of minerals, has proven reserves of 27 species, oil shale, kaolin reserves ranked the highest in the country; rare earth, porphyry and the quality of tin ore reserves of the country is also a place ; "South jasper," said the jade ore is one of China#39;s three-mine. Maoming city#39;s arts and crafts industry more developed, jade carving, corner carving, shell carving, and other products exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market, the world famous.

emerging Maoming rational layout, 40 years, do a good job because of persistent environmental protection, urban environment beautiful, tree-lined, four seasons Niaoyuhuaxiang, one faction subtropical scenery. We warmly welcome you to Maoming to.