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LianYunGang - JiangSu

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Zip code: 222000

position: Jiangsu Province in the north-east, the Longhai railway terminal, the east Yellow Sea, north of Qilu, south Jianghuai, backed "the first Shengjing the East China Sea" - Yuntaishan.

Area: total area of 7,444 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 881 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 4.65 million.

divisions: exempted the East China Sea, Ganyu, Guanyun, Guannan County, and four new Pu, sea state, Lianyun District and state-level economic and technological development zones. Among them, Xin Puqu for the city#39;s political, economic and cultural center.


classic novel "Journey to the West" describes the Huaguo Shan, there is a "hazy San Cai, Yao-Guang Wei Sun and the Moon" in the harbour town - this is now the city of Lianyungang. She like a bright pearl, and inlaid in the 18,000 km coastline of the umbilical.

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Lianyungang sea, Gu Cheng, who has even the City Xinhai, Jinhae, Lianyun City, Shandong Province origin, was placed under Jiangsu Province in 1953, 1961 changed its name to the port name For the Lianyungang City.

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Lianyungang has been called the "Giant Huai-mouth town," "East of the county," said, as a "Eurasian Continental Bridge" in the East China bridgehead and 14 coastal open cities First, the Chinese government has been identified as emerging areas of East China#39;s industrial and foreign trade, tourism, port city.


Wu Wannian as early as before, there is humanity in this event, Jinping Shan Tao Huajian the south, namely, the old, the New Stone Age ruins. Now, Lianyungang old Huanxin Yan, economic development has accelerated noticeably, the level of international economic Jiangsu ranks the forefront.


Lianyungang long, wide, quiet coast, is the summer, the resort convalescence. - Bath, Zhou Ji, Walking, fishing, are all appropriate. Here rich heritage, beautiful natural scenery, there are six well-known scenic spot, a "sea, ancient, God, You, surprising-chuen," six major tourist attractions.