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here: Himalayan mountain range and念青唐古拉like two giant dragon Hengkong born, stretching from west to east parallel, and the Hengduan Mountains in the eastern dock, formation of a trend around the mountains, located in southeast China#39;s Tibet Autonomous Region Jingwo the Nyingchi region on the three major mountain ranges in the embrace of. Some people call it the Switzerland of Tibet, also known as Tibet#39;s Jiangnan.

Area: total area of about 117,000 square kilometers

population: more than 140,000 population

administrative divisions: Nyingchi region administered Linzhi, Mirim, the cloth of Jiang, Motuo, Bomi, Zayü, Long County, seven counties

known as Tibet#39;s Nyingchi Gangnam, the world#39;s deepest valley - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, known the world. Nyingchi be regarded as the world#39;s only rarely to humans set foot in one of the Pure Land, has been a tourist visit the Holy Land Adventure, at the same time, this also caused inconvenience to the tourist traffic.


Nyingchi is located in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River southeast Tibet, with an average elevation of 3,000 meters around the capital of the banks of Bayi Town in Niyang River, is the region#39;s political economic and cultural centre. Niyang River Valley area is the main economic areas, Jiang Palongcangbu area. Nyingchi or Men Bazu, Luo Bazu, and other minority communities, ancient traditions and culture of Tibetan Buddhism and the prevalence of Benjiao, Nyingchi has a lot of human landscape, and南迦巴瓦峰, the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, Basong wrong and Zayü, Bomi in Nyingchi together constitute a magical natural scenery.


a secret known as the Lotus Motuo County is still the only areas inaccessible by road, here are the Nanjiabawa Xiongjun Gallas and-white base, From two out of a breakthrough summit between the world#39;s most dangerous is the longest in the deepest valley - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Dangzhou surging rivers, hunting cliffs Shen Jian, is your expedition, the explorer and drifting of the Holy Land.


three middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River valley, one of the Nyingchi Niyang River Valley, the development of a long, agriculture developed, temple inscriptions and mountain Shenghu many here can Xinbu highland tea garden, but also in meters Lin, the cloth such as the Millennium towering Yun Tian PricewaterhouseCoopers forest Read, a taste of southern Tibet is you an excellent place to farm economy.


Lhoba, the doors to Pakistan and other ethnic minorities living hunting,豪爽hospitality, Local Customs primitive simplicity, Zhu Wu shelter in the cottage, in the Baiyun Mountain Fangge occasion, bathing in hot springs flower, is your integration into the Naturally, the mountain journey Dangdichengou the dream choice.


Nyingchi on the history of the earliest written records found in the first Mumoyashi cloth inscribed. The stone door in Nyingchi County District SIN by Yong-long near the village, facing the southwest, has 1200 years of history, handwriting is still clear. This section of the above documented history. Yalong the first generation of tribal leaders at Chek Zanpu Nie, Bomi came to the cloth from the mountain-well, here from the beginning of his career Yalong tribal leaders, before and after the total experience VII, all in southern Tibet in the Bi-Qing Wada Zi Gong. The first century, before and after, the Yalong tribes in the struggle for power between Jun, seventh-generation leaders only Zanpu Gong was killed, his two princes and Nie Chek Chek escaped back to the summer cloth region. Later, his younger brother from the summer red cloth to return to the Yalong, becoming the eighth generation Yalong tribal chiefs Budde Gong Jie, and his brother Nie red cloth were kept in the region to become the leader of the cloth, the cloth began the follow-earth. Stone, he said: "The cloth in a royal family of Chao Wang Xiong," Waixing never make the cloth for Wang, the only life-cloth Wang Zhizai hereditary. "Cliff stone this is the eighth century King Chan Chi Alfredsson (? -- 815) Banci the cloth to the Wang Meng Shi instruments and Ledan for JI. After many years in the cloth by the cloth-rule.

to the Sakya period and Pazhu period (AD 13 -- 16th century), the Nyingchi area of Tibetan Buddhism has become Gamagaju send spheres of influence. AD 17th century Gandan: Chapter regime established for the Nyingchi area enfeoffment Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme, Jiang, a few local leaders, such as widening the territory , Soon after the establishment of the division is widening, McGREGOR wood, ciguatera, such as cases of Jiang. Bomi and local, long-term soil Emirates flies to rule噶Lang Deba, in a state of separatism. 1931, the local government of Tibet will be designated places Bomi For the wave pile, Bomi 2, Motuo to Motuo in the region.

1951年5月the peaceful liberation of Tibet, in 1959 the implementation of democratic reform, in January 1960 established the agency tower, the same year 2 Nyingchi, into the agency. Nyingchi October 1963 withdrawal of the agency, Bomi County, was placed under Qamdo, Nyingchi, the cloth of Jiang, Mirim, 4 Motuo County was placed under the jurisdiction of the city of Lhasa, Nyingchi region no longer exist. 1986 2 1, the official resumption of Nyingchi Prefecture Administrative Office, administered Linzhi, Mirim, the cloth of Jiang, Motuo, Bomi, Zayü, Long County, seven counties, 55 townships and 614 administrative villages.