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Code: 0419

Postal Code: 111000

position: in central Liaoning Province, according to the Liaodong Mountain East, Xiwang Liaohe Plain

Area: 4,731 square kilometers

Population: 1810000

administrative divisions: exempted counties (cities) in five areas: Liaoyang County, Lighthouse City; Baita, the text St., grand, Gongchangling, Prince Edward River area.

City Tree: Sophora japonica

#39;s floral emblem: Rose

Liaoyang cities in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province in the central city of the central group, according to North Shenyang, Anshan south, east and Benxi, Liaoning Province in the west and bordering. Shenyang-Dalian railway and highway grew up throughout the longitudinal, Liao River, the railway across the eastern mountains, Nantong port city of Dalian, Yingkou, north northeast of Hong Kong#39;s largest air Taoxian airport, water and land transportation is very convenient. Liaoyang, in Liaoning Province in Central, East on the Liaodong Mountain, Xiwang Liaohe Plain, Prince suburb of the East River, turn north west and south into the Bohai Sea, 60 kilometers Beiju Shenyang, Harbin-Dalian railway, the Shenyang-Dalian Highway longitudinal North-South, Liao River railway across the East and West. Excellent geographical location and important strategic value of her decision in the northeastern region of ancient irreplaceable center. Southern sector are Anshan Steel, according to the provincial capital Shenyang North, east of the city of Benxi Iron coal, bordering West and the Liaohe Oilfield. 332 km from Dalian Port, 162 kilometers from the Bayuquan port from the Taoxian International Airport 60 kilometers. Communication is also very developed: the city has achieved program-controlled telephone, telephone switchboard total capacity of 240,000. Zhiba international telephone, mobile phones and widespread use of fax, Internet business has been widely applied in Liaoyang. 辽阳照片 The beginning of the third century BC, the late Warring States Period, Yan in the northeast region in southern Xinjiang production and extension, for only the Liaodong County, Junzhi Xiangping (now the Liaoyang). Qin and Han Dynasties, the Three Kingdoms Period, the northeastern region has been further developed, Xiangping, as the capital of local culture to promote the spread of the Central Plains has made tremendous contributions.

late Koguryo occupy the Eastern Jin Dynasty Liaodong, Xiangping into Liaodong City, then Goguryeo ruled Liaodong 200 years. Tang, Anton are here for a House minority Northeast jurisdiction. Liao Dynasty, the beginning of the Dongdan the capital, after more home Liaoyang House Capital in Tokyo. Key national heritage conservation units Guangyou Si Baita 70.4 meters to the northeast of the most highly ranked, important enough that the status of Liaoyang. The Tokyo at the Liaoyang Liaoyang House. Kim Yong Sejong Wanyan, in the monastery of the Qing (Guangyou Si predecessor) coup Chen Di, ZTE was hailed as a historian-jun. Central Bank to the Yuan Dynasty in Liaoyang, Northeast jurisdiction throughout the territory. Liaoyang is the Ming Dynasty Liaodong Duzhihuishi Secretary of the resident, charged with Zhenfu razed all the heavy responsibility of guarding the capital. End of the Ming Dynasty, Nurhachu attack Liaoyang, its capital city of Tokyo, after the completion of the regime from weak to strong and the fundamental changes to the Qing Dynasty unified the world and laid a solid foundation. 辽阳图片

Guangyou Si, Liaoyang Museum, Long Mineyama, and other tourist attractions in the local tourism resources.