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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jordan  Date: 08-24 2008  More Attractions
Taipa and Coloane away from the noisy city, a beautiful environment, fresh air, is a good place for leisure pleasure. Taipa and Coloane in Macao#39;s two islands, the three places between the bridge and the road link. In both on the island, the hills around the Wengyu Cong Tsui, R charming beaches and ancient innocent villages, filled with a stunning natural scenery. Today, the Islands of the building, in addition to the newly built high-rise buildings, still retains the low cottage house construction, some buildings more profound Portugal color.

Taipa, Macao Peninsula in the south area of 5.79 square kilometers, Macao between two and 2.5 kilometers long and 4.5 kilometres of the bridge connected. Building magnificent Jockey Club and the University of Macau, are standing in the Taipa Island. As early as the 18th century to the early 19th century, Taipa island only two small hills and a port, the Merchant Shipping for parking, the Indians are in the sea and engage in trade between China. Shing their ships carrying all kinds of cotton yarn and finished products, along the Pearl River to Guangzhou, then return to buy tea, silk and porcelain and other Chinese products, and resellers around the world.

over many years through the accumulation of mud, Taipa, the two small hills gradually连成一体. Thus, some residents started in this land growing vegetables or raising livestock. Later, Taipa, once for the development of the concentration of firecrackers factories. Showing a vibrant scene of one faction.

in recent years, with steady economic development in Macao, Taipa, has become prosperous, now the exception of some two or three-story cottage architecture, but also the construction of some buildings and villas, high-level houses, the environment elegant chic. Road traffic circle where a broader area of about eight square kilometers, larger than the Macao Peninsula, maintain the natural scenery on the island, hills, forests, beaches and natural beaches, beautiful scenery; Heisha them to the most famous and Chuk Wan . There are many parks for visitors to watch.

a long time ago, when the Macao in the West have gradually become the crossroads of trade, the Central Island Road is a pirate haunt, the looting of the local merchant ships. At that time, the road on a deserted island, weeds from the Health, difficult terrain, in addition to some hunters, Miao Wu Renji. 1910, Road roundabout on the residents succeeded in expelling the pirates; to 1969, Link Road, Aberdeen and the Central Highway into coherence. At present, the Ring Road is a green protected areas, are visible everywhere tree-lined, Chaziyanhong, diffuse a Qingxinziran scene, and Fan Xiao of the city into a strong contrast.

Recently, Macao#39;s economy booming, many large-scale infrastructure projects have been completed and also to meet. If located in Kowloon Bay in Kowloon O O O Container Terminal is one of the-art infrastructure. Islands in various variety of recreational facilities, a luxurious and comfortable hotels, resorts, entertainment provided to stimulate the Jockey Club, the physical and mental stretch of country parks, integrated recreation centre, swimming pools, etc. In addition, many well-known restaurants restaurants also Opened in the two island. All these facilities and clean nature of the integration of landscape, the characteristics of a Road Island. Whether you#39;re here for one day to travel or stay a few days holiday, so you can feel comfortable go.