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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ian  Date: 08-04 2008  More Attractions
Taipa and Coloane in Macao#39;s two islands, the three places between the bridge and the road link.
Road roundabout where a broader area of about eight square kilometers, larger than the Macao Peninsula, maintain the natural scenery on the island, hills, forests, beaches and natural beaches, beautiful scenery which to Heisha and bamboo Bay is best known.
100 years ago, when Macao has gradually become a cross trade in the Western District point, it is a roundabout way pirates come and go, the looting of the local merchant ships. At that time, the road on a deserted island, overgrown with weeds. 1910, Road roundabout on the residents succeeded in expelling the pirates; to 1969, connecting Taipa and Coloane continuity highway built. At present, the Ring Road is a green protected areas, trees everywhere visible safflower, filled with a Qingxinziran scene, and Fan Xiao of the city into a strong contrast.