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LiaoCheng - ShanDong

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Location: Liaocheng City is located north latitude and 35 ° 47 #39;~ 37 ° 02#39; and east longitude 115 ° 16 #39;~ 116 ° 32#39;, and in Luxi, temporary Henan, Hebei, located in east, north, central China at the junction of three major SAR Department.

Area: total area of about 8,715 square kilometers.

population: more than 500 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xian Xia Dong Changfu, Guan County and the city of Linqing, Xinxian, Yanggu, East Azerbaijan, Chi-ping, Gaotang County, six and an economic and technological development zones, administered 126 Township (town office), 6,596 administrative villages (neighborhood).

Liaocheng is a historic and cultural city. Because nothing in the ancient West Bank named after the river, "Water City" reputation. Economic development is located in Liaocheng City in Shandong Province, ranking Luxi, temporary Henan, Hebei, located in east, north, central China at the junction of three major SAR.


Liaocheng back in primitive society have ancestors in this proliferation of interest-bearing, engaged in agricultural production. Liuqiqiannian ago can be traced back to about the eight Longshan Culture City, they found that the country is so far the largest Longshan Culture City. Clearly, the West Bank Gudz water was an extremely important political and cultural center.

Liaocheng Xiashang Zhou period, Liaocheng rapid economic and social development, agriculture and handicraft industry is relatively developed. To the early Minister Yi Yin was "Gonggeng in the wild have Xin," assistant Shangtang eliminate Xia Jie, Shi said Xianxiang. Weeks, "Ershisixiao" one of the sub-Qian Min. Spring and Autumn Period, Liaocheng important for the city west of Qi State. However, there advisor dollars. Warring States period, Liaocheng诸侯war for the land. When a well-known military strategists Sun Bin, Lu Zhonglian Wal-Mart Yuanbo Fellows.

Liaocheng the Ming and Qing dynasties is the glorious history of the period, Yuan Yuan 26 years (1289) to the Wing-lok 2009 (1411)-has on several occasions between the opening will Tonghe, Longitudinal China#39;s north-south Grand Canal for the development and prosperity of Liaocheng bring a great vitality, Linqing, transported along the Liaocheng become one of the nine Commercial Ports. Liaocheng, "Chan of the sea from the city of pyrotechnics, no less than 100,000", the merchants gathered, the Better Business is booming, such as Lin Qiang Fan, Zhu Lu phase grounding, and horsemen Luo Yi, goods such as Hill plot. Hall of foreign businessmen near the river standing there Chong-storey Court, Temple Temples, the Qing Emperor Kangxi to chat about four times, nine times in the Qianlong Emperor Bi Liaocheng.

Liaocheng 10% after the People#39;s Republic of China, Liaocheng people succession of outstanding historical tradition, working hard, forge ahead, businesses have made significant achievements. Liaocheng Gucheng Fairmont, has a long history, human landscape and rich natural landscape. 446 existing sites, including state-level key heritage conservation units 3, the provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 15. Picturesque Dongchang Lake, an area of 4.2 square kilometers, is located in Liaocheng city in the central lake, formed a "city within a lake, Lake in the city, one Lake City," the unique pattern and style of the ancient city, is famous in China North Shuicheng, as the "Oriental Venice." Liaocheng city#39;s main tourism resources of Shanxi and Shaanxi Hall, Rita Linqing homes, mosques, tombs East Azerbaijan Cao Zhi, Yanggu Jing-yang, such as Okazaki.

Jianyu Ming-generation optical Yue House, momentum qualities, "Although the Huang He, Wang Yueyang亦当worship." Jian Yuqing the beginning of the Shan Shan Hall, fine carving, layout stringent, is China#39;s Center building in the rare art. Hailed as "Fairmont Sambo" one of the Tower of Song Dynasty, ancient powerful, Cangjin tall and straight, is China#39;s existing Tower one of the few. Qing Dynasty one of the four major private collections of the sea floor, the source Court, collection of rich, "Hainei of a concept." In the urban areas around, but also the distribution of Shizi Lou Wu Song Doo Xi Men-qing, Wu Song Da Hu#39;s Jing-yang Okazaki, fish Cao Zhi tomb at the foot of the mountains and ancient Ah well, scam or, Ngau Tau breakwater, a large number of homes Rita, and other famous sites.


Liaocheng is the old times, is a noted scholar Fu, Ji Xianlin, Chinese painting master Li Kuchan, Zhang Zizhong, and the party#39;s national hero, a good cadre Kong Fansen#39;s hometown .