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LuWanQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Vanessa  Date: 08-27 2008  More Attractions
Luwan District in Shanghai, covering 8.0 square kilometers, exempted four streets, population 385,000 people.
Luwan District is the commercial prosperity, well-developed culture, education, medical and health undertakings and first-class tourism facilities. The region is a major site of the Chinese Communists, the former residence of Sun Yat-sen#39;s revolutionary historical sites, such as the 100. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and so have more than 20 scientific research units, Shaoxing Road, known as the "Shanghai publication of a Street."
District Junior Amateur Sports School was named as "the cradle of champions." Regional tourism services and facilities complete, the Jin Jiang Hotel, the Jinjiang Hotel, Garden Hotel, Ruijin Guest House, and other forest-class hotel building.
"August 5", the modern international commercial Huaihai Road Street has basically formed the framework, a large number of international multinational companies will stop this famous commercial streets. Huaihai Road to its elegant environment, excellent service, the new face of first-class facilities there, and further promote the development of the region.
with the North-South Elevated Road, Xujiahui Road, Ruijin Road, and other major roads in the completion of the opening, the China Garden, Hoi Hing Square, and other projects, and Jin Yulan Square Garden Haili projects such as stepping up the building of regional business centre gradually Da Puqiao Formation. It will collect trade, in one of the high-end residential, targeting large modern market, a futures, securities and trade flows for the characteristics of the business circle, and Huaihai Road commercial district functions complement each other.
Da Puqiao commercial park, Taiping Bridge residential and commercial parks, tourist hotels western and southern residential areas of the park, "40 Park" building, two of the three principles of management, fully embodies the street-level management functions, respectively Establish a "Center" and other community service centers, and promote regional spiritual civilization construction.
Luwan District will be based on a high starting point, to urban construction and development of urban transformation driven functions, to create "a centre of a 40 Park Street," the new pattern of urban development. At the same time, focus on the municipal building, "May 5" project: transformation of five roads, five new telephone Bureau, the five post offices, five substations and building five public parking. The region into economic prosperity, cultural development and social stability, a beautiful environment, a better municipal infrastructure, the higher the level of urban management, strong comprehensive economic strength of the central city.