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Zip code: 553001

position: Liupanshui Shixia Zhongshan Qu, six SAR, Panxian, and four county-level political and Shuicheng County, Guizhou Province in the west, the eastern part of a high-Yunnan-Guizhou, two platforms on the slopes, at latitude 25 ° sector 19#39;44 "~ 26 ° 55#39;33", longitude 104 ° 18#39;20 "~ 105 ° 42#39;50" between

Area: total area of 9,926 square kilometers

population: the city#39;s total population of 2911100 people

administrative districts: the city for four county-level governance, a total of jurisdiction of the townships (including 50 nationality townships), 32 towns and three neighborhood offices.

enter the new century, the western coal are displayed in Liupanshui Metro Fengzi plateau at the same time, is also gradually Tunqu veil, it shows that the ancient charming Qishanxiushui.


from north to south, Karst natural state, the ancient cultural sites, more than 30 ethnic brilliant folk customs and culture, like Keke Wumeng pearl inlay in this vast land. Liupanshui in the town centre, "Sea of Fushan," Fitch#39;s Kirin-Park in Zhijiang six scenic spots, ancient Yelang legacy, the only Asian Longhorn Miao eco-folk museums, Beipan River Gorge Ky Son King vary; Panxian big hole, Zhuhai scenic area, there are records of human origins, evolution and environmental changes of key national, big hole in Paleolithic sites, to the second part of the famous Tripitaka Danxia Mountain, Xu Xiake of travel records You karst King, provided the evolution of ancient plant 1,000 ancient ginkgo tree group, and so on. In addition, excellent geographical location, "no winter cold and summer heat without" the climatic conditions, the presence of Liupanshui rich in tourism resources to provide the climate, geography.


Liupanshui tourism eco-tourism is a major advantage. In Yushe National Forest Park and Luo microphone period of eco-tourism resort, we have a taste of the charm of the Mangmang Lin Hai, Zhijue the whole forest is like a giant natural air-conditioning, Qinrenxinpi Tuna in the air, most people in noon The time is hot and has the same quiet night, fragrant, cool.

Liupanshui is a treasure land of the rich. Mineral-rich, three-dimensional climate Obviously, the diverse biological resources and unique tourism resources.

rich mineral resources. Coal reserves of 82.97 billion tons vision, and 13.76 billion tons of proven reserves, accounting for the province#39;s total proved reserves of 26.9 percent; maintain reserves of 13.48 billion tons (of which: coking coal 8.7 billion tons), representing the province#39;s coal reserves of 26.6 per cent reserve . Coal complete, widely distributed and relatively concentrated, coking coal than significant, low-ash, low sulphur, high heat and easy exploitation. CBM 200 to 1,500 meters deep resources of 1.15488 trillion cubic meters, the most development potential. In addition, iron, lead, zinc, metallurgical materials and construction materials more than 30 kinds of mineral resources, especially metallurgical materials and construction materials rich reserves, the combination of good conditions, good quality, with good development prospects.

land resources. The city#39;s total land area of 1494.8 hectares, of which: 565.78 million mu of cultivated land, 4.89 million mu Corner, 467.33 million mu of woodland, grassland 149.11 million mu of land for urban and rural residents and 40.92 million mu of land for mining, transport 9.84 million mu of land, waters 123,100 Mu, unused land 244.62 million mu.


three-dimensional climate significantly. Most of the city#39;s high altitude mountain monsoon humid subtropical climate zone. Most of 1,200 sunshine hours to 1600 hours, the average temperature of 13 ~ 14 ℃, the average annual frost-free period 230 to 300 days, rainfall in 1200 to 1,500 mm. No cold winter and summer without the heat, rain of the same quarter, concentrated rainfall, the vertical distribution of clear weather.

diverse biological resources. Crops and fruits have 129 kinds, 223 kinds of trees, 701 kinds of medicinal plants, 514 kinds of grass, 22 kinds of fish, more than 10 types of poultry livestock, in addition to the rich wildlife resources.


unique tourism resources. Liupanshui-odd Shuixiu, a pleasant climate, may National Customs and karst landforms scenery as one of the unique tourism. Representative: six shuttle Hom Kok Chang Miao International Eco-museum, Zangke Jiang Scenic Area; Panxian greatly hole Paleolithic cultural sites, the plateau grasslands, due 1000 Le ancient ginkgo, the old factory mu Zhuhai; Shuicheng Ueno Chung Hei Yehou Nature Reserve, the Tianshengqiao and Nankai Miao jump Flower Festival, ancient jade homes and Pu Yi Torch Festival, Pa Bay Buyi, "Lang Festival Hill."

In addition, Jiang was in a north-south and the three main Chahe three main stream and 10 km long tributary 43; total 14.218 billion cubic meters of water resources, water resources reserves 1166400 kilowatts, Development of 705,300 kilowatts.


Liupanshui energy is an important raw material industrial base and the future of the southwestern region another important railway hub cities. After the liberation, especially after the "three lines" construction and reform and opening up more than 20 years of construction, Liupanshui has developed into a category of more economic, social undertakings in a more comprehensive emerging industrial city. Shuicheng Mining Bureau has been completed, six mining (Group) Corporation, Panjiang coal-fired electricity (Group) Limited Liability Company, Shuicheng Iron and Steel (Group) Limited Liability Company, Shuicheng power plants, Panxian power plants, Shuicheng Cement Co. Ltd., Liupanshui coal Machinery Plant, the Chongqing Beer (Group) Company Ltd., subsidiaries in Liupanshui, Guizhou Shengjing construction of a large number of limited liability companies, small medium and large enterprises, formed in the production of raw coal 21.6 million tons, 1.3 million tons of pig iron, steel 1.3 million tons, 1 million tons of steel, cement 1.75 million tons, 1.1 million kilowatts of electricity installed capacity. Coal, electricity, metallurgy, building materials Liupanshui become a pillar industry. A walnut milk, Yang Yupian, Se tea, the mountain city of beer, mineral water, biological pharmaceuticals as the representative series of green industries rapid development, and gradually on the size, grade, and will become a pillar industry in Liupanshui the follow-up. City downtown area of 25 square kilometers completed, population 250,000, the growing scale, function continuously improved. As of 6 Double Track Railway, water Parkinson Railway, the Neijiang-Kunming Railway, the completion of Liupanshui South marshalling yard, and the Yunnan-Guizhou railway, the Neijiang-Kunming Railway, will be in the South China Liupanshui, southwest of the intersection of the railway passage, the formation of the north#39;s Sichuan Province, south Guangxi into the sea, from East to the east of Hunan, Yunnan to enter the western region of Southeast Asia Railway "10", Liupanshui the southwestern region will become another important railway hub of the city, not only completely changed the Southwest Road Network structure and increase the flexibility of the network, Increase in inland provinces and coastal port city of the links, but also to ensure that the railway connected, security operations, to promote the exchange of materials related areas, market prosperity and development of the regional economy plays an important role.