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LiuZhou - GuangXi

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Zip code: 545000

Location: Guangxi is located in central, southern Beibu Gulf, west Bose, north of Guizhou.

area: the city#39;s total area of 5307.24 square kilometers

Population: 650,000 population

nation: Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, Mulao, Maonan, such as more than 20 nationalities.

divisions: administered Heshan City, Luzhai County, Xiangzhou Xian, Wuxuan County, Laibin Xian, Rongan Xian, Xincheng County, Dong Nationality Autonomous County of Sanjiang, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County.

located in the central part of Liuzhou in Guangxi Province is one of the ancient city of 2100 years of history.

from archaeological excavations to the heritage, in the late Paleolithic, live here, "Liujiang people." Han Wudi Yuanding six years (111 BC) was founded here in the capital, named Tan Zhong. Tang Taizong Zhenguan 2008 (AD 634) called Liuzhou, the first year of Emperor Xuanzong Tianbao (AD 742) in a Dragon Castle County.


Liujiang in Liuzhou area around the return of the north shore of Town Center San Mianhuan water, forming a huge "u" word, the ancient saying that "the Sanjiang Sihetun, such as pots hold the city," They have "pot City", it was also described as a "huge natural bonsai." Liuzhou City area from inside and outside a limestone mountain Perfect Mount Kellet拔地而起, Qianzibaitai, is rich in tourism resources and the natural landscape, and Liuzhou, a mild climate, the Four Seasons Evergreen, at any time are very suitable for tourism.

Liuzhou, Guangxi#39;s largest industrial city in the southwestern region are important manufacturing bases. The city#39;s existing industrial enterprises in more than 2100, four countries to enter the top 500 enterprises have entered the country 11 large enterprises. The city has now formed a three pillar industries: Liuzhou photos that is to mini-cars and tons of car-based vehicles and parts manufacturing, engineering machinery and general machinery mainly of machinery manufacturing, steel and nonferrous metal and deep processing of the main For the metallurgical industry. To the three pillar industries and light industry, chemical industry, papermaking, building materials, and other leading industries as a leader, Liuzhou has been initially set up covering more than 30 industries, over 4,000 species of modern industrial system, with "SAIC-GM-Wuling" "Dongfeng" Liu steam, "Guiliu Gong", "liberation" Liu special, "Golden Melody", "two needles," "bonus medicine", ovm prestressed Anchorage, and other well-known enterprises and a number of brand-name products.

Liuzhou the national economy as a whole showed sustained, steady and rapid growth of the good trend, in 2003 the city achieved a GDP of 32.782 billion yuan, up 13.2 percent, the region ranked first. The industrial added value reached 7.9 billion yuan, up 14.5 percent; total fixed asset investment reached 10.936 billion yuan, exceeded 10 billion yuan, an increase of 52.52 percent; per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 837 billion yuan, an increase of 6.0 %.

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Liuzhou, southwest China is a major regional transportation hub, is the only region with the Railway Bureau, the headquarters of non-capital cities. Direct rail network Unicom Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangdong, five provinces and cities, communication is the southwest and east China, Indochina, southern China#39;s railway hub.

Liuzhou, China#39;s 45 main highway hub cities, and high-speed Guihai Wuzhou to Guizhou Expressway interchange in Liuzhou, 209,322 and 323 of the Road here to join, has been Liuzhou expressway network Enclosure, four hours south coast port can be direct, can link up in the north, the western hinterland.

Liuzhou Liuzhou Bailian Airport 4 d meet the state standard, has opened to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other routes. Liuzhou have at the national level, five fairways, the annual 300-ton barrier-free navigation of vessels, can be traced back to Guizhou, the route up to Hong Kong and Macao.

Liuzhou convenient transportation, is in an excellent, rich products, known as "Commercial Ports in Guangxi" reputation, has always been an important and South Africa and the southwestern region of the material distribution center. Economic area, Liuzhou east Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other economically developed areas, the South Bay to the north, Southeast Asia, such as high-speed development areas, Xikao cloud, Guizhou, and Sichuan, the North arrived in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, China and South Africa resulting window, Southwest , And the South-East Asia and the eastern coast of the favorable location. Liuzhou frequent trade activities, all kinds of sound commodity wholesale market, supply and demand Liangwang, logistics unobstructed. With the building of big market, big business development, invigorate the circulation and building a modern regional logistics centre in good physical and geographical advantages.

Liuzhou basic formation of an all-dimensional, multi-level and wide-ranging pattern of opening to the outside world, and has more than 45 countries and regions established economic and trade relations. As China#39;s western development strategy of China - the establishment of the ASEAN free trade zone, with the acceleration of the pace of opening to the outside world, Liuzhou is becoming a full of hope, full of business opportunities for the development of hot land for investment.