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Location: Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, south-west of Gansu Province in central, east and the Taohe Dingxi Prefecture across the West rely towering magnificent Jishi Shan and adjacent to Qinghai Province, south-Qi Jun Cui show the Prince Edward Hill and Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture who sector , North Bin Huang water and the border city of Lanzhou, located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau transition zone.

Area: total area of 8,169 square kilometers.

population: more than 100 million population.

Administrative Region of: Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture Xianxia 7 County 1 (city), Linxia City, Linxia County, Yongjing County, and political counties, Guanghe County, the county recreation, Dongxiang County, Jishi Shan Bao Anzu Dongxiang Family Salar Autonomous County, a total of 138 township (town, Jieban).

Linxia in the valleys, plains small, high-lying south-west, northeast low, from southwest to northeast descending, a tilt Basin, and an average elevation of 2,000 meters.


-San plateau region of precipitation over the same quarter of rain, help crops, pastures and tree growth: rich light arid areas, the scarcity of rainfall. Major food crops are wheat, corn, Yang Yu, beans, barley five major categories, mainly cannabis crops, sugar beet, fruits, pepper, herbs category. Linxia broad bean is the traditional advantages of crops, tablets of the delicious, nutrient-rich, is the main export grain varieties of cannabis Linxia color soft white matter, as on the famous Tang Wang Longde big apricot trees renowned exported to Hong Kong.


Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the famous mineral treasure-house of ━ ━ Qilian Mountains and the intersection of West Qinling Mountain site, mineralization geological conditions are better. Autonomous Prefecture in the aspect of rivers, the Yellow River, Tao River, a tributary of the Huangshui Xiahe, Oxford River, Kwong Tong He, three Chahe, Wood River, such as the rule more than 30.


Linxia unique ethnic culture and folk customs, monuments and cultural landscape many attractions, unique tourism resources. "Majiayao culture" as the representative of the length and breadth of all types of cultural heritage, "Mid-level culture", "Qijia Culture" for the first discovered and named in Linxia. National Museum of Chinese History in the collection of national treasures "painted pottery King" also unearthed in Linxia, the River, China has "painted pottery village," reputation.


Chimingzhongwai the Bingling Si grottoes along the ancient Silk Road wins its visit to Cuba find one of the popular tourist destination. Bibowanqing, Canruo Pearl of the Liujiaxia Reservoir is the largest inland northwest reservoir, known as "Gaoxiapinghu" said. Yellow River Three Gorges scenery is the singular of becoming a new tourist destination. "When the Commissioner Yifu, a million Fumo" Stone Xiongguan, Fu in the Dayu "Introduction River since the Stone," the story. "Flowers" and the beautiful scenery of the famous National Forest Park Song-Ming Yan and Lin Fa Shan Nature Reserve, to become the country a unique tourist attractions.


Mu-lin of the masses living relative, a rich Islamic culture, all kinds of classical Chinese mosque dissolved architectural styles and characteristics in Arab integration, solemn, beautiful spectacular.俱佳smell the various colors of traditional snacks, especially the Muslim style snacks, renowned Northwest. River, "flowers" romantic powerful, is rare folk art treasures.