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LinFen - ShanXi

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position: Linfen, Shanxi Province is located in the southwest, the middle reaches of the Yellow River.

Area: total area of 20,275 square kilometers

Population: 4 million.

administrative divisions: Xianxia Houma City, Huozhou, Yaodu District, Quwo County, Hongdong County, Xiangfen County, Yicheng County, Fushan Xian, Fenxi County, the ancient county, Yonghe County, The County, Puxian, Jixian County, the rural County, Anze County, Xi County.

Linfen City, Shanxi Province in the south, the East pillow over-Taiyue, according to Luliang Mountain West, is the vast central plains of the valley, the Fenhe River main stream north-south aspect, the two sides fertile land with a total area of 1304 Square kilometers. The city#39;s population of 650,000, of which the urban non-agricultural population 250,000, the township zoning 26, 70 million mu of land. Linfen is a historic cultural city, is now the Administrative Office, located in Linfen, in Linfen is the region#39;s political, economic and cultural centre. In recent years, urban construction, with each passing day, the streets clean and tidy, tree-lined, Huaguo fragrance, known as the Loess Plateau, the "Huaguo City."


Linfen Gucheng Pingyang. Much in 10 million years ago, the ancestors of the people in Linfen - "small village" on the home strait in the Fenhe River. According to Yaodian records, Diyao Capital Pingyang, it is handed down Yao are known. Legend Changjei defined here, but also during the Eastern Han Dynasty famous Weiqing, Huoqu Bing#39;s hometown. Linfen Shang and Zhou said Jizhou, a Spring and Autumn Jin, Wei is the Warring States Period, when the Spring and Autumn Hadong-gun, Han, Pingyang County, during the Jin Dynasty Yuan Liu also Capital Pingyang, the Sui Dynasty to the Linfen Prefecture, adopted so far. After the liberation in 1948, is zoned Linfen City, County of Linfen. 1949 County of Linfen for the merger. 1971 is divided into Linfen City, County of Linfen, in August 1983 merger of cities and counties, as Linfen City.


Linfen city is famous at home and abroad, "Woniu city", built in the Ming Dynasty, Deep River City High, Weiwei spectacular. City Southern has built in the Jin Dynasty "ancient Emperor Yao Miao," with a total area of 700 mu, the existing "Wufeng Lou", "Yao Jing Ting", "Yao Palace", "Qin Gong" and other buildings, the scale of the event, Magnificent. The city has built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty "Diyao ancient tomb." The city has built in the Tang Zhenguan years, "Tie Fosi", also known as "Cloud Temple." Zhuanta reconstruction in the Kangxi years, the tower 30 meters high, piled Shuimo green, decorated with sulfur mail patterns, full of ancient Italy. Column "Tiefo first" six meters high, five meters in diameter, Xingshenjianbei, a Tang dynasty Buddhist statues. Northern Qi Dynasty built in the city centre is also available in the "Clock Tower", also known as the Drum Tower in Linfen, the total 43.75 meters high, the length and width are 40 meters, Evian force, the Majestic. In the western suburbs of a Yuan Dynasty stage three: Miss villages and towns "wangqu stage," Wei villages and towns, "Niu Wangmiao stage" and the town of Tumen "East sheep stage", is China#39;s Yuan Dynasty rare early stage of construction and the Yuan Dynasty Drama development of valuable research value.


is also available at 20 km west of the Gushe Mountain "Cavity," Legend has it for Ms. Wang Lu-Yao fairies birthplace, Qifeng different holes around the pines and cypresses, monuments everywhere, the five natural Scenic areas, 63 scenic points. Cavity Weiran North-South confrontation. "God Habitat hole", "Hing Buddhist temple," "Cloud Temple," "Queen Mother Club" and other buildings have more than 120, more than 70 stone cave, the mountain is back ditch Bangshui, Lanyao construction, in the Qingshanlvshui Embrace them, Shen Lin Wonderland feeling is not only beautiful scenic areas, is also summer resort. Linfen Story also Puxian Mt Temple, county Xiaoxi Tian, Jixian County Hukou Waterfall; Xiangfen a small village south of the site; tunnel north of the city has large Ash, Guangsheng Si, Su prison, and so on, these are people of faith .