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position: Luoyang in Henan Province in the west, San Mianhuan Hill, the other is the vast plains of Woye. It#39;s east and west of Hu Lao customs of ancient Han Guguan is what the traffic throat, Mengjin north of the ancient Yellow River is a major crossing, south of Regulus Commissioner to the Jianghan Plain in Luoyang is an important juncture, the very location Important.

Area: 1,208 square kilometers

Population: 6000000

divisions: administered old town, the West work area, Jianxi District, Chan Hui River, the suburbs, Geely, Yanshi City, Mengjin County, Ruyang County, Yichuan county, Luoning County, Songxian County, Yiyang County, the new County, Luanchuan Xian.

is located in ancient Luoyang because of the Luoshui named Yang, the State Department announced the first batch of historical and cultural city. Luoyang to Heluo as the center of the region is the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Ancient China Fuxi and Nuwa, the Yellow Emperor, Tang Yao, Yushun, Xia Yu, and other myths, multi-here. Tai Hong summer capital relocation as appropriate, its capital Shangtang West cents; Wuwangfazhou, 800 Zhuhou will Mengjin; Duke of Zhou Fu Zheng, Luo Yi in the transfer Jiuding. Wang Dong Qian, Gao Zu Mindoro, Guangwu ZTE, with Zen Wei, Jin, Xiao Wen restructuring, Sui, Tang and prosperity, Tang Jin Later Liang Dynasty, is due to the passage of a total of 13 dynasties. Han, the Luoyang has gradually become an international metropolis, Sui and Tang dynasties when the population Luoyang Peony million, the Quartet Nagong, 100 States to North Korea, Shengjiyishi.

1948, the liberation of Luoyang, Luoyang City People#39;s Democratic Government to set up. Analysis of areas for the county of Luoyang city, and county of Luoyang and home. The following year in December, the Government of Luoyang City People#39;s Democratic renamed Luoyang City People#39;s Government. 1954, Luoyang City of Henan Province upgraded to a municipality. Luoyang County revoked the following year, into the part of Luoyang City, assigned to the rest of the Yanshi and Mengjin counties.

In recent years, the Luoyang City Luoyang Peony to create China#39;s outstanding tourist city and national garden city as a leader, have implemented a" Building a Bridge 7 Park Road 5, rectification three spots, do a good job in three public facilities " As the main content of the "75133" project, to green, bright, net, the United States, Cheong as the main content of the "five major image projects" to scenic spots and construction management, urban environment comprehensive treatment as the main content of the "build civilized area, and civilized city" Engineering, import and export of large-scale transformation of the city roads and urban road network, the construction of the East and West as long as 14 kilometers, 1.47 million square meters green land, 1.48 million square meters of surface Luohe Scenic Resort, the new urban water supply, sewage With pipeline gas, central heating and other public facilities, the city#39;s comprehensive service functions and image quality improved significantly.


Luoyang photos urban area of Luoyang has reached 105 square kilometers, chief of urban roads near 300 km. Focus on ecological and environmental construction, the courtyard Green, Green Road, Green Square attractions such as greening projects with remarkable results and built the Peony Square, Luopu Park. Qingnian Gong Square, Central Asia, such as a number of public green square, the living environment improved significantly. Completed afforestation coverage rate of 37 per cent and per capita public green space of seven square metres, has been through the national garden city acceptance. The city#39;s comprehensive management continuously strengthen the city clean and smooth-old city. At present, the city of Luoyang is to highlight the characteristics and realize the corresponding Luohe North-South development as the goal, further widening the framework of large cities, improve infrastructure and strengthen the protection of historical and cultural city style, and continuously improve the urban environmental quality and cultural quality, and strive to realize the ancient civilization and modern The integration of unified civilization.

Luoyang products rich in resources, and broad prospects for development. Mo has already proven, aluminum, gold, silver, tungsten, coal, iron, zinc, crystal, lead, 26 A mineral resources, mineral reserves of these large, high-quality, easy-mining use. One molybdenum ore reserves in the nation first, as one of the world#39;s three major molybdenum ore.

Luoyang picture western Henan Luoyang in the mountains, east Songyue, the West according to the Qinling Mountains, Southern Funiu look, too trip north, the terrain, complex and ever-changing landscape, Evolved Mingshandachuan, rivers and lakes waterfalls, hot springs cave, Primeval forests, and other scenic spots. 25 North of the mother river of Justice for the Chinese nation has attracted worldwide attention and the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, 270 sq. miles Hao-miao integration of surface and mountains, the Qiandao Lake in the north constitute a spectacular screen. East of Justice has 80 Zhongyue Songshan Shaolin Temple and attractions, Castle Peak Pinnacle, wins mountain range Songzhi, temples Wei-Wei, Wu school forest. The south and west from 50 to 160 km range, distribution Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park, Yu Long Beach, Huaguo Shan and the Funiu Mountain National Nature Reserve, Luan River Laojunshan, Luoning gods Walled, Songxian County Tianchi Hill, Hill, and other new Anqing to eight provincial-level forest parks and nature reserves, "the North first cave," Ji Guandong, "the North Water severe ditch and Luhun reservoirs Luoyang tourist resort, and other attractions. Shengjing these clouds and King King connected to the natural landscape, Wei Che-or water, or water stone-odd strange, or narrow-You Gu, or bamboo Cui Lin-mao, or waterfall-Quan Zhuang, Rong Xiong Jun, Ki-risk insurance, beautiful in a furnace, just wild-hao Yang Ming Xiu Yinrou As one, both north and south of the charm of natural scenery. Scenic areas as infrastructure construction improved gradually, in particular, the Xiaolangdi to the southern tourist area of natural fast-track building, in these long-Shared Health Deluxe is attracting more and more Chinese and foreign tourists.
peony is China#39;s tradition of flowers, magnificent, Guosetianxiang, there is wealth and good fortune since ancient times, the prosperity of implication, on behalf of the Chinese nation#39;s great country style. "Luoyang and veins to spend the most, particularly Peony All surprising. "Luoyang Peony rooted Heluo land at Sui, Sheng in the Tang and Song Jia Tianxia in. Legend has it that Tang Wu Zetian winter hosted a dinner in flower, the flowers are blooming, not only from the peony, criticism of Luoyang. Qizhi move Luo After Turui was in full bloom. Wuhou 11:28 am, fire Peony life. Peony branches burned, the next year still Ye Ronghua, and spend more, more color-yan. Luoyang Peony then world-renown do Huakui, Luoyang Peony nurturing people, Peony Watch also日盛into vulgar. As the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi by Liu Yuxi and praise: "The Peony really the only color, flowers season moving the capital," "flowers Whispering 20, a City of everyone Ruokuang." < /p>