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LiangPingXian - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Tyler  Date: 08-19 2008  More Attractions
Liang Ping in the northeast of Chongqing municipality, County and across longitude 107 ° 24#39;-108 ° 05 #39;, north latitude and 30 ° 25#39;-30 ° 53#39;, east Wanzhou District, the West even Dazhu County, Sichuan, south Zhongxian County, Dianjiang County, north Sichuan Dachuan Shi, Jiang Kai county, area of 1,892 square kilometers in size, small Tianfu of Chongqing said. Liangping Shi Cheng Liang Shan, the county system was established in 2002 Xi Wei Yuan-qin (AD 553), to date, 1,400 years of history. During this period, this set Yangsan Army Song, Yuan dynasty in this state for Yangsan. December 7, 1949 liberation, the establishment of Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Because of Liangshan County of Shandong Province with the same name, in 1952 by the Central Cabinet approval for a Pingba sorghum foot of the mountain changed its name to the meaning of Liangping County, was placed under Wanxian area in 1953 (after the Wanxian Shi said, is now in Wanzhou District) jurisdiction, September 1996 with the Wanxian Shi hosted by Chongqing Municipality, in June 1997 with the Wanxian Shi was placed under the newly established jurisdiction of Chongqing municipality, in May 1998 from straight from the Chongqing municipality and county governments Yangsan town resident. The existing 26 county towns, eight townships, 664 villages. Hans in the mainly ethnic minorities have nine, about 200 people. The deadline for 1999, the total county population of 880,000 people. Liangping the topography showing a "Three-Five Ridges, the two shafts of a dam, undulating hills, six water drain" of the natural landscape, a low mountain, hilly, both Pingba, and a special consisting mainly of hilly landscape. There are Dongshan, the Western Hills and Zhongshan, a bus mountains, 211-1221 meters above sea level; major rivers are high at the river, wave Xuan River, the moon Jiang, Puri River, Yu River, a total of six gold River, the main stream length of 163.8 Km, 62 tributaries, 687.2 kilometers long, the annual runoff volume 1056270000 cubic meters, with an average annual flow of 33.5 cubic meters /second; county monsoon climate significantly, four distinct seasons, a mild climate, abundant rainfall and less sunshine, the annual average temperature of 14 -18 ℃, perennial 1336.42 hours of sunshine, frost-free period 250-300 days, the annual rainfall of about 1000-1500 mm. Economic trees in the main tung tree, mulberry and tea, medicines, etc.. The county reserves 28254.5 kilowatts of hydropower, the development of 7,410 kilowatts, is 4,411 kilowatts has been developed. Main mineral resources are natural gas, gypsum mine, coal, limestone, pyrite and dolomite, which proved natural gas reserves of 50 billion cubic meters, gypsum mine has reserves of 276 million tons. Liang Ping is the national commodity grain base counties, the county has established a grain and oil, Liangping grapefruit, sericulture, water birds, pigs, aquatic products, bamboo forest, the eight key commodities such as vegetable base, in particular, Liangping grapefruit, pomelo production of 30 million. Through the joint efforts of the people of the county, production and cultivate a group of famous tou, "the mountains of Guangxi card"-flavor sausage, "Shuanggui card" of beer, Yuanyi Dougan, "the mountains of Guangxi card" frozen meat. " Cleveland card "products such as Kraft Liner Board of the Ministry, provinces (municipalities) the title of high-quality brand-name products, Liangping grapefruit was rated as one of the three were grapefruit. Yangsan lights traditional opera, Liangping bamboo curtain, Liangping pictures known as "Liang Ping Sanjue," won the "Ten Chongqing City folk art" title. Liang Ping R scenery, unique tourism resources, and rich and varied tourism products. Zhu Feng Lake, the moon Lake, double Guihu Bibo Dangyang; Dongshan national forest park and Baili Zhuhai picturesque; southwest Buddhist Zuting double Guitang fascinating. Nothing temporary