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Zip code: 243000

Location: South Bank is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, eastern Anhui Province, Northeast and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province bordering the south and adjacent Wuhu, from Nanjing, Wuhu were 42 km distance.

area: the city#39;s total land area of 1,686 square kilometers

population: a population of 1221200 people

divisions: exempted spent the mountains, rain in mountainous areas, to the mountain, Jinjiazhuang areas and Dangtu County.

Ma On Shan City in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, eastern Anhui Province, east Shijiu Lake and Lishui County, Jiangsu Gaochun County and the junction; Yangtze River and west by the county and across; South and the outskirts of Wuhu, Wuhu County, Xuancheng County border. Wuhu to 30 kilometers; North and the Jiangning District of Nanjing in Jiangsu province adjacent to, with Linjiang coast, close to the economically developed Yangtze River Delta advantageous geographical location. Ma On Shan City in the northernmost point of the Jiangkou Chihu River, the most southern point in the yellow pond water Yangjiang town centre channel online, the West Point Island and the river and the main channel in the Yangtze River between the center line, the most points at East Lake Shijiu center.


Ma On Shan state-level garden city is China#39;s Anhui Province and one of the five key tourist cities, in 1956 as the "Magang" the construction and development of the emerging industrial city. Urban rain around Lake around 9 Hill, formed a "Jiufeng Central Lake, Tsui Lo to the work of" the beautiful scenery, showing a city park there, park in the city, the Four Seasons flower, Danqing Grandeur of the beautiful landscape.

Ma On Shan has a long history, Legend has it Chuhan war, King Xiang Yu Chu in the next全军覆没Ga, and retreat to the Wujiang River County, consciously Wuyan see Jiangdong elders, it will please the Fisherman#39;s beloved Wu Zhuima horse crossing to the other side, Ziwen to death. Wu Zhuima miss the owner, Chang Si it, the roller Ziqiang, saddle fall into a mountain, so named for the Ma On Shan.


Chengdi and a four-year (329), the Huaihe River coast of Dangtu County (now in Huaiyuan County in Anhui) just south of displaced persons, then this Nanling area home when the Overseas Chinese Affairs Tu County, Gangnam only a name in Dangtu County, but non-county entities. Yonghe first year (345), northern Yuzhou (now the southeast of Henan, Hubei East) Overseas Chinese buy cattle Houzhu (today quarrying). Superintendent Leung days the first year of the Southern Dynasties (502), points Danyang County home south Danyang County, Junzhi quarrying. Sui Kaihuang 2009 (589), the Overseas Chinese Affairs will be placed in the vicinity of Dangtu County in Southern Anhui only rule Kou Shu City (now the Chengguan town of Dangtu), this is Kou Shu as the beginning of Dangtu county, so far Xiangyan unchanged. Pacific Northern Song Xingguo, 2002 (977), a peaceful state, the rule Kou Shu City, exempted Dangtu, Wuhu, three Fanchang County. Yuan to the state for the peaceful road of peace. Yuan positive 15 years (1355), Zhu Yuanzhang of the intifada in Dangtu military attack, the road to peace for the Pacific House, exempted the county business as usual. House rule under the Ming and Qing Dynasties unchanged. County to stay in the Conference House, directly under the Dangtu County in Anhui Province. In three years (1914), based in Wuhu, in Dangtu the Wuhu Road. In 17 (1928) Waste Road, still Zhili Anhui Province. April 1949 Dangtu liberation. February 1954 for the Ma On Shan town, under the Dangtu County. August 1955 the Government established the Ma On Shan mining area (county), under the Wuhu area. October 12, 1956, the State Council approved the establishment of Ma#39;anshan City, as provincial cities. Dangtu County has attached Wuhu zones (regions), Xuancheng. July 1983, Dangtu County (Bridge Corporation, in addition to) the city was placed under the Ma On Shan.


rich tourism resources in Ma On Shan, Chui Lo foothills of the Cai Shiji, "the three of the Yangtze River Rocky" first; Taibai floor, with the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, rattan-famous Club, said Yangtze River, "the third floor of a Corner"; "Shixian," Li Bai in Dangtu buried at the foot of Castle Peak, a history Wenrenmoke admirers land.

Ma On Shan in the 20th century the late 1950s in the rise of new iron and steel industrial city, Xian Xia three in a county. Ma On Shan city not only a beautiful ecological environment, but also a unique geographical position, formed a "9-Central Lake, Tsui Lo to the work of" a unique city park, park in the city#39;s urban landscape. Its urban construction and environmental protection by the State has repeatedly commended the relevant ministries, has won the "National Health City", "National Garden City", "China#39;s outstanding tourist city", "China Habitat Environment Prize example", "United Nations Dubai International Improve the living environment of a good example for "the honorary title, the Ma On Shan in the Yangtze River Bank has become a bright pearl