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LinCang - YunNan

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Area: total area of 24,000 square kilometers

population: the total population of about 2.27 million people

Lincang, Fengqing, Yunxian, Indesen, towns, Culture and Sport, Shuangjiang, Gengma, Cangyuan

peoples: the Wa, Dai, pull dead, Brown, Deang, Yi and Jingpo

position: Lincang, due to the brink of the Lancang River and the well-known name in the Yunnan Province in western Yunnan border. Simao the east, north of Dali, Baoshan the west, south and south-west border with Myanmar national

the banks of the Lancang River in Yunnan in the southwest, a variety of hot land for the magic and beauty - Lincang. Lincang, named to the brink of the Lancang River. In this land, home to generations to propagate the Wa, Dai, pull dead, Brown, Deang, Yi and Jingpo ethnic minorities, such as 23, the region#39;s total ethnic minority population accounts for 37.9 percent of the population. Lincang area a total area of 24,469 square kilometers, the jurisdiction of Lincang, Yunxian, Fengqing, Indesen, towns, Culture and Sport, Gengma, Cangyuan, double the county#39;s eight total population of 2.27 million.
Lincang, a splendid culture and the immense magical ancient civilizations. Cangyuan ancient Yahua group, after 3,000 years of storms and the appearance of still, she described to the world from the human origins to the development of all mysteries, Chinese and foreign historians as "Ailao to the New World," "epic, southwestern Yunnan humanities." Gengma Danfo hole, and civilized Liyizhibang Fengqing the "Confucian Temple" group, the Cangyuan Wa-Burma-Yun Temple, Mengsheng farmers grams of NOx-sites, Yunxian busy with Neolithic sites such as a large number of human landscape, the show A heavy accumulation of culture, a beautiful flow of the ancient legend of all shows that this piece of land owned the immortal ancient civilizations.
when you approached the Lancang rivers of the world-famous, you will appreciate the "Oriental Danube" with the unique charm, when you enter the Lincang the southwest edge of the hot land for this, you will feel the Tropic of Cancer On the natural and human Qinmiwujian integration; you will feel the Lincang people of all ethnic groups in good faith and enthusiasm, you will be excited by the Lancang River in Taosheng, you will be as colorful intoxicated by the National Customs……
since ancient times , Lincang dozen people here and multiply in the home. China has discovered the oldest Yahua - Cangyuanyahua and wide distribution of new, Paleolithic sites, the length and breadth of the sites, the popular creation myth, are displayed in Lincang a long history. In the 24,000 square kilometers of land, the aspect of rivers, mountains Pinnacle, a pleasant climate, Linmao-Shing. Community homes style, colorful ethnic customs, natural landscape and cultural integration of landscape, one group of rich border style.
complex in topography, climate and diverse types, breeds is extremely rich in natural resources, Yunnan is the "Kingdom of Plants", "Animal Kingdom", "Metal Kingdom", "Rich Ore water and electricity", "treasure trove of drugs" and "natural Garden "in miniature. In particular, is rich in tropical and subtropical areas of land area, accounting for about one-third of the region#39;s total land, has broad development prospects. Excellent conditions for grain production, tea cultivation has a long history, unique development of sugar, forestry, livestock, rubber, Lac, flue-cured tobacco, tobacco materials, tropical fruits, medicines and so has significant advantages. Lancang River, Nujiang River embracing its two major habitats, many local rivers, the water level drop, reserves are extremely rich in water alone in the Lancang River in Lincang on the national and provincial planning and construction is already built Manwan and Dachaoshan, Little Bay 3 1 million kilowatt-level Tixing large power station.
Unique geological structure, with a good mineralization conditions, has rich reserves of underground treasure. Lincang in prime locations, the town of Culture and Sport, Gengma, Cangyuan County, and three Myanmar border, a small port channel 17 (2), of which there are two provincial ports, Cangyuan, Meng understand the work being done to build Province Grade crossings. In history, Lincang and Myanmar is southwest of the important trade port channel, with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, Lincang will become the province, southwest and southeast of the country to face the important port and the window.
