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Location: western Dabie Mountain area in Anhui Province is located in the west and Henan, Hubei provinces bordering, east Hefei, north of Fuyang, Huainan, south of Anqing.

Area: total area of 17,976 square kilometers

Population: total population of 6.649 million people

divisions: exempted Jin#39;an District, and Shou County District Yuan, Huoqiu, Shucheng, Jinzhai, Huoshan County, 5.

Lu#39;an old and new. If you have the opportunity to enter Wanxi, walked into the depths of the Dabie Mountains, you will find here is your dream of the "Taoyuan Wonderland." In 121 BC, Emperor Han Wu for "six to peace" #39;meaning, Lu#39;an home country, "Luan" were followed so far. Far away in the Neolithic Age, human activities have Lu#39;an. This is the ancient St. Gaotao four places and tribal settlements, is the birthplace of Gaotao culture, the Lu#39;an also known as the "Gao City."


in the Neolithic Age, human activities have Lu#39;an. On the old days, here is surnamed Yan Gao Tao tribal activities and settlements. "Gaotao death, the funeral of the six (Music lù). Yu closure of its minority in the 6 to Bong their worship." Lu#39;an is also known as the "Gao City." To the Western Zhou Dynasty, formed in the United Kingdom, 6, Polygonum, Zhu Fang Shu of the group. Spring and Autumn and Warring States period of Chu. Qin is a Jiujiang County. In 121 BC, Emperor Han Wu for "six to peace, never to rebel," meaning home Lu#39;an head, "Luan" were followed so far. From the three countries, Wei control. Jin, Yu Zhou belong to the Anfeng County, Yangzhou the County of Huainan, Lujiang County. Sui, a sub-counties and the Lujiang County of Huainan. Tang, belong to Shouzhou and Luzhou, which buy and Tang Shu Chengxian County. Song Dynasty, and Tang is more or less. Yuanmo before a state Lu#39;an. Ming, a Shouzhou North, South, a Lu#39;an. The early Qing Dynasty, the Jiangnan Secretary Buzheng Shi Xing Xing right under the jurisdiction of the state Shouzhou and Lu#39;an. Jiangnan Xingxing to Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, the capital of Anhui Province Fung Ying Road Lu#39;an six states. Republic of China, Shou County, Huoqiu of Anhui Province Huaisi Road, and the remaining counties of Anqing, Anhui Province. 1931, Lu#39;an, Huoshan (including this part of Jinzhai County) and the British Hill, Luotian, mall five counties to set up worker-peasant democratic regime, has said "five-star County." 1940, Chief Inspector of the District renamed the second. October 1947, the establishment of Wanxi Administrative Office. January 1949, Lu#39;an liberation, in April, the establishment of the Office of Lu#39;an region, under the prefecture north of Anhui. 1952, the Administrative Office of Wanbei merger with the Administrative Office for the Southern Anhui Anhui Province. Since then, Lujiang County area was included in Lu#39;an, after the area was placed under Chaohu; Feixi County had twice included Lu#39;an area, after the classified Hefei. 1978, Lu#39;an County Commissioner and the establishment of county-level Lu#39;an City suburbs. December 1992, six in Lu#39;an City and County merger, said in Lu#39;an City (county level). September 1999, the State Council for approval to withdraw a Lu#39;an City, the original county-level Lu#39;an Shifen set Jin#39;an District, Yuan district. March 2000, the establishment of provincial jurisdiction in Lu#39;an City.

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Lu#39;an the famous old revolutionary base areas, is the home of the Red Army, the cradle of generals. The Red Army, Hong Sijun, 25 Red Army, the Red Army 27, 28 Red Army, and other major Red Army have set up here and fought. Blood and fire in the war years, Lu#39;an people for national liberation, the birth of New China has made tremendous contributions to a 300,000 outstanding sons and daughters sacrificed their precious lives, but also on refining a large number of heroes outstanding figures. In the only surviving commander of the People#39;s Liberation Army, out of the 108 outstanding feats of the founding generals, and has Jinzhai, the two generals Lu#39;an County.

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Lu#39;an the resource-rich and unique. There are woody, more than 3,800 kinds of herbs, all types of water more than 500 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates Health. Mingte You dilute abounds over 110 kinds of agricultural and sideline products and 14 kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs, grain, oil, cotton, linen, tea, cocoon, chestnut, meat, feather, the output of aquatic products, such as the province most of the first Habitat, Guapian Lu#39;an, Anhui West White Geese, Huoshan Dendrobium Jia Tianxia. 30 kinds of proven mineral deposits.


here the natural landscape, cultural landscape many, approached Lu#39;an, return to nature. Tiantangzhai a national forest park, Nanyue Mountain, Tonglexia Village, 000 Foshan, 8 Mountain, and other scenic spots, Qisongguaishi, rare birds Yishou,尽显good fortune of the charm. Lake has Makha Bucha, Anfeng Tong, Watergate Tangdeng holiday, Shuitianyise, Bibowanqing and enjoy the natural beauty. A national historical and cultural city Shou County, the only preserved the integrity of the magnificent ancient city wall of the Song Dynasty, and has a long history of the ancient architecture, the tomb group, the ancient battlefield, people with wisdom, Cuiren reverie.


rich in water resources. Dabie Mountain Reservoir five Fuziling, Meishan, the dragon mouth, Xianghongdian, Mozitan abundant water resources, water quality, the Pi River Channel in Xianghongdian, Fuziling, Mozitan three major reservoirs downstream, the water quality in the years to maintain The second category water standards, city construction, urban development into the fast lane Lu#39;an. In the past two years, a total of over 1 billion yuan, opened up a 10 city roads, and expand exports of the four roads, built a ring road, the construction of a number of specialized markets, the development of more than 10 commercial and residential district, basically formed the framework of medium-sized city . Planning to "15" end of the period, Lu#39;an built-up areas and establish the "one center and two major bases," that is, Dabie Mountains in central flow of commerce, processing and manufacturing base and eco-tourism base.


Lu#39;an City is the old revolutionary base areas, a resource-rich city, a major agricultural city, tourism Xinshi, the party is the advantage of great hope for land. In the 21st century, the municipal party committee and government lead the people throughout the city hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and Practice of loyalty to Comrade Jiang Zemin#39;s "Three Represents" important thought, further carry forward the "hard work, willing to devote themselves, pragmatic innovation, the courage to first to" the spirit of the Lu#39;an, "Accelerate development and enriching the people-city" as its theme, vigorously implement the industrialization of agriculture, industrialization, urbanization, the city through science and education, the opening up of six major strategic and sustainable development, the construction of new Lu#39;an, another brilliant innovation. "15" end of the period, the basic formation of built-up areas of 40 square kilometers, urban population 400,000 people, facilities fairly complete, functional relatively complete medium-sized city, the city#39;s goal of achieving a well-off.