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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Victoria  Date: 07-14 2008  
Abbreviations: Liao

position: in the southern region of Northeast China, Nanlin the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, Liaodong Peninsula oblique Shenru the sea between the mainland coastline of more than 2,100 kilometers. South East at the Yalu River and adjacent to North Korea, over 200 km long borderline. East, North, West and three in Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other provinces bordering.

Area: 145,900 square kilometers

Population: 42.38 million. Liaoning is a multi-ethnic province, a total of 44 nationalities, the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, North Korea, Xibe, and other nationalities. A total of six Manchu Autonomous County, two Mongolian Autonomous County.

capital: Shenyang

divisions: the province established 14 prefecture-level cities, 17 county-level cities administered, 19 counties and eight county and 56 municipal area. 辽宁地图

Liaoning Province referred to Liao, in the northeastern region of southern China, is China#39;s northeast economic zone and the Bohai Economic Area, an important junction . Liaoning Province in northeast China#39;s southern coastal region, north-west border with Inner Mongolia, Hebei Province, adjacent to the southwest, north-east of the Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province and connected with the eastern part of North Korea at a distant across the Yalu River, Liaohe River Plain is the Department of the three Northeast One of the Great Plains. Liaodong Peninsula because of their geographical location and natural conditions, known as the Northeast "Golden Triangle."

Liaoning has a long history and the Warring States is Yan, Qin is a Liaodong, western Liaoning, and other counties, the Han Dynasty is Youzhou, Galerkin for Tokyo, for the Fengtian Sheng-ching.

here is the birthplace of Manchu to China#39;s historical and cultural city, its tourism resources in the humanities to the Qing Dynasty Relics to top position, the Shenyang Imperial Palace is second only to Beijing#39;s Forbidden City preserved feudal imperial palace, the Qing dynasty entry Both before the three Imperial Mausoleum in Liaoning, and Beiling, Fuling, in Shenyang.

Liaoning have Sankaikan of wins. Qianshan, Phoenix Mountains to the famous scenic areas, water tunnel in northern China for a rare underground river cave. And Dalian to the waterfront as the representative of the beautiful beaches and summer resort is another landscape of Liaoning.

Liaodong Peninsula in China#39;s history has repeatedly construction of the Great Wall, Jianping County to burn the pot business of Great Wall Ruins-yan, Jinzhou 9 entrance of the Great Wall preservation better. Lushunkou and Jinzhou, and other places important strategic position, respectively the 1894 naval clash, the war of liberation war and the battlefield or base.

Liaoning colorful local art, Dalian and Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe renowned circus performances at home and abroad. Yangge a big stilts, Long Deng, lion dance, as early as ships and other means, rough-Pola. Liaoning#39;s famous arts and crafts are Xiuyan Yu carving, shell carving Dalian, Fushun Meijing, such as sculpture. Liaoning Province strange beautiful natural scenery, landmarks and many rich and varied tourism resources. Qianshan, Yiwulvshan, Phoenix Mountains are known Chinese mountain tourism. And "North Guilin" Bingyu Gou, "the Chinese treasure" Benxi water tunnel, "are romantic," Dalian, breathtaking scenery.

China#39;s Liaoning Province is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, Qianqing numerous historical and cultural relics. At present, only the two major palace complex, one of the Shenyang Imperial Palace, is the founding period of the Qing Dynasty to leave the palace building. - Yong Ling, Qing Fu Ling, Qing Zhao Ling, Liaoyang Muqun murals, and other working people are left over from the ancient history of crystallization.

Liaoning tourism around the many festive events. Such as ice and snow in Shenyang International Tourism Festival, the Dalian International Fuzhuang Jie, tours Huai, the Chinese Spring Festival fireworks, Qianshan International Tourism Festival of Anshan, Fushun Manchu wind plot, Maple Leaf Festival in Benxi, Dandong Yalu River International Tourism Festival, will watch Panjin Red Beach Huludao and the sea will Xingcheng, Liaoning trip will bring you a new feeling and unforgettable memories.