in tourist destinations are: Qi Li, a provincial nature reserve Lincang spectacular Snowy Mountains, the landscape Junxiu Laoshan five state-level forest parks and Diaozhuo magical River Trail provincial forest parks, the White Shiyan n #39;Pretty steep mountains and rivers , Natural hot springs resort Villa, fog Yongsan ancient battlefield sites, the county seat to the southern suburbs of sulphur-chuen, as the characteristics of the hot spring hotel, a northern suburb of West carbonate features of the late Tsui hot spring hotel, included in the province#39;s 25 works of tourist products and full of rich National Customs of Lincang tea culture style garden, these are the ideal place for tourism.
Lincang multi-ethnic communities, the National Customs rich, colorful culture, the culture is the main theme of the Wa ethnic customs and the blend of diverse religious and cultural symbiosis, natural human landscape on the verge of a unique charm and cultural characteristics.
Lincang culture of the Chinese Wa vibrant place.
Wa region existing population 350,000, accounting for the Wa people of the two-thirds of the total population. Cangyuan Wa Wa Autonomous County is the most concentrated areas, magic and beauty of the Afghan mountains are famous at home and abroad Wa since 3500 years of history, one of China#39;s eight ancient Yahua the Cangyuanyahua, linked by mountains and rivers and Myanmar South Rolling River National Conservation District; Jian Yuqing generation Daoguangnianjian, set construction, sculpture, painting as one of the ethnic minority areas in Yunnan South-Shangzuo Buddhism, one of the representatives of the construction-Yun Buddhist temple; have reservations about a more complete directly from the slave society into the modern civilization Wa original Qunju villages, the Wa people are rich folklore and unique food culture, including wood encouraged by the rejection of the renowned Chinese and foreign dance, the focus has demonstrated China#39;s Wa cultural connotations.
Lincang is the world famous "Dianhong" village.
is the world Zhongcha one of the original situ, more than 500 years of history Zhongcha tea. 1938, "Dianhong" successful trial production in Fengqing, as China#39;s exports of tea, the tea export volume of the province#39;s export volume of more than 40 percent, the volume of tea export volume of the province over 50 percent of Yunnan Fengqing Dianhong Yunnan tea Group Co., Ltd. is the largest tea production enterprises. Tea area of the region of 65 million mu, the annual production of over 20,000 tons, and production are the first in Yunnan.
Lincang is unique hydropower base in Asia.
232 km Lancang River in the process, the Lancang - Mekong Sub-region of the middle ground, is rich in hydropower resources, national and provincial planning has been completed and the three 1 million kilowatt-class power station - Manwan (installed capacity of 1.5 million kilowatts) , The Dachaoshan (1.35 million kilowatts), small Bay (4.2 million kilowatts) are in Lincang. In more than 180 km of water basin into three 1 million kilowatt-level power plant in the country and even in Asia it is unique.
Lincang Kunming to Yangon, Myanmar is the land shortcut.
the region have Cangyuan, Gengma, Kang three counties and towns bordering Myanmar, 290.8 km long borderline. Kunming, the Lincang exit to Yangon, Myanmar highway mileage of only 1,893 km, Lincang as the "Southern Silk Road", Xinan Si tea Road, Sun Yat-sen in Lincang was planning a "third Eurasian Continental Bridge."
Lincang prefectural Lincang Prefecture Administrative Office to speed up the economic and social development. Homeopathy and plan to vigorously readjust the industrial structure, the Lincang tourism as a new pillar industry be nurtured, the initial development and construction of a number of tourism products, developed a refined tea, ethnic costumes, ethnic handmade works of art, natural green food, and other travel products. Improve traffic conditions both inside and outside the district, built through the county, township and village transport network, Lincang Airport has been completed and shipping, Cheung A high-grade highway to the county Circuit and regional projects under construction, the basis of reception facilities are maturing, the level of reception Continues to increase. Existing region 2-4 stars a total of 18 hotels, the hospitality of up to 12,000 people, have a basic attract tourists both at home and abroad and reception conditions of domestic travel agencies have eight and opened a tea culture customs Tour , Barry long Lancang River Lake tours, cross-border travel, the National Customs Tour, and other lines.