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Zip code: 364000

position: in the western region of Fujian Province, east of the Xia Zhangquan region, west of Jiangxi Province, south Guangdong Province, north of Sanming City.

divisions: the new-administered areas, Zhangping city, Yongding County, Shanghang County, Wu County, Changting County, Liancheng County

Longyan City in Fujian Province in the southwest, commonly known as western Fujian, And Guangdong, neighboring provinces of Jiangxi. Their geographical location between latitude 24 ° 23#39;-26 ° 02 #39;, longitude 115 ° 51#39;-117 ° 44#39; between. 19028.3 square km area. New Romanian jurisdiction, Zhangping city, Changting, Yongding, Shanghang, Wuping, Citylink five counties. Population 2858900. In addition to Longyan, Zhangping passage Taiwanese dialect, the rest of the current passenger and western Fujian dialect. Longyan in Fujian Overseas Chinese for one of the area. Longyan

Longyan City, southwest tilt the terrain from the north-east, a low-East West, with an average elevation 460 meters, mountain hills of the city#39;s total area of 94.83 percent. Longyan photos rich forest resources, forest cover 72.3 percent, forest reserves 72.32 million cubic meters, bamboo reserves 240 million, Fujian Province is one of the three major forest areas.

Longyan City water is more abundant. The city#39;s water catchment area of more than 50 square kilometres of the river is 110, a total length of 1,504 km, the main points of Tingjiang and Jiulong River. Rivers in runoff 18.4 billion cubic meters, reserves of hydropower resources of 2.08 million kilowatts, the development of 1.408 million kilowatts. National key project, the capacity of 600,000 kilowatts Mianhuatan Hydropower Station No. 1 generating unit has power generation and networks.

Longyan in Fujian Province is the main mining areas, many varieties of mineral resources, large reserves. Metal ores are iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc and rare earth, molybdenum, tungsten, gold, etc. 28. Non-metallic mineral coal, limestone, marble, kaolin and bentonite, and so on more than 30 species. The city has proven reserves are 26 kinds of ores, according to expert estimates, including 17 kinds of major mineral ore worth over 750 billion yuan. Anthracite coal, iron, manganese, copper, gold, platinum, rare earth, kaolin, refractory clay, bentonite, and other 11 kinds of mineral deposits proved reserves of the province first. One iron ore reserves of 540 million tons, accounting for 80 percent of the province; kaolin ore reserves of 74.26 million tons, accounting for 46 percent of the province; coal reserves of 673 million tons, accounting for Longyan picture province 49.45%; manganese ore reserves of 2.37 million tons, accounting for The province 60.5 percent; bentonite 15.44 million tons, the only areas for the province; Zijinshan Copper Mine in recent years found that the country is the second largest copper mine.

western Fujian agricultural products mainly rice, tobacco, tea, and other subtropical fruits, tobacco, Lu Gan, peaches, sweet potatoes dry, salt, such as peanut Crisp has a good development prospects. Industrial products mainly include coal, cement, farm vehicles, cigarettes, timber, gold, rosin, and so on.

Minxi main scenic spots are: Citylink Guanzhi Shan National Scenic Area, a state-level Meihuashan nature reserve, national historic city of Changting County, site of the State Council Gutian heritage preservation unit, the world unique The Yongding Tulou, the new Luolong Kong Mountain Cave, Tingjiang, such as Hakka Mother River scenic spots and tourist areas. Formation of the characteristics of "the first floor of a mountain site of a hole in a city one of Jiang#39;s" seven a "Travel Network.

Longyan scenery

western Fujian is the famous old revolutionary base . Village of the city are 610 basis points revolution, revolutionary martyr 23,600, accounting for the province, more than half the number of martyrs. 1955-1965 years, Shouxian general membership of the 68 western Fujian, the Fujian Provincial membership of 82 per cent of the total number of generals, including the Will be two, Lieutenant General 7, Major General 59. Minxi people to the victory of the Chinese revolution, has made tremendous sacrifices and contributions. Protracted revolutionary struggle created a western Fujian people Chikunailao, the fine work style of hard work and plain living and tenacity not Stubbs, the courage to sacrifice the revolutionary spirit, which is building Minxi open regional economic advantage of the valuable spirit.