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Location: Located in Jilin Province, central and southern Taiwan, Yu Mo Changbai Mountain is located in the Songliao Plain and the transition zone.

Area: total area of 5,123 square kilometers.

Population: 1.3 million population around.

administrative divisions: Xian Xia Dong Feng, Dongliao County, Yongsan, Xi#39;an two districts.

in Liaoyuan City of Jilin Province in the south-central China, a hilly region. Relatively long history in Liaoyuan City, as early as in China#39;s Qing Dynasty Royal Liaoyuan is the "Shengjing" paddock. Year 1902 established the county system, called "Xian", in 1952, according to originate in the East Liaohe and changed its name to Liaoyuan City.


Liaoyuan City Corporation is a rich city. Rich beans, rice and other food crops, Toho, Dongliao County is a national commodity grain base counties. Forest movie, many trees, lush, Toho, the State Council Dongliao County is named after the 100 million mu plantation advanced counties. The city#39;s forest coverage rate reached 42 percent, five rare plants have seven kinds. Artificial Deer and ginseng cultivation, sericulture has a long history, China#39;s Dongfeng County is home to deer, "Ma mind velvet" well-known both at home and abroad. Coal, limestone, marble, silica, wollastonite, and other rich mineral resources, gold, manganese and other precious metals also have considerable reserves. The size of water resources, cross-Songhua River, Liaohe River 2 River 3, in the 10 km-long river is above 56.

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Liaoyuan Although the development of the region in the late, but the natural landscape and more modern historical sites, development and utilization of the rich tourism resources. Of these, the national and provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 2, city-level 20. Natural and human landscape is the source of Beiting East Liaohe, Shoushan, Kameyama, the first Dragon Mountain Park, as the South Mountain Park, Poplar Lake Resort, Lake tourist area on August 1, Shi Yi ancient plank road, Toho Royal Luyuan, Toho Turtle Island Resort, and so on. Hengwo Yongsan Park City, Park Tingtailouge, painting-dong Feiyun people sightseeing, a good place to visit. Environmental elegant, well-equipped hotel took the fall on this Liaoyuan, at any time waiting for tourists to visit. Reservoir leading tourist area, a beautiful tourist area of Poplar Reservoir, a unique, pleasant scenery is the scenic area.

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