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Postal Code: 615000

position: in southwestern Sichuan Province

area: more than 60,000 square kilometers

Population: 3.939 million more than the total population, which accounts for about 42% of the Yi people, 56 percent of Han nationality, in addition to Tibetan, Hui and Miao, Mongolia, Li Li, and so on more than 10 nationalities.

administrative divisions: Liangshan Prefecture of the Yi is the largest in the nation located, exempted Xichang, wood, Yanyuan, Johnson will be justified, East and southern Ningxia, Pugh, Butuo, Jinyang, Zhaojue, - Germany and Mianning, the West, Ganluo, Meigu, Leibo 17 counties and cities.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of the Yi is China#39;s largest located. Sichuan and Yunnan in southwest Sichuan province at the junction area of more than 60,000 square kilometers in size, the total population of 3.9 million people. There are Han, Yi, Tibetan, Mongolian, Naxi, and other Native peoples over 10. The state exempted 17 counties and cities, including wood, for the Tibetan Autonomous County. Xichang City, the seat of the state in the middle of Chengdu-Kunming railway, since ancient times, Yunnan and South-East Asia is leading to the "South Silk Road" of the city.

no cold here in winter and summer without the summer, the seasons like spring. Average temperatures could l7 ℃ with the Spring City in Kunming (the average temperature of 14 ℃) comparable to that enjoyed "Wanziqianhong not spend Xie, Dongnuanxialiang 4:00 Spring" reputation. Here the low latitude, elevation, low clouds and pollution of small, floating the hanging of the atmosphere less transparent air, thus the moon was bright especially crystal "on the city," Blair said. When night fell, Miles cloud-free, Bikong such as washing, Haoyuedangkong, Moonlight Jiaojie, particularly Meiren. Especially in late winter each year in early spring morning, the sunrise Dongshan, large as the galactic disk Yuan Yue also linked to the mountains in the west, slowly Chen Xia, the brilliant sun and the moon making the other more beautiful, beautiful mountains and rivers, the King breathtaking. Liangshan is a god of ancient and famous places. Majority of the Yi located, before the democratic reform, where the community is still in the stage of slavery.
its ancient folk customs and rich and colorful. With strong ethnic characteristics and regional characteristics. "Millennium-step" development of the social history of many experts and scholars of concern and research. Yi unique folk customs, folk and Lugu Lake, the Mosuo people, "go get married," customs, China#39;s opening up "windows" - Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the only form of social development Museum - Museum of Liangshan Yi slave society , The Red Army Marshal Liu Bocheng and the long march at the head of the Yi people in the fruit-based small Dan Ye Yi-allied revolutionary relics, magical and beautiful Luo Jishan Dafengding Nature Reserve, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign experts and tourists.
Liangshan region earlier development, the history of various ethnic groups have made important contributions.
Liangshan early human activity is an important region. Examination of the discovery proves that as early as 4,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, human activities have been here. In so far in the Liangshan Prefecture, has found dozens of the Neolithic culture survived only. About the equivalent of the Central Plains during the Shang dynasty, at least in Anning River Valley region also has entered the Bronze Age. Today, throughout the territory of cultures around the Liangshan Remains, many types and styles, singular, not only show that since then on to the many activities of this nation ( "Qiong", "Ze" and "razed" of the ethnic-based) cultural complex and varied And, more important is that they have the early development of Liangshan have made important contributions to the history. Huang Xichang site of the Han Dynasty metallurgy, the largest river basin peace Shimu and in various states of ancient tombs unearthed in the production of sophisticated bronze, iron and copper and iron utensils of the system, in-kind note-metal refining metallurgy and a long history of technology developed And widespread use. SHI Zhi-history books have recorded the Liangshan are large areas of metal and non-metallic mineral mining use, some of these technologies such as the Ming Dynasty will be justified nickel or white copper smelting technology in China Metallurgical signs of success. As early as over 2,000 years ago, has been Yanyuan salt production. SHI Zhi-documented ancestors Mosuo people use technology Sandy shallow wells producing salt, which is the world#39;s oldest salt, but also by the Jingyan Preparing the world#39;s four major salt in the best technology. Salt Well Yanyuan and is the earliest development of China#39;s ethnic minorities Salt Well. In addition, the system Ciye Liangshan, the paper industry, printing, the textile industry has also developed earlier. Jianchang horses, buffaloes known since the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Suitable for the special climate and natural environment of the variety of crops, canola wheat, rice reputation as a portfolio. Although the contribution of all ethnic groups vary, but it is in their mutual influence in the history of exchanges and promote each other#39;s results.

Liangshan Prefecture in southwestern Sichuan Province, south of Jinsha River, the North arrived in the Dadu River, east of Sichuan Basin, the West even the Hengduan Mountains. In longitude 100 ° 15 #39;~ 103 ° 53#39; north latitude and 26 ° 03 #39;~ 29 ° 27#39; between. Sichuan-Chengdu-Kunming Railway and the National Longitudinal throughout, "Southern Silk Road" an important channel. In the complex and varied landforms and topography of the northwest, southeast low. High mountains, deep valleys, plains, basins, hilly cross-cutting, up to 5,958 meters above sea level wooden County Qialangduoji peak, the lowest Leibo County caves Jinsha River bottom 305 meters, the height difference relative to 5653 meters. Is a subtropical monsoon climate. In most parts of four seasons is not clear, but the stem-quarter Obviously, Dongnuanxialiang, long dry season sunshine, the annual average temperature 14 ℃ ~ 17 ℃, sunshine hours from 2000 to 2400 hours, a total of 120 sunshine radiation to 150 Kcal /cm2. Years. Annual rainfall of 1,000 to 1,100 mm; frost-free period 230 to 306 days. The unique light and heat resources and climatic conditions suitable for crop growth, the experts as "natural plastic greenhouses." The famous agronomist, who said Lu Liangshu, Liangshan, "is not Hainan, the Hainan increasingly rising." In particular, Xichang, 1,500 meters above sea level, no cold winter and summer without the heat, known as "do not spend Wanziqianhong Xie, Dongnuanxialiang 4:00 Spring" reputation. Xichang Yeyue very crystal clear, flawless white, have "on the city," Blair said, is the world-famous Chinese SkyCity. Liangshan numerous rivers, the Yangtze River are, more than 100 square kilometers of the river 145, of which 1,000 square kilometers above 11. There Qiong sea, Ma Lake, Lugu Lake, and other 23 inland freshwater lakes. A variety of inland groundwater, of which more underground hot water, hot spring to form the exposed surface 51, the water temperature at 30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and the hot springs flow of 110 liters per second. Liangshan a brilliant history and culture, colorful ethnic customs, tourism resources with unique charm.
in a state-level key scenic spots Qiong sea - Luo Jishan area and Lugu Lake area; National Nature Reserve - the U.S. Regardless Dafengding; provincial-level scenic spots and places of Mian Ning Yi Hui  , and Lei Boma Lake Long Shan elbow will be justified - immortal Lake area; Mianning Yele provincial-level nature reserve.
here Gucheng, "South Sichuan Shengjing" into "Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism," the unity of the three mountains and beautiful Lu Qiong the sea; mankind to conquer the natural wonders - aerial sowing 100 million mu of forests; masculine tall and straight, Yinroumeitai Yanyuan the mother of the mountain at the same time there are high-tech the Xichang Satellite Launch Center; show the history and culture of Liangshan Yi Liangshan, Sichuan; religious sites Mianning Ling Shansi, wood, Dasi; National Forest of Steles, one of the four major Xichang Earthquake Forest of Steles and the Spring and Autumn Shimu, Bo Shiwa and rock paintings, large stone-ching, Tang and Song Dynasties towers, temples and the Ming and Qing Yi Torch Festival, Lugu Lake Mosuo people customs, and other human landscape. Liangshan Prefecture of geographic conditions have three characteristics: 1. The geographical location, the Liangshan Prefecture away from the tourist port district of Chengdu, the province with a number of municipalities, and state and Zhaotong in Yunnan, Dongchuan, Kunming, Chuxiong, Lijiang, Diqing, and other regions of the adjacent, is the province with a different Connect the region at the junction of the largest areas. Its tourism resources and the surrounding area has its own characteristics, but also mix with the use of each other, sharing resources, mutual benefit and reciprocity. In particular, conditional formation of regional tourism section, enhance the domestic and international tourism market visibility and competitiveness. 2. In traffic area, the Liangshan Prefecture has always been Eshou the southwest edge of the city and transport hub, has been completed and are now able to rely on the highway, aviation, railway transportation network and the common development of China#39;s western city of the tourism market, and gradually to occupy more market share, The development of tourism. 3. In the economic area, the Liangshan Prefecture rich, unique climate, with after-advantage. Although the current infrastructure construction over backward, but as China#39;s western development strategy focused on the development of one of the regions, will be in the resource advantages into economic advantages at the same time, infrastructure and regional economic situation is bound to be fundamental change, for Lay the foundation for the development of tourism.