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Location: Located in the west central Shanxi Province, Luliang Mountain midway through the west Yellow River, in the face of Shaanxi Province; Linfen River southeast, northeast reliance Lvliang Shan, the geographic coordinates of latitude sector in the 36 ° 43 #39;─ 38 ° 43 #39;east longitude 110 ° 22#39; ─ 112 ° 19 #39;between.

population: 3.05 million people

administrative divisions: one municipal area two cities 10 counties

northern Jiaokou County, the county, water-floor, Liu Linxian County Lanxian Fang Shanxian County in Xingxian

Linxian County in Luliang Prefecture is the birthplace of the Chinese nation. Yuan in the Paleolithic, there is human interest-bearing here, and multiply. After the liberation, especially the party since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th and actively push forward reform, opening up and economic construction, national economic and social areas of the industry has great development. Coal, power, metallurgical, chemical, and other energy and heavy chemical industry has developed by leaps and bounds.


Luliang for temperate continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, the spring warming fast, big temperature difference between day and night, warm and humid climate in summer and autumn days of high Qishuang, quarter by dry cold. The average annual rainfall of between 467-700 mm.

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in Luliang Prefecture to the typical landscape of the Loess Plateau region gully aspect, undulating hills, terraced fields around, Shanxi is one of the poverty-stricken areas. However, the history here left a rich historical and cultural heritage, landscape and complement each other in Luliang, as today#39;s tourism. Luliang area rich mineral resources, the full range, with the exception of coal, there are hematite, magnetite, Galena, dolomite, asbestos, graphite. Marble, and so on. Heng Fa Chuen are well-known wine region in Luliang Fenyang City. Wu Zetian, the hometown of Liu Hulan County, also in Luliang Prefecture. Luliang in the history of human wealth famous Di Qing Song, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty Song asked, Tang Guo Ziyi generals are also Fenyang people.

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large number of local tourism resources, outstanding personality. Tourism resources in the beautiful natural landscape, heritage attractions many, to commemorate the revolution and revolutionary relics Wenmingzhongwai, enjoy the "Shanxi first mountains," the "North Wudang Mountain," with its magnificent, because of the steep, Guaishi curious, Shenmiao criminal state is known. People of the eight birds, one of the protected areas "Pangquangou" nature reserve "is on the Loess Plateau rare natural scenery tourist attractions, have a high ornamental value."


< p> Hyun in the Temple "as Pure Land Buddhism in China and Japan were the origin of Zuting Famen Buddhist Pure Land, the same with rocks Qiqiao, building unique, elegant and Wenmingzhongwai net You." caijiaya "Memorial, the liberation of the martyrs cemetery Jinsui , Liu Hulan Memorial Hall, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other revolutionaries of the older generation who fought the work of a number of important areas, such as the very high mark to the study, commemorative value, but also rare revolution of the resort.