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Zip code: 323000

position: in the southwest border of Zhejiang and Fujian province adjacent. North of Jinhua, Quzhou, east Taizhou and Wenzhou.

Area: total area of 17,300 square kilometers

Population: total population of 2.48 million

administrative divisions: Xian Xia Lian Duqu, and the city of Longquan Jinyun, Qingtian, Jingning, cloud and, Song Yang, Suichang, Qingyuan seven counties. Among them, China is the only one in Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County, Zhejiang Province Qingtian is one of the key overseas Chinese.

About Us: Pure landscape, the Fuga ancient Lishui, set the "extraordinary and completion, the Qing, You" in one place, the "Feng Lin, Tung, waterfall" in a domain.

is located in the southwest edge of the Lishui, Zhejiang, giving generously to the nature of her innocent and beautiful rivers and mountains, rolling hills, towering stands of Fengyan, Cangmang lush Lin Hai, Chuan Liu aspect of the clouds, making R scenery here, Qixiangwanqian, become a tourist and leisure good place, and was known as East China#39;s largest ecological leisure tourist destination.

This is a clean and beautiful world. In the region of 17,300 square kilometers of land, the distribution of the national and provincial level scenic spots four, level three scenic area, national and three provincial-level nature reserves, seven provincial-level forest parks, forests, water Energy and mineral possession, wildlife resources Habitat province first, the forest coverage rate reached 76.5 percent, known as "Zhejiang Nan Linhai," "natural garden of rare plants and animals" reputation. Here is Oujiang, the Minjiang River, such as the birthplace of the six major river systems, winding 800 in the Oujiang quietly Tang Guo Department, the land, shed a Lvlv innocent, Yang Chu Yun had a green film, the sublime beauty of King crown in the south of Zhejiang, Zhejiang is known as the "North has Qianjiang, a South Oujiang."

This is the hot land for a dignified old. Generation after generation of hard-working plain Lishui, with their own hands, writing a glorious page of the splendid history, Jin Ciyu Unzen all the Yellow Emperor, good-Liangzhu culture site, Longquan celadon and Gu Jian, Qingtian stone, black pottery Suichang , Circulated a long-standing culture of all the roars of Youxiang. State Department Bailian, Qingyuan mushrooms, dried bamboos Longquan, cloud and black edible fungus, tea Jingning Hui-ming, Song Yang sun-cured tobacco, cloud and Sydney, Lishui Penggan, Suichang potato preserved, Jinyun day lily, and other products more Is well-known both at home and abroad. Lishui She nationality or the country#39;s largest settlements, Jingning County, or the National She Nationality Autonomous County only, the She nationality colorful traditional culture and folk customs attractive, forget the anti-people hang around.

This is a piece of virgin land awaiting development, the former because of Lishui objective historical conditions, relatively slow process of industrialization, but for today#39;s left us with a side of Pure Land. Shanguangshuise natural pure, simple rich folk-custom, are as young girls to her unique charm to attract guests in all directions, and Wenzhou airport, Jinliwen highway construction and the opening of more tourism development in Lishui lay the foundation for Tourists have facilitated.

Lishui in Zhongshan, mainly hilly topography, terrain from southwest to northeast toward the southwest to Zhongshan-based, low mountains, hills and mountain valleys; northeast of low-oriented, inter - Zhongshan and a valley basin. The city#39;s total land area of 17,298 square kilometers, accounting for 88.42 percent of the mountains, accounting for 5.52 percent of arable land, streams, roads, villages and other accounting for 6.06 percent, is a "nine-half water-half points". Wuyishan city in the mountains, there are Xianxia Ling, Tung Shan Temple, Kuocang Hill, a southwest to northeast direction, namely extension of the northwest, southwest and northeast. Elevation 1,000 meters above the summit is 3,573, of which peaks 1,500 meters above 244, Longquan City, Tsim Fengyangshan Huangmao 1,929 meters above sea level, Qingyuan County, the ancestral 100-1856.7 meters above sea level, in Zhejiang Province were the first, second Peak.

in the city have Oujiang, the Qiantang River, Feiyun River, Ling Jiang, the Minjiang River, the stream of pay, and the mountains to the parallel, Xianxia Ling is of the Oujiang River and the Qiantang River watershed, Tung Ou Shan Gong is of the Minjiang River, cross the river Feiyun River and the watershed, Kuocang Mountain is of the Oujiang river and the river spirit of the watershed. The two sides of the river steep terrain, the river#39;s source of short-flow needs, cutting deep riverbed, the water level rose storms off, a stream of the river, the gap between large, rich hydropower resources. Oujiang River is the city#39;s first, originate in Qingyuan County and the city of Longquan Temple Hill at the junction of Tung pot hat tip the north west, crossing from west to east wind, the main stream of 388 km, 316 km in length, the basin area of 12985.47 square kilometers, Of the total area of the city#39;s 78 percent. Longquan in the Oujiang River, upstream of the reservoir Jinshuitan that Sin Temple Lake area of 43.6 square kilometers, is the region#39;s largest artificial lakes